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  1. Huddersfield Town 1-1 Millwall Swansea City 2-0 Peterborough United Cambridge United 0-1 AFC Wimbledon Portsmouth 2-1 Bolton Wanderers Barrow 1-3 Rochdale Leyton Orient 3-1 Hartlepool United Bromley 2-2 Halifax Town. Joker. Eastleigh 0-1 Maidenhead United
  2. Millwall 1-1 Luton Town Nottingham Forest 2-1 Blackpool Cambridge United 0-3 Ipswich Town Fleetwood Town 2-2 Crewe Alexandra Lincoln City 1-3 Charlton Athletic. Joker. Bradford City 3-0 Bristol Rovers Crawley Town 1-1 Sutton United Exeter City 1-0 Newport County
  3. @Chris I don't like sweetcorn. Saying that I don't particularly like much veg
  4. @Piethagoram few months ago I would have agreed but having had it on pizza a few times, it works well. @Chris you make a good point.
  5. I like most fruit tbf. A few weeks back I tried a grapefruit. Something I've never tried but always wanted too. Wasn't what I was expecting But, I'd have to say my favourite fruit are red grapes. Pears are great but they have to be red for them to be
  6. @Chris I like the qualifying games that seems more competitive. Like when England played Poland it was a more enjoyable game than the ones v Andorra and San Marino. I'll watch the qualifiers but I don't get too caught up in them like I would in the actual tournaments.
  7. @TheSkipper teams play their strongest teams in the nations league where as qualifiers teams give fringe players game time, example England v Andorra Saturday night. I believe Nations League is a way forward because it brings competition to teams rather than qualifiers v minnows aswell as allowing minnows to get games against equal opponents rather than getting thrashed all the time.
  8. @DonnyNotts I agree mate, it's not until the tournaments that players or anyone else really seems to give a damn. I truly believe that if it was made more competitive, there would be more appeal to it. Too many games that seem unnecessary for teams to pick their best. Example, the game v Andorra last night.
  9. A piece I've written on changes that need to be made for International football. https://downthewritewing.wordpress.com/2021/10/10/international-football-changes-to-be-made/
  10. Let's hope it goes as well as it did for me on Football Manager
  11. Cardiff City 2-0 Reading Derby County 1-3 Swansea City Fleetwood Town 1-2 Charlton Athletic Sheffield Wednesday 3-0 Oxford United. Joker. Bristol Rovers 1-0 Swindon Town Colchester United 3-1 Salford City Maidenhead United 1-1 King's Lynn Torquay United 2-2 Wealdstone
  12. Always made him my first loan signing in the past 2 Football Managers. One of the most highly rated keepers in England on the game. Excited to see how he is in real life.
  13. Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Cardiff City Nottingham Forest 1-3 Millwall Morecambe 2-2 Accrington Stanley Oxford United 3-2 Gillingham Hartlepool United 0-2 Exeter City Sutton United 0-3 Carlisle United Dagenham & Redbridge 3-1 Solihull Moors. Joker. Stockport County 3-3 Wrexham
  14. @DangerousSausage awesome, first time for everything just realised I forgot to put a score on one of the games
  15. @Chris on this note, there's a few people making the point as to why some teams like Burnley and Norwich don't spend big when they reach the Premier League. I understand it. Sometimes clubs spend beyond their means and it comes back to haunt them. However the one thing I will say is that the punishment given to Derby might be by the rules and some can argue it should have come last season but anyone outside the Premier League or "Big 6" faces punishment they can't cope with hence some teams that enter administration and go downhill or liquidate. Meanwhile the big 6 no matter how much they break rules aren't punished to the full extent they should and when they are it's a nothing punishment to them that it might be to others.
  16. @Chris football isn't as much of a good investment as it once was tbf. Not only that it costs a fortune these days but it's nothing like it used to be. I love football but if I could I'd happily rewind 10+ years ago when it was exciting. It baffles me that businessmen can come in to a club with a successful company behind them that they've established and not realise that lowering tickets will see a rise in supporters. Look at when Notts for example had discounted tickets when Hardy was chairman, there was a rise in supporters turning up to see football. Germany have proven that lowering tickets is effective.
  17. @Chris 100% agree with the points you are making mate. Every sport/activity comes with an element of risk with it. No matter how basic. Back in the day me and my mates used to kick the ball high up in the air and see who could head it. When you head a ball with force you do feel it on your head and obviously that is a sign of causing an impact. With the balls of today with the speed the ball travels out now and the power forced upon it still causes issues but not as much as it once upon a time did like you say. The middle ground is probably limiting the amount of headers done in training which is being applied in some places. Realistically heading training doesn't need to be played over and over.
  18. Middlesbrough 3-1 Blackpool QPR 2-2 Bristol City AFC Wimbledon 1-2 Plymouth Argyle Portsmouth v Cambridge United Bradford City 3-0 Barrow Tranmere Rovers 1-2 Salford City Bromley 2-0 Barnet. Joker. Torquay United 1-1 Southend United
  19. @Pie since 89 100% agree with what you've said. You can put limits on training heading practices that's a start just can't see it in a game. Head injuries are slowly being looked into in football but yeah it's a long time coming.
  20. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58585429 There's going to be a match later this month with heading restrictions in place. First half headers in area, second half no headers. While I'm all for the research of brain injury caused by heading a football and I do believe that some cases of dimentia may have been caused by this, there is the factor of balls being lighter these days compared to the ones years ago when they were solid and soaked up rain to make them heavier. I don't think the game could be without heading. As I said I'm all for the research but is the game being without heading beneficial for football as a whole?
  21. @RetroPie doesn't look 2 footed, even Harvey Elliott has disagreed with the decision. Still images are damming and can make the best of challenges seen as a poor challenge. For me Struijk did it in a way that he was moving in from the side allowing him to take the ball as Elliott was moving the ball to the side of his body.
  22. @RetroPie I agree it shouldn't matter but EA Sports are showing that they care more about money than fans. As you said their are talented players in National League that should be showcased but they'd rather take into account of Hollywood owners bringing in more money from those people.
  23. @Chris absolutely but the same is to be said around the country even lower than Premier League some prices are just ridiculous. But having said that Arsenal even on their bad run and being the most expensive in the country are still selling better than City.
  24. Pep Guardiola has caused a bit of stir with his comments after their win against Leipzig. He's appealing for more fans to turn up for Man City games. Reports are that 14k tickets went unsold. This further gets rival fans taunting the name "empythad" Now, as I've always said there is a big difference between a club being a big club and a BIG club. Man City have all the money and success most clubs could wish for but they don't have the fanbase to match it. It's a little surprising tbf, once they got the money and success you'd have thought fans would have tagged along. They might be Premier League giants in terms of success but when it comes to following they're low down the pecking order even behind their city rivals Manchester United.
  25. @liampie but they won't because there's not much money to be made from that in their eyes.

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