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  1. I play other sports and do activities like going away on vacations in the close season. Everyone will be different, I enjoy a small break from it.
  2. It's going to be very close isn't it? Make sure you attend the last home and away game of this season. They'll be big games.
  3. If the money is there, just pay it. Alan Hardy deserves some credit for not taking the easy way out, he has paid people and it's not like its been months at a time without wages.
  4. Is he gunner do well still? No point to proof now and the players don't need to piss off Jose.
  5. Win ugly would do me fine. I don't understand why Neal Ardley is insisting on getting the players to focus on the football instead of the results. Winning scrappy right now would do. 2-0 Notts win tomorrow.
  6. Elliott Hewitt - Has he been missed since not featuring? Get rid now, he's awful. Richard Duffy - A few good games but most shite afterwards Dan Jones - Seems a luxury for where Notts are heading, he doesn't work hard enough. Rob Milsom - Centre of attention and a flash in the pan. Ross Fitzsimons - Mostly to blame for what's transpired this season. Andy Kellett - Luxury and too small to make proper use of him. Noor Husin - Thinks he's better than what he is, get rid! Elliott Ward - Better, cheaper, younger options out there. lewis alessandra - nice guy but lacklustre of a player. Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain - Rubbish, just a famous brother and nowhere near half of his ability.
  7. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham! @Roger Guy
  8. Kane Hemmings is undervalued by a lot of Notts fans IMO. Notts have played him out of position, on the wing he did his best but he's always looked stronger as a striker. He just needs someone quicker to play off, I am not sure Jon Stead is right but they can do okay.

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