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  1. "When two become one." Meet the Spice Boys everyone.
  2. He had more experience in this field prior to joining Kevin Nolan right? I don't see why he's not tried to go further in management myself.
  3. I have took another ticket, a ticket is what £2.50? That's cheaper than a pint in most pubs. PON offers a service and I am happy contribute to that. Good luck to all the members who take part!
  4. GET IN THERE! Thank you for doing these, I hope it's raised enough money to make a difference. How do I claim my prize from here?
  5. There's a lot of trouble floating around, several clubs in difficulties but it seems a sign of the time.
  6. Happy Birthday have a super, super day @super_ram.
  7. I might be wrong but I can't see him signing permanently unless the takeover happens. The league status will also have some barring on matters but otherwise, yes I would sign him.
  8. Chelsea fans will side with Kepa because they want Sarri out of the club. With their embargo on signing players, it's unlike they will part ways with a keeper they signed for silly money in the first place.
  9. ScottyP

    Cunning plan

    If it falls any lower I might be tempted to stick £30 on promotion and £10 on Kevin Nolan to be gone before Christmas.
  10. Come on guys, Notts will get themselves out of this mess and a local derby could be the type of game to remind the players.
  11. I don't think rational and football goes together very well.
  12. Welcome to PON @SmithyPie
  13. Notts have to turn the season ahead today, I have a good feeling that Stead will get the job done and that the performance will be much better. We conceded some very poor goals last season but managed to defend better the majority of the matches. That's the difference this year. 3-1 Notts. Stead, Hemmings and Kellett to score.
  14. Give it at least five more games until we can say for sure what the problem is most likely to be. If Notts could get Enzio to hold the ball up, I think there would be players around him that could do the leg work when he isn't running directly at times.
  15. Brisley, Duffy and Fitzsimons all at blame. It's a team sport and all have to take some share of the blame, for me Fitzsimons should have done better with some of the goals.
  16. ScottyP


    There seems a mixture of ages on PON @Blake, just have your say and don't worry about others. Welcome.

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