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  1. PON_News

    Another new member to PON

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham, I am pleased to say hello to someone new. Enjoy being a part of the community!
  2. PON_News

    Welcome djcombatspider

    Welcome to the community!
  3. PON_News

    The First Thoughts Game

    Round, car, repair kit First aid kit
  4. PON_News

    Would you rather?....

    Bath Would you rather be supportive of others or judgement and rude.
  5. PON_News

    The First Thoughts Game

    Flapping, Kitchen footwear, awful looking Flour
  6. PON_News

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Titus Bramble - Newcastle Ameryc Laporte
  7. PON_News

    The First Thoughts Game

    Sports, tag, paper games Upper cut
  8. PON_News

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Roy Evans - Liverpool Ian Rush
  9. PON_News

    Would you rather?....

    Drunk Would you rather give players a chance in a solid team or allow them to be a wasted purchase?
  10. PON_News

    Would you rather?....

    Outdoor Would you rather play by the rules or cheat?
  11. Game 30 - The Exiles (H) Team: Newport County Date: 19/02/19 Where: Meadow Lane What line-up should Neal Ardley opt for? What will be the key areas for the Magpies to get a victory? What do you think the final score will be? Have your say below, join in with the Pride of Nottingham match discussion.
  12. Who was your Man of the Match for Notts County's League Two home game against Mansfield Town?
  13. PON_News

    Would you rather?....

    Student Would you rather wear new or older clothes?
  14. PON_News

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Will Buckley - Bolton Kevin Kilcline
  15. PON_News

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    John Barnes - Liverpool Tristan Benjamin

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