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  1. Happy Birthday! Have a nice day.
  2. Right decision for me. I think Rob is a very good player when he's in form, but I do feel he's injury prone and a player who tends to struggle with fitness.
  3. Considering how he performed whilst out on loan, Notts must be looking at him as a player to push to start regularly. Michael Doyle isn't getting any younger and they need to find someone who can do what he offers.
  4. I can't say I am fussed about attending many of the away games, besides I usually stick to the home games unless I fancy one.
  5. Thankful that the club receives some, I bet you wouldn't have done a short time ago.
  6. It's natural to see one or two youngsters who have been pushing for first team football to leave, however these are no surprise to me. I haven't heard much, those who have seen the keeper don't seem to rate him. Can we be shocked by these releases?
  7. This is all news to me I am afraid, younger fans do deserve some form of representation by the club.
  8. No, it's not a blessing and nobody will beat Notts 5-0. All the games will be close. If not in favour of Notts.
  9. No, I pay on the day. I am not a season ticket holder as I live quite far from Nottingham. I do end up spending near to a season ticket with purchases I make and I do attend the odd event hosted by the club.
  10. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @Pvfc fans
  11. Awfully sorry to have missed wishing you a happy birthday @super_pie, late wishes from me. I hope you had a wonderful day.
  12. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @ExiledPie
  13. Provided the letters are tasteful and on time, I do not see the issue with it. It seems to be The Post making the title almost click baiting fans into thinking the players have been mistreated.
  14. The Supporters' Trust would be there to help the club in dark days, my question to this group would be why are they not helping right now? There is rumours of the high court issues, the clubs up for sale and yet these want to speak with the owners?? Wanting a say on the club??? Makes you wonder why they're not offering to help, or updating fans on who they are or what it is they do.

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