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  1. Has any of the new stuff been released yet? i.e the designs of the training wear and shirts?
  2. All hopes are being pinned on the Danes, we have to hope Alan Hardy can allow for this to be a smooth honest transition otherwise we might break the record we hold for being in admin [if lucky].
  3. Last of a generation me, my family either don't follow football or support bigger clubs due to moving away from Nottingham. If the club does not exist, I wouldn't choose any other team to support.
  4. I don't attend as many games now due to my location, but I am actively searching and supporting Notts. No, I wouldn't class myself as a fair weather fan. I do agree they're out there but this is an element within every club.
  5. Notts needs to have more pace up top, with Jon Stead still around not only would Neal Ardley [the manager] would be forced to select him. Others wouldn't get a chance and ideally they need to be hitting form now.
  6. If Alan Hardy cannot sell Notts, he's truly ran the football club into the ground.
  7. Half of the questions will be prevented from being discussed due to the signed papers. This is a questions for the NEP to find out themselves.
  8. Protests are generally not worth the time or effort, these days it seems more of a reason to become ugly and start fighting.
  9. I can't see him leaving myself, I would have thought there would be some serious by now linking him to a move.
  10. Welcome to the community, the takeover and lack of information being released has made PON a little quiet but it's a very good site @Ian Rust (Shots). Stick around and you will see this.
  11. I don't think Mark Crossley was best suited to Notts County, nonetheless I wish him well.
  12. This was awful news, such a saddening loss to the football community out there.
  13. Everything is bad if people wish to view it like that, I am of the mindset that all this will be sorted. I cannot see for the life of me an owner running the club and all of his assets into the ground, someone will come forward to takeover but they might just be waiting on obtaining this at a better price. The pressure that grows, the less it favours the seller.
  14. There are 19 players on the books as pros right now? If the club aims to keep the squad small this season, I would have thought the bulk would be made up by loan players. It might be that season where youths finally get given a starring role.

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