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  1. BigBill

    25 years ago today...

    What a fantastic delivery and goal! Happy Sir Charlie Palmer day everyone.
  2. BigBill

    February 2019, PON Raffle Fundraiser

    Good luck with the raffle, I am pleased to see PON doing what it must to continue its operation.
  3. BigBill

    Where are Notts county's ex managers now?

    Would anyone compile a full list of former managers still in work? including the non league and ex players?
  4. BigBill


    I haven't heard anything, I am surprised the Nottingham Post hasn't made a big thing about missing out on x or y player.
  5. BigBill

    I think I'm cursed....

    I to hope it works lad! Fingers crossed.
  6. I wouldn't want a mega rich owner coming in and changing everything, the club feels fine the way it is under a smaller owner but Notts just needs to learn to be smarter with their decision making.
  7. I would keep Evina, Jones and Vaughan. Improve the right side which is the biggest weakness the squad has. Strength the CB's, then inject both pace and height next season.
  8. BigBill

    Match Discussion: Game 32 - Green Devils (A)

    I don't expect a win, although it would be nice. I just want to see the team putting in another steady performance because if that happens results will start to come our way. It's important the players focus and work hard first and foremost.
  9. BigBill

    Michael Doyle, signed!

    By far the most optimistic signing I believe the club has made, if surviving the drop is possible I feel a team can be built around the squad we have. Just off load a few and sign quality to replace, go again from there.
  10. BigBill

    One more?

    Signing a player like that would just deflate all of the young professionals trying to establish a career.
  11. BigBill

    Kop old scoreboard

    I have fond memories of the scoreboard, it added comedy to the lane when mishaps happened over the scoreline! Wonderful share.
  12. BigBill

    Can you help me welcome Fredrick Bardon to Pon

    Hello @Fredrik Bardon, it's nice to see you have joined us. Do join in when time allows you will be most welcome.
  13. BigBill

    Can we welcome Peter Wilhelmsson to Pon

    It's good to have another new member on board with PON, welcome @Peter Wilhelmsson.
  14. BigBill

    Please join me and welcome Jon Christie to PoN

    Hello @Jon Christie, It's good to see you have joined us. Just sending another warm welcome, you will see PON is a great community.
  15. BigBill

    Welcome FrogFace to PON!

    Hello @FrogFace, welcome to PON. Good to have you on board.

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