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  1. It looks highly likely that the season will be ended, it's just what is done with promotions and relegation.
  2. Welcome @Bennybigbear
  3. Find something that makes you happy, focus on that with some enjoyable music in the background.
  4. Rest in Peace Bill Withers All of his music was a joy to watch, I like "Lovely Day". Bill would make my top 10 favourite musicians.
  5. I drive so it makes little difference to me, but I think it would generate a lot of good. It should give people more options what to choose to travel and if it does help some on match days, then it could get people away in different areas.
  6. There's plenty to discuss on PON @Alex, when you get chance do join in. Welcome from me!
  7. Welcome to the community @CooperPie, visit PON when you can. There's plenty to discuss.
  8. I haven't seen him in person, if others believe he's good enough and have changed their opinion of his arrival. I am more than happy to see the player extend his stay with us.
  9. Welcome to PoN @Rio Doherty
  10. Hello @magnot, welcome to PON.
  11. I enjoy reading PON, I read almost daily but I don't always post due to time restraints. I think everyone has to do their part to ensure no areas of their community are affected by the lack of football.
  12. Welcome to PoN @Jenny Wakeford
  13. I think limiting interactions people in the UK is at a must know, most should be fine but it could effect loved ones.
  14. It makes a difference to be drawn at home for once, it should be a good cup match. I assume the Pavis will be the only home stand open?
  15. I have often considered joining up to the service, but I have never proceeded as it never looked like the club did much with it.

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