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  1. BigBill

    Notts v Mansfield..16th feb,19 Time change

    Its expected, nothing else to say but for Notts to try and put the 2-0 defeat behind them.
  2. BigBill

    RACISM IN FOOTBALL...or anywhere!

    You will find there are a lot of angry, jealous people and THEY spout the nonsense. Nobody with common sense would judge someone over their colour or anything else, it's improved but people tend to be more offensive than racist in my opinion. There is a fine line with someone calling me "someone of colour" rather than just saying I am black. Neither I consider to be racist but it does when it becomes a matter of them feeling they're better solely due to my skin.
  3. BigBill

    Can we welcome our latest member

    It's a good community and site here @Greenfly, you would enjoy it given the chance.
  4. BigBill

    Please join me welcoming Carter 1862

    Welcome to PON @Carter1862, its a very good site here.
  5. BigBill

    Does this make Womens football a farce?

    I am not sure why it would be a farce? The only negative for me is if he wasn't given time to fully learn and then they used the inexperience as a means to fire him. Otherwise it would be nothing more than a publicity stunt but he seems to be living the dream.
  6. BigBill

    Happy Birthday to Magic Magpie!

    Happy Birthday @Magic magpie, did you have a toast to PON?
  7. BigBill

    PONcast Episode 50

    I am aware of the negativity on Twitter even though I don't use it. A word of advice is that negative people always tend to have a reason behind their madness, they're best ignored. The blogger clearly has an hidden agenda and he seems very harsh with his "points", it's quite sad how people can't just disagree but be thankful for their promotion. The most vocal people are loudmouths, nothing more and it reads almost personal which is shocking to see fans behaving in such a manner towards their own. I think the issues with Notts is more the imbalance that is within the squad, not related to wages. I forgot to comment yesterday when I listened but keep up the good work, people will be respectful of your opinions and those that seem to spread hate will only help you. That's why it seems very pointless for their moaning tweets. If they don't like something, why spread the awareness. People want to be right and in their circle not many will show how much a fool they're acting.
  8. Sheffield FC Chiedozie Chesterfield
  9. BigBill

    RACISM IN FOOTBALL...or anywhere!

    As one of few black fans I see around Meadow Lane I have witnessed and seen some shocking behaviour. In the 70s and 80s it was hard to support Notts without someone calling me names due to my skin colour, I would say times have changed and instead of it being widely accepted it's just a minority now. Racism is expressed by small minded people who just speak hate, those that think it's funny must not have a sense of humour. Treat people how you would want to be treated. Judge nobody differently I say.
  10. BigBill

    Match Discussion: Game 21 - Stags (A)

    The way Notts tends to play, I would settle for one goal and to lead the game for at least 10 minutes.
  11. BigBill

    Neal Ardley gives update on injured quartet.

    It would be nice if the official site would provide updates on the injuries and loan players, this is pretty standard stuff I would imagine.
  12. BigBill

    welcome to pon nonannofnotts

    Welcome to the site @NonnaofNotts, you will find PON very friendly and open.
  13. Break them up this preview is very good and will get better just like the PONcasts have over the months. It's also good that the length is around 10 minutes. Keep fans wanting to listen to more.
  14. BigBill

    Welcome to PON Paul Francis

    Welcome to PON @Paul Francis, its a good site here.

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