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  1. Do you think most signings will be loans? I have this feeling that the majority of signings will be made on loan, this wouldn't be a bad thing but it depends on the quality that comes in. I do really believe that the club will be desperate and should stay clear of signing free agents for the sake of it.
  2. I should be going, I want to make most of the pre-season and see if any life is there with potential signings.
  3. Think fans are just very tense and wanting to know what's happening, I'm not against a protest but I am worried it will bring the worst out in some people.
  4. What is it with people thinking they don't have to pay people? First Ray Trew, now Alan Hardy.
  5. Someone shared pictures of the e-mail on Twitter, it's not a lot.
  6. I get the feeling Hardy's inexperience with football is now haunting us, he is showing people around and receiving bids but he seems troubled by accepting offers that are on the table. He's either putting it off or wants more money.
  7. I haven't seen a full game but I have managed to catch a lot of the goals, only the disallowed Cameroon goal I felt was superb and a very classy strike. Rest seem to have been pretty bang average.
  8. The Mirror has actually done some good work, if it wasn't for them the Post would not have half of their exclusive scoops.
  9. If he deserved a second chance, why change his name? That just seems like a mask to me.
  10. Considering all the negativity and bad press Alan Hardy gets, he clearly hasn't learned. Why do this interview? I see no reason behind it other than to make people feel sorry for him.
  11. I used to be a member until I turned 11 or so, it just started to lose the focus and it was great meeting the players but when certain ones didn't turn up. It looked half arsed.
  12. I don't really know who they're or what it is exactly that they do, if its supposed to look out for the club then I feel its best left to those who actually have invested interest. There will always be one fan out there who wants to be seen as someone big or just to be close to the club in an unhealthy way.
  13. Late but still! Happy birthday @super_pie
  14. If Doyle remains the club either wants his experience, or they have no ambition. I would get rid.
  15. Good luck to him, Watford is a fantastic club for youth development and I hope it works for him.
  16. The player got cramp from warming up?????
  17. It would be nice to have a working scoreboard, I do wonder why the club doesn't just remove the broken one and sell it for parts. A new one can be waited for though.

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