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  1. Wasteful... The thing that annoys me is the fact that Premier League B teams can field any player pretty much, yet Notts has to start with many of the first team players and this can lead to injuries or fatigue which is not needed.
  2. Only time will tell, I hope so because there's good players here. They have to start playing like a good team and believe in themselves.
  3. I have heard of Bettabytz Computers but I have never been, I think the guy who owns it knows my dad. His names Kev I think.
  4. Records are there to be broken just like @Magic magpie has said. We have players who can fight and have a better squad all round, Mansfield are in good form and it should be a good game.
  5. I think 4 points will be won but I do think after it will start to pick up, I just hope Notts can get the amount needed to stay clear of the bottom two places.
  6. Autocorrect does seem to like that @cheeky~k8. Just try to write Jamie Turley on your phone. There's a rumour his deal runs out in January, so I may have tempted fate but it seems a safe bet that he will remain.
  7. I can't bet yet, I am only 14 and seeing betting sponsors doesn't make me want to start. The possibility of winning money may one day but seeing William Hill, Sky Bet, BetFred etc has no impact on me. If anything them sponsoring things seems wasteful.
  8. BRILLIANT! Thank you for releasing another PONcast.
  9. GIVE IT KING TURLEY. I would support Jamie for the vice roll too. Lead by example!
  10. I think he sounded prompt but clear, I liked what he said but he seemed to struggle like he was given ideas as to what might please people.
  11. Long live KingTurley! The PON gaffer has inspired my new username. @Chris
  12. JAAAAMMMMMMIIIIIIEEEEE TURLEY!!!!!! That looks awesome, I want it... I know what my username will be now.
  13. He needs to find the starting 11 and then avoid making changes when possible, the odd one doesn't hinder anything but making constant changes just leads to issues. The back four should never change for me unless it's due to injury, tactical or suspension. Both Kewell and Nolan was guilty of switching it too often.
  14. Think people wont because of how dull the game was, Notts and Morecambe was equally as poor as each other.
  15. I spend it with my family, we tend to invite others over to ours and it means I see my grandparents more than I normally would which is cool.
  16. I don't really like board games, I find them boring and dull.
  17. I have this sending me reminders and I missed this one, but I am pleased to see episode 48 released.
  18. I have decided to stick with the managers, so I will change my name to KingArdley. He does the same support as others and I hope with time fans will appreciate his work as the manager of Notts County.
  19. I have a moan sometimes at first but that just gets it out of my system, I always get behind the manager. I did under Jamie Fullarton but he made it hard to keep supporting him with how arrogant he was.
  20. Zeli Ismail is he out on loan to Walsall or there full time now? I would take him back @ARLukomski.
  21. Johnny Stead for me, he's been a better asset to the club than most of the newer signings.
  22. I don't know who I would want now, I see people are saying its Kevin Nolan or Neil Ardley that have got the job. I don't believe it will be announced tomorrow, I think it will be Friday or after the weekends game.
  23. I think when a loan player could be sent home and you wouldn't miss him, I think that shows how bad and poor Nathan Thomas has been.

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