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  1. That's some sort of ninja kick or something.
  2. Once the takeover is completed, do you want to see Notts focus on scouting as a means to improve the recruitment? Nottingham Forest took on Tommy Johnson has as a scout after appointing Martin O'Neil, does the club need to have the best scouts available or just people with a good knowledge of football and understand what Notts needs? I would take any former player over someone who might not understand the club.
  3. I like both shirts, I hope they look similar. I would buy both.
  4. I would add talkers into that mix, communication has been lacking. Neal Bishop used to communicate well with the players around him, Gary Liddle too, it's something Notts has lacked. Jon Stead did it to a degree but nobody further back. Pace would be a useful skill for the squad to have.
  5. I would hope so, he is a good striker but Notts didn't get the most out of him. If he's fit, I am sure he would come back sharper and keen to play. I know Grimsby fans that don't rate him, they said he works hard but doesn't move as much as he should. Notts just needs to move the ball into the box better.
  6. Jose Baxter needs to find a club that can revive his career before its too late, he's a very good striker but its the demons that prevents it from showing. Marcus Bean would be an awesome signing.
  7. I think he should be around the first team, he's a good player and will only improve with more game time. You can see he's a threat on goal, he just needs to improve his defending and bulk up a bit. Very good player tho in my eyes.
  8. I used to be a member but I never really did anything, not sure what exactly it was that it offered.
  9. #27 I should be in bed right now but I can't sleep.
  10. Happy belated birthday pal, hope it was good.
  11. I know Pompey are owned by their fans, is that ran by a supporters trust? It depends on the people but I am not that interested TBH.
  12. I would hope that Notts can bounce back at the first try but provided the club has a proper go at promotion I won't mind. I think the division will be hard with only two teams being promoted. Its just a shame Notts was poor enough out of a league of 24 to go down in the first place. It is what it is.

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