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  1. Was a little surprised with the decision on Lacey but as mentioned injury record would have played a part. Would like to see players brought in with the fight and guile to move us on. I think some still see us as a big fish fish in a small pond and while that is theoretically true it has not proven to be the case. Interesting couple of months ahead.

  2. Good luck to him at FGR. As for our next manager ? who knows apart from the brothers, somebody with experience of this league and the know how of how we need to play to get out of it. I have a feeling at least a couple of players will follow him out of the Notts door so a quick appointment would aid a rebuild, which I personally think was necessary anyway, we have too many with no bottle for when the going gets tough. Just an opinion, are others will differ.

  3. Best team won we were poor all over the pitch. Grimsby wanted far more than we did and it showed , and to throw away a goal lead in the last few seconds was criminal , a push in the back when the player is facing the touch line was a nonsense thing to do, he was going nowhere.  Another season at least in thi division with some more former league sides to battle for the promotion.  Not convinced we will be challenging. 

  4. As people have said something doesn't seem right, pure speculation until we hear otherwise. He can be a quality addition when in the match day squad, but sometimes can tend to have a very quiet game. Regardless of any speculation I personally think he will be gone come the end of the season, as will a few others, just my opinion.

  5. 13 hours ago, menzinho said:


    But that awful first-half set the tone. Hearing that we couldn’t even win the 4th ball in our own penalty area sums it up. Then suddenly you think we’re going to get something when it gets 2-1 but we just implode. It’s been the tale of our season, just when you think we’re about to string a run of wins together we drop an absolute clanger.

    And when you lose like that it feels as if all the good work from the last 4 games has come undone. If we’d lost 2-1 we’d have bemoaned the poor first half cos second half (up until about 70 mins) we had some chances. But to just get done like that, I thought we were over that kind of performance. We’re lucky Grimsby drew and Boreham Wood’s shocking run just continues, but in terms of the bigger picture of promotion, after today you can’t help but think it’s a big ask.

    Good post

  6. Bit disappointing to go out at this stage but we always had bigger fish to fry this season, unfortunately we look like ending the season as also rans unless something changes very quickly.

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  7. I've virtually given up on this season in regard to promotion.  As I've said before, the longer you stay in this division the harder it is to get out. Something is not right whether that be players who are not motivated or good enough, or a manager who is not quite up to it. Personally I thought earlier in the season it was on the shoulders of the players and to be honest I've seen nothing really to change that view. But as I'm not privy to what goes on in the dressing room it is all Guess work on my part. I think we are in for an extended stay in this league. 

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