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    Match Discussion: Game 21 - Stags (A)

    Fortunes have to change sooner or later but I doubt it will be this game lads. Notts doesn't have the mentality to retain a lead and they are not good against decent teams, I hate to say it but Mansfield should win easily. If they don't it will be down to themselves being poor or wasteful.
  2. SmithyPie

    Matt Tootle and Ben Hall dealt injury blows

    Matt Tootle is an important player, he gives Notts everything and when he came back from his last injury he looked impressive. Without him on the right side Notts are weak, nobody else can do a job at right back.
  3. SmithyPie

    Betting and Betting Sponsorships?

    I place one bet every time Notts players but otherwise I wouldn't, it's just part of my match day. I have no issues with betting companies everyone has to make money somehow but I do think it can be dangerous if not watched.
  4. SmithyPie

    corina turley approves of the pon prints

    That picture of Jamie Turley looks excellent, great job with that!
  5. SmithyPie

    PONcast Episode 49

    Good show, as I was listening just now I had an alert from my podcast app to say there is another episode! Excellent.
  6. SmithyPie

    Can we welcome our new member to Pon please

    Welcome @Laurie Baczynski, I hope you like being apart of the community.
  7. SmithyPie

    Has Kristian Dennis found form?

    He's playing well with limited service and he fights for the ball. That's a sign of a natural striker so Notts needs to encourage it and ensure that he is seeing the ball enough to change the game. If he has 5-10 shots on goal, I am confident he will score. I don't feel the same about Kane Hemmings or Enzio Boldewijn, they are very wasteful with changes but Dennis does seem to be in the goal scoring zone.
  8. SmithyPie

    Notts SLO's

    I noticed that one of the newly appointed SLO's had updated a message on PON, I am keen to see what is going on but I don't use social media all that much. Is there any chance that one of the admins can ask the SLO's to post updates on PON?
  9. SmithyPie

    How much trouble are we in ?!?

    I think we are deep trouble if the players continue to perform like they do, Ross Fitzsimons has improved enough but just some of the outfield players never seem to be on the same wavelength as others.
  10. SmithyPie

    Welcome NottsRWee

    Welcome to PON @NottsRWee, you will enjoy the site. It's good for discussing things and you jump in at any point without worrying about things.
  11. SmithyPie

    Notts best player this season (Poll)

    Jon Stead by no stretch of the imagine he has been the best player on the pitch, a revelation once given the armband. I agree Harry Kewell burned him out though.
  12. SmithyPie

    Worst player this season so far

    Stealing wages is harsh when he's selected to play by the manager, so somebody must see something in him. However this season he has been beyond poor, he plays with little to no confidence. I think he needs someone stronger around him, so that he can do the little things people misses which he actually does well. Then his confidence would improve with time especially if Notts started winning the odd game.
  13. SmithyPie

    Elliott Hewitt can go if he doesn't improve

    I think this is Hewitt last chance to prove himself to Notts.
  14. SmithyPie

    Thought process to scoring a goal?

    If the next manager can get Notts passing like that, I will like it.
  15. SmithyPie

    Welcome to PON Norma

    Welcome to PON @Norma.

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