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    The First Thoughts Game

    Blue, Friendly, Beautiful creatures Streets
  2. SmithyPie

    Would you rather?....

    Matilda Would you rather be shot or stabbed?
  3. SmithyPie

    Welcome FrogFace to PON!

    Hello @FrogFace, welcome to PON.
  4. SmithyPie

    Please join me and welcome Jon Christie to PoN

    Hello @Jon Christie, welcome to PON.
  5. SmithyPie

    welcome melbournemagpie

    Hello @MelbourneMagpie, welcome to PON.
  6. SmithyPie

    Help me welcome rob1824 to PoN

    Hello @robw1862, welcome to PON.
  7. SmithyPie

    if notts goes down

    Nothing changes for me, I will cut back on my spending simply because I feel it's misspent though.
  8. SmithyPie

    Richard Duffy Your times up

    He's dead weight, let him go because there's never been any fight from Richard Duffy. Why people continue to defend him is beyond me. He's hardly the best centre back in this league, any youngster who gives 100% will have done more than him.
  9. SmithyPie

    Can we welcome Andy C to Pon

    Welcome @Andy C. Don't be put off from having your say.
  10. SmithyPie

    Can we welcome Damo to Pon

    Welcome @DAMO. Don't be put off from having your say.
  11. SmithyPie

    Can we welcome Peter Wilhelmsson to Pon

    Welcome @Peter Wilhelmsson. Don't be put off from having your say.
  12. SmithyPie

    Can you help me welcome Fredrick Bardon to Pon

    Welcome @Fredrik Bardon. Don't be put off from having your say.
  13. SmithyPie

    Please join me in welcoming faz1961 to PoN

    Welcome @faz1961. Don't be put off from having your say.
  14. SmithyPie

    Can we welcome daybrookepie

    Welcome @daybrookpie. Don't be put off from having your say.
  15. SmithyPie

    Can we welcome Dominika23

    Welcome @Dominika23. Don't be put off from having your say.

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