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  1. I hope you have all returned home safely and feel disappointed for you. As Danny has said it may not be an easy return. You were so reliant on Macclesfield result that we did not actually relegate you … no consolation I know. I wish you had worn black and white kit so we could have watched the real Magpies.
  2. Luke Woolfenden is our own goal specialist at present but he should not be playing because he is a loan player who will not be here next season. If you stay up I will be tempted to go to Meadow Lane next year.
  3. Our no. 31 Matt Taylor is retiring after tomorrow's match. Could I ask Notts. fans to give him a cheer if he comes on as a sub. (or off if he starts). You have so many going that it would be a magical experience. I sincerely hope that tomorrow's result does not relegate you and, reading local press forum, am certain that very many of us feel the same way. May you all have a very safe journey and remember we are inconsistent apart from playing badly at home. Very best wishes, Mickey
  4. We have!! This will be biggest away support this season and largest gate is expected. Quite probable though that home support will dip as a result of yet another dire season. Will not be surprised if it seems like a home match for you.
  5. It seems you have sold 2000 tickets and a further 450 available. Many will be at uncovered end of ground but weather forecast is for a dry day. Our biggest gate of season is expected but it is possible that many home supporters just will not bother. Last home match saw half time exodus including a few sitting in front of us who miss few matches and never leave until the final whistle. This is the result of 3 years of home mediocrity. I will let you know if anything happens this end to increase my optimism. Good luck and best wishes.
  6. On your first point I really do not know how we will line up on Saturday since our manager thinks the bulk of squad are already on holiday and cannot play to plan in any case. I do not think he will deliberately choose a "weakened" squad but has intimated that the bench will be populated by youth players. That said the youth team have a fixture on Saturday morning and a win would see them win their league … so who knows. I would prefer a Swindon win because we would at least finish the season on a high(?) but would be pleased if you win and survive There is nothing but pride for us to pla
  7. I will be there because I have a season ticket. It seems that you will be bringing very large support and herein lies your problem. We are useless at home but half decent away. Given Swindon supporters have had enough and really could not care less it may well feel like an away match. You could easily win by 4 (not enough I know) especially if you hit us on the break. All out attack by Notts. will allow us to play counter attacking football which we generally do well away from home. Trouble is, I guess, that this is all irrelevant if the Macc. Lads do not lose. This is our lowes
  8. We are imploding big time. Check thisisstfc website. Manager aiming to have 4 youth team players on bench and thinks majority of squad could not care less. Beating us is not your problem.
  9. Our home form is so useless that a Notts win on final day cannot be ruled out.
  10. I wish you well and hope that you do not need three points at County Ground on last day of season. Having said that we have had three years of abject misery at home. At one point late last season were simultaneously top of away league and bottom of home.
  11. Yes his goals and poachers instinct will be missed. Jon Obika is good but will never be fit for a full season. Wise and Poyet, Hoddle and Ardiles: now we have "the best coach in England" on a five year contract.
  12. Best wishes to all PON members. I just want to wish you well for the coming season. It seems, from my perspective, that you are shaping up well and can look forward to a promising year. There is always the dream that this could be a record breaking season for our team but for most of us these hopes will be dashed on Saturday evening. Things at Swindon Town do not look good. Our squad is depleted, first choice centre back out injured for weeks, sole experienced striker rested due to fatigue during friendlies and no sign of additions on the horizon. We are a shadow of the side tha
  13. I thought Wales voted to leave EU so maybe leave the bridges open.

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