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  1. Nocturnal-Magpie

    PON Online Raffle

    I have just put a £5 in, good idea with some excellent prizes. I wish everyone the best of luck with the raffle draw.
  2. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Notts County's OUTS and Where are they now?

    Bunch of crap, mostly. None of them would help this current squad because the better players aren't team focused more individuals who did well in a team squad.
  3. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Match Discussion: Game 28 - United (H)

    There was some good play from Notts, not enough but players like Kristian Dennis made every effort to do something from nothing. Shame the majority seem spineless and unmotivated.
  4. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Milsom deal becomes permanent

    He's been awful, not a lack of effort but fitness. He doesn't seem capable of doing more than 30-40 minutes on a pitch.
  5. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Roll call Yeovil v Notts are you making the journey

    I won't be, I am working late and I haven't got the motivation to drag myself up at some stupid time to watch the club put no effort in on the pitch. I work hard for my money doing long hours, they have a few hours training each week and play for under 2 hours.
  6. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Grant signs for Mansfield Town!

    Louis Laing and Brendan Moloney both good players on their day. The thing about working with other clubs, you have to understand how to say no when you get offered crap and at the same time some players require you to put your hands in your pockets to get hold of the better ones. I think it's reflection more on us than it is Forest. The track record with working with most midlands based clubs suggests that we prefer the cheaper players. I'm sorry, you pay for what you get.
  7. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Please join me in welcoming faz1961 to PoN

    Welcome to the site, I am still fairly new but its a great resource for Notts fans @faz1961.
  8. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Money for nothing....Notts's dire straits???

    Throw the money on the playing budget, lower it with the coaches and first team staff. Cut back on people behind the scene by making many staff redundant and then hope it all pays off. Risky gamble by Alan Hardy.
  9. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Can Neal guide us to a win on Saturday.?

    I think the game has a draw all over it, I can see now Notts pulling ahead only to concede a very soft goal.
  10. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Please join me welcoming Carter 1862

    Hello @Carter1862, jump straight in and have your say. The dashboard page is a brilliant way to find good discussions. https://prideofnottingham.co.uk/dashboard/
  11. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Would you rather?....

    Cook Would you rather have a takeaway or prepare something from fresh?
  12. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Guess the magpie ... Answer revealed

    John Thompson
  13. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Rob Milsom .. In just one word

  14. Nocturnal-Magpie

    welcome to pon cmetcalf

    Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham @CMetcalf.
  15. Nocturnal-Magpie

    Can we welcome our new member,Kayleigh Swaby to Pon

    Welcome to PON @Kayleigh Swaby, I am sure you will enjoy the site.

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