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  1. Good bit of recognition for Justin, if he hadn’t moved to Forest I think we’d all say he deserved to be in the Hall of Fame sooner. A far better player than his dirty brother.
  2. Poor attitude and lazy persona I think, I didn’t rate him and I’m not surprised his career hasn’t gone anywhere.
  3. Some fans are nothing more than just short minded and not long term thinkers, Ardley isn’t perfect but I am doubtful anyone else could do better.
  4. If free isn’t an option, I am sure there’s some good affordable ones out there. AVG have been known to cause viruses and miss them.
  5. Awful result but what can you do about it now? Hartlepool are a good side, they played better. Notts needs to match teams because no side should make us look small in this league had 100% been given.
  6. I welcome the lad but feel experience in this area would be key.
  7. Never seen you before but welcome back.
  8. Start giving other keeps a chance, when he recovers put faith in him but at least there will be a backup plan this way.
  9. I work most nights as a security guard, so most nights I have been walking around this large warehouse which isn’t in use, scaring off kids and trying to move along homeless people. Yes, I feel for the homeless people but I have to move them on our it’s my job. I do provide some of the talkative ones with some wrapped sandwiches and a warm drink, all which comes out of my own pocket. I just think it’s saddening that I have to turn them away. During the day, I eat and sleep. I haven’t seen Notts for awhile due to work.
  10. This will buy him a few weeks of support, then the nonsense will creep back in blaming him for everything.
  11. I can’t help but think making do with what you have brings a better unity between the squad. Notts have won titles by using a barebone squad before. Why not how? Its Ardley basically saying he always wants more and better players.
  12. If Notts win so be it, the competition means little and I’m hoping the underdogs do well.
  13. Marvel and the Avengers series is mine. Yes, the films keep rolling out but that’s due to the demand. I’d prefer them spaced out.
  14. Hello @chipmunx, welcome to the site.

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