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  1. Jamie - many times, this season - has been one of the few - that I've felt has "given his all" in a Notts shirt. Watching him get his eye 'stitched/clicked' in one match - and then 'go again' afterwards, made me feel that this kind of 'loyalty'- plain for all to see - should be rewarded with renewal of his Contract. And if it isn't, then I honestly don't know who or what we're 'looking for' in our players for this club!
  2. Okay, so after seeing the Sterling video posted by Rio Ferdinand yesterday and reading some of the many comments that accompanied both that and Sterling's subsequent Instagram Statement, i.e. "what bad grammar, etc.," I'd like to talk about something very close to my heart! As a young (black) child growing up at school in the late 50's (with only one other black child who'd decided, anyway, that I was "mixed beef"; "a coconut" ('black on the outside/white on the in') and "different" to her because my mother was white and my Dad, Jamaican and therefore 'not worthy' of her friendship and where the white kids regularly told me I "ate cat food"; or was "a ******"; "a Coon"; "a Monkey" and everything else in the farmyard they could think of... but a 'duck!" I attended job interviews in the old style glass-windowed offices where I was one of two people (the other being a white girl) applying for a job only to hear the Personnel Manager tell his colleague, "black 'uns best for the job, but you know company policy, so I can't offer it her!" Then there was the time I moved to London and was accosted by a (very) drunken Irishman on a Tube late at night, who challenged me to help him win a bet with his mates at the pub by asking, "I'm right aren't I? You lot don't have the same red colour blood as me, do you?" Of course I assured him that 'us lot certainly do not' and he could happily collect his winnings from him mates because he'd got it "straight from the horses mouth!" He left the tube that night, gleeful at his own 'superior knowledge'! Then there was the time where my Training Sergeant at Hendon (Metropolitan Police Training Academy) took me in to his office and told me: "See this badge? Well, I'm very very proud of this...and I have to tell you, I just don't want niggers like you, wearing it!" Or the time we were doing scenarios in the yard at the scene of an accident where he was the driver of a 'crashed vehicle'. As the 'officer in charge' I had to ask, "Did anybody see what happened?", only to be told by him, "this big black bastard with long hair came running out and I couldn't avoid him!" I later ascertained the "big black bastard with long hair" was, in fact,... a toy poodle! Then there was the time I'd taken my (white) P.A., Debbie, to New York (as a Christmas present for all her hard work) and met up with a client: the Chairman of a huge International Company we'd previously done Investigative work for but whom I'd never actually met. In speaking with him in London prior to the trip, it was discovered we were both in N.Y. at the same time and so we arranged to meet there for dinner. At first, he went to kiss (yuck - but it WAS the 80's!) Debbie's hand and she immediately introduced me, to him. He looked visibly shocked! At dinner, he wanted to know how I 'felt' being Debbie's 'boss and did I realise how unusual I was...A black woman running a big company with a white P.A., etc.,?' His tack carried on throughout the Starter and on to the Main as Debbie and I became more and more deflated and uncomfortable by his rudeness and obvious racist, vile comments: so, for the first (and last ever) time in my life, we both went to the loo...and did a runner from the Restaurant...and him! There are many stories I've had in my lifetime similar to this but now, with Sterling's recent and very public 'experience' I want to talk about something that affects EVERY ONE OF US IN THIS FORUM... That is, I'm hearing reports of a Notts fan screaming from the terraces at a recent match - to one of our (black) players - that they're "going to stop his banana supply" and of another screaming that he's "a black cnut!" I'd just like to make it very clear and very plain, that if I see or hear any comments of this nature, whatsoever, I will have not one second of hesitation in calling a Steward or a Police Officer to report what I've heard; nor in making a written Statement direct to the club. I will also be more than willing to attend at Court and give evidence against that person, if necessary. It's 2018. There is absolutely NO PLACE for this anywhere in our society and I truly hope that anyone else who hears anything of this nature from our terraces, will have the cojones to do exactly the same as me. I believe that only when this is totally unacceptable to us ALL and people are ready, willing and able to come forward to report it, will there ever be any change in this totally unacceptable behaviour. I think we're so much 'better' than this at Notts...or (at least, for the benefit of my 2/5 year old grand kids I'm bringing to matches), I certainly, HOPE we are! Thanks for reading. Loz x
  3. Sorry (not sorry) but it's absolutely irresponsible for anyone, at this point in this club's life/history, to call for Alan Hardy to leave this club! The fact is, that all of the vile tweets and the tedious, rude comments to him via social media, serve no real purpose other than to make him wonder why on earth he'd invest best part of £SEVEN MILLION POUNDS -YES - H-I-S-H-A-R-D E-A-R-N-E-D MONEY - on people who show, not one modicum of understanding for him/his situation; for the fact that he's clearly not had the best advice nor for the fact that his 'business model' for the club, has just simply, not (yet) worked! As owner, I do hope people realise that he could, very easily, close down the company that owns us, swallow the debts (or take it to bankruptcy) and so easily, walk away! This man, (whatever you think of his driving, family, tweets, comments, etc.,) actually SAVED Notts County Football Club when it was on it's ass. He's 'backed' whomever has come into the club since his takeover, with money he's worked extremely hard for, through working/being successful at TWELVE BUSINESSES; and has even said that last August's purchases were his 'kids inheritance'! I'd imagine too, that the time the club (and it's problems) has taken him away from those successful businesses, may have had an impact on them, as well. But do any of the 'knockers' give a tut? Naw, I see, not a bit of it! I honestly don't know what more he has to do for some Notts fans to understand that he's "put his money where his mouth is" and from the ungrateful, often disrespectful and moreover, quite vile way that a lot of fans - for their £20 ticket and 'time served' - think/believe they have the 'right' to dig, comment, suggest and do anything other than support him as he works behind the scenes to take us/himself out of this mess, is appalling. Talk about "kick someone when they're down..." I honestly despair when I read this stuff sometimes, particularly in thinking about former Chairman, Jack Dunnett M.P. during the Sirrel years and the 'iron fist' manner in which he ran the club! No one would have dared to tell him how to run the place; and look how successful we were then: when we let him get on with it without having to listen to, see or hear, all of the armchair critics! It's always 'alright' for anyone to "have their say" but P-L-E-A-S-E, in your comments to anyone, just think carefully about what you're saying... and the consequences your words may have! (Anyone less mentally stable could quite easily have made some very rash decisions with the words I've seen posted...and no one merits or deserves such harsh words, for business decisions, made with their money/guarantees!) "People will forget what you said; people will forget what you did: but people will never forget how you made them feel!" Maya Angelou
  4. Thanks so much for your kind comments! I can confirm that I 'officially' take over (from Rob Holland) as Fan-elected SLO on 1 November 2018, and can't wait to get started! In studying (daily!) the super-comprehensive UEFA Support Liaison Officer's Handbook - here: (https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/Tech/uefaorg/General/01/84/35/28/1843528_DOWNLOAD.pdf) it's pretty clear that SLO's have quite a definite and definitive role to play within football clubs and further that the role is neither a "tick-box exercise" nor one to be taken 'lightly'! As a long-time supporter of Notts County F.C., I very much look forward to helping resolve any problems you may have with, or at, the club (NO...Manager/Team selection, Referees, Buy-in/Releases, Wins/Losses, Goal-scorers A-R-E WAY BEYOND MY REMIT - I'm afraid, lol) but I am fully committed to represent and help you in any way, I'm able. Ian Baggott (Club-elected S.L.O.) and I will be meeting with some of the groups involved in/with the club in early November, at which time, we hope to be able to provide a Joint Statement setting out our intent. In the meantime, you may contact either Alice Kelk or Jordan Worthington at the club, if you need anything.
  5. Steady Stead! Sometimes, it's not how well he plays but just his work rate, for me! He does 'Boss' the younger players too (but in a much 'nicer, more respectful' way than the previous foul-mouthed Captain) and seems to know who to put where, to achieve our aims. Thought he was really unlucky not to get the penalty due to him for being knocked clean into the hoardings by their No.20, too! (I did hear Sir Les tell a story last Season where he was at an Away match with Ian Scanlon... As they had Tea beside the 4th Official, they commented how Stead had been extremely unlucky at the match, not to have been given a Penalty for being knocked down, to which the 4th official replied, "Everyone in the League knows how easily Stead goes down!" With this in mind, (and THAT 'reputation') perhaps THAT's the reason Stead's deserved awards aren't given to him?) Not a 'pretty' same of football to travel away for, yesterday; but overjoyed to have returned home with 3 points! Lovely travelling companions in Mark and Chris; who somehow seemed to compare the 'up's/down's and bumps' of the Peak District roads/inclines (and my driving), with a Goose Fair ride! (Your views, not mine btw, chaps; as I was fully in control of the wheel/vehicle at all times, throughout)! Very impressed with the Macclesfield Town F.C. Announcer AND the fact that everyone fully observed our applause in the 22nd minute for young (22) Ryan Parkins, lost tragically this week to a roadside accident. Sometimes, 'life' and it's tragedies, has a way of bringing us all back down to Earth, and reminding us what's really important besides football, eh? R.I.P. Ryan.
  6. Very well written piece, Chris! Let's hope Harry Cool reads it and listens! Oh, and plugs up our middle - that continues to be our minefield BUT a goldmine to any opposition who care to exploit the holes in it! COYP!
  7. I'll be happy to do one with you, Chris!
  8. @AmericanPie and Chris - I'm more than happy for that to happen and thanks for all of your kind wishes
  9. Just wanted to say a H-U-M-O-N-G-O-U-S "thank you" to all those from PoN who voted for me in the recent Supporter Liaison Officer, election. And thanks, everyone for your good wishes. I'm O-V-E-R-J-O-Y-E-D to have been successful in becoming your Fan-elected S.L.O., and am so looking forward to helping the historic club that I L-O-V-E and it's supporters, through the next Chapter of our "bring-it-on's!" Rob Holland, from whom I'm due to take over, doesn't actually finish in-post, until November. However, I understand he may have some work-related commitments that may take him away earlier than that and I await confirmation from the club, on this. I will let you know once my 'official' start date is known. In the meantime, I've set-up a dedicated facebook S.L.O. account, here:- https://www.facebook.com/loz.clough In addition, to a dedicated S.L.O. Twitter account, here: https://twitter.com/LozClough and can be contacted via pm and/or dm, on either account. At home matches, I can also be found in The Broken Wheelbarrow, from approximately 1:30pm, onwards, or alternatively, I'm seated at:- Pavis/Area: FL/Row: E/190 - which is immediately to the right of the stairs. I'm approachable, visible, a good-listener and will usually "find an answer", so if you have a club-related problem you need help with, please don't hesitate to find me! Find me anyways and introduce yourselves, just so I can put a face to all of these 'tags'! Additionally, if you've any "ideas" (about anything) you think the club should be doing, looking at, or isn't doing very well, I'd love to hear from you. Again, you will never know just how much your votes/support has been/is, appreciated. Loz x

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