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  1. First half was slow and inept, second half we did everything that is required to win a football match and did it fast, with purpose, and incisively. If we can replicate anywhere near that second half from the off we will blow teams away at this level. Personally I'd like to see Osbourne on for shields and Dennis start for Thomas but you can't fault a 2-4 away win.
  2. I have asked both Leigh Curtis and Charlie Slater on their respective Twitter pages but no answer, also emailed the club shop and in short, no one seems to know.
  3. Alan Hardy is a complete liar, unfortunately I do not believe a single word that comes out of his mouth, the sooner he has gone the better for the club. I am absolutely disgusted how us fans have been treated over this matter
  4. The signing of Dennis too has been a joke, why did we sign a 20+ goal a season striker and not play him when we are desperate for goals? The only chance he's had is upfront on his own with ball's aimlessly hoofed over his head
  5. Apart from enzio who was appalling the effort was there unfortunately the ability is sadly lacking. Ardleys tactics are at best one dimensional but this is not helped by the players not carrying out instructions on the pitch
  6. Can you clarify will the price be lowered if we go down as the wording is unclear thanks. Personally I feel my season ticket has been devalued with all the offers this season but I do understand the need to recruit new supporters. The fact that we have to renew by the end of April to get the reduction is a disgrace when the season doesn't finish until may and we may not know what league we will play in as there is still a game against Swindon to go. I renewed mine last year and and left myself short of money and then he extended the deadline. If we are expected to pay £420 (adult pavis) for n
  7. Sounds like a top signing if he stays fit, another midfielder, three defenders, and a big target man and we are sorted. In an ideal world a keeper to challenge fitz would be good but priorities lie elsewhere imho

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