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  1. Provided the 3 CB's and others can deal with threats, it's not a major issue if Taylor prefers to attack. If Notts can retain the ball more, attacking players should be more beneficial and ease pressure on the back. I look forward to seeing him play.
  2. It looks like it has three black stripes and appears very similar to last seasons otherwise, not the most creative re-design. I'll stick with last seasons instead of buying another new shirt for £40 odd pounds.
  3. Notts has an established squad now for the first time in years, having new signings settle in quickly it will only benefit the club on the pitch.
  4. It will be delayed, school's might be suspended for awhile pushing into the next school term. I think football might have to move forward, hopefully behind close doors before any full on cancellation.
  5. Hello @Rio Doherty, welcome to PON. We are a friendly bunch.
  6. He looks a handy little player from what I have seen in highlights, a young lad like this will only want to play, so NA will need to use this push him on.
  7. The main thing is content and encouraging people, the rest is in the hands of the user.
  8. Santa Claus the Movie. It's an absolute classic and all youngsters of today should see it.
  9. No idea, I would be more inclined to say someone who isn't featuring regularly though.
  10. I am avoiding going out at the moment, I hate the Christmas rush. Well the last minute shoppers, it makes everyone stressful and even the roads get clogged up.
  11. I do think his returned seemed rushed, but the injury itself is just an accident.
  12. Alan Smith? I think this is the correct answer.
  13. Only thing he can do is prove people right or wrong, it depends which road he chooses.
  14. I think the loan move would have took some of the tension and focus away from relegation, it seems to be one of the difference with him this season. That and his fitness, both seems to be better.

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