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  1. It's tricky to predict how Notts will do on the road, at times they are quite sluggish to get going. I feel confident though. 2-0 Notts win would be my prediction.
  2. I would like to see Tom Crawford given more of a chance, he appears to be someone capable of scoring and I feel he would do well with Regan Booty. If they could work hard on closing down the play, supporting each other when attacking they could form a good partnership. It seems unlikely to happen mind.
  3. This season felt like it could just be an average year, but the way things are picking up, I do think more fans will come board. Getting a result against Bromley would help!
  4. It's a good decision to share, safe money and build bridges. You never know, Notts might be able to unearth some potential future signings or loan agreements from this.
  5. Awful injury and it comes at the wrong time, defensively Notts are starting to look settled.
  6. I think the captain has to share similarities with the manager, on the pitch Michael Doyle will be Neal Ardley's eyes and hears as games play. I can't see Ardley backing someone else with this job, it seems they have a mutual understanding. That said, if it was a personal choice I wouldn't give him the armband.
  7. Welcome to the site @Mitch Whiley, seeing members welcome me made me surprised and it feels good. Hope you enjoy PON.
  8. I think Notts should be tracking the progress of players who stand out, not for signing this season but in the future.
  9. Lets be constructive a little here okay, I want members to name 3 players who have stood out for all the right reasons and 3 who haven't. Leave a short sentence about why and how they can improve. Standout players for me. Kristian Dennis: When started he's looked lively, always looking like a goal threat and despite not starting he has stood out for me. Jim O'Brien: A few under par performances but generally a driving force within the Notts squad this season. Dion Kelly-Evans: A good performer, probably more of a winger than a defender but he gives a lot of width to the squad. Standout players who need to improve. Enzio Boldewijn: I accept he's weak at defending and may not like it, however when he under performs which is often, he doesn't carry the team it carries him. Michael Doyle: Not as good as promoted by the club or some of its fans, he could use his experience in a wiser way but is often wasteful with his decision making. Ben Turner: He doesn't look fit in my eyes, generally struggles but does okay. He could be on the other end of the spectrum with a little more application I feel.
  10. Welcome to PON from me @ChrisF.
  11. Andy Kellett is a good call, he was by far one of the better players not to feature last season and when he did he would often change games. I am confident that creativity will come, yet I think we may struggle to score against some of these taller teams.

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