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  1. Perhaps PON can share the streams on here and we can talk about the games?
  2. How on earth did he fail to win it? The goals are worlds a part.
  3. I don't think Michael Doyle played in the Premier League, I will say Bobby Zamora.
  4. A word to the wise, focus on the community and move forward from there. Once all of this blows over things will be fine.
  5. Amazing days! I remember the Wembley tours of the 90s. It became almost like a second home ground!
  6. Thankful to have owners like them, the club looks to be in good hands. What else can we ask for?
  7. Welcome to the Pride of Nottingham
  8. It's nothing more than just a very misfortune accident, and I don't understand why some fans want the player booking for it.
  9. Neal Ardley would be wise to listen to such advice, he clearly isn't seeing the issues and those matters appear to be getting worse.
  10. Best for both parties I feel, I liked Matt but his days did seem numbered at Notts. A fresh start at this point in his career, it would be best.
  11. It's better Bird moves on if he wants to kick his career in the right direction. It says a lot when you can't make the most of having an international player in your ranks, I don't think it signs badly on the player but us.
  12. I hope he gets given a go, I think Turner could miss a few games without even being noticed if I am honest.
  13. It's tricky to predict how Notts will do on the road, at times they are quite sluggish to get going. I feel confident though. 2-0 Notts win would be my prediction.
  14. I would like to see Tom Crawford given more of a chance, he appears to be someone capable of scoring and I feel he would do well with Regan Booty. If they could work hard on closing down the play, supporting each other when attacking they could form a good partnership. It seems unlikely to happen mind.
  15. This season felt like it could just be an average year, but the way things are picking up, I do think more fans will come board. Getting a result against Bromley would help!
  16. It's a good decision to share, safe money and build bridges. You never know, Notts might be able to unearth some potential future signings or loan agreements from this.
  17. Awful injury and it comes at the wrong time, defensively Notts are starting to look settled.
  18. I think the captain has to share similarities with the manager, on the pitch Michael Doyle will be Neal Ardley's eyes and hears as games play. I can't see Ardley backing someone else with this job, it seems they have a mutual understanding. That said, if it was a personal choice I wouldn't give him the armband.
  19. Welcome to the site @Mitch Whiley, seeing members welcome me made me surprised and it feels good. Hope you enjoy PON.
  20. I think Notts should be tracking the progress of players who stand out, not for signing this season but in the future.

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