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  1. Italy is a lovely country to explore, their big cities and countryside is breath taking. Some very nice beaches too.
  2. Hello @Bennybigbear, welcome to the site.
  3. Hello @hissingdwarf, welcome back to PON. It might be worth a brief re-introduction for us who have never seen you post before.
  4. It's just nonsense, football needs leaving alone before its ruined. VAR is always turning what sounded like a good solution to diving/cheating, into a farce.
  5. Rawlinson is clumsy at times, I would drop him if Turner could avoid injury as him and Lacey would be a great partnership.
  6. Some keepers want to fight for the place, and Ross has done this to a point but he hasn't come across in the best of ways at times. Its more just common sense to allow him to go back to Chesterfield and to bring in someone fresh. Joe McDonnell might be content to play number 2 without causing headaches.
  7. Chesterfield looked awful, their keeper is a disaster waiting to happen. Their centre backs are slow, Haydn Hollis looked useless on Saturday. I liked him when he first came into the Notts squad, but he just looks clumsy and school boyish. I never thought they would score despite Ross Fitzsimons having a few nail biting moments.
  8. There's nobody that I dislike, the squad looks like a group which will fight for the club and us fans. At the moment, I like Regan Booty. I think he's got a lot about him, as he always laughs whilst warming up and he plays as one of those that encourages others around him in the right way. He doesn't get in their face or criticise people. On ability it's different, that would be Kyle Wootton. He looks like a classic centre forward to me, with a good ability to read the game and hold up the ball.
  9. If the fans can't be confident, the team won't be! 2-0 surprise win, just a spirited performance by the lads. Nothing flash or all systems go, just taking the chances which come.
  10. I haven't seen him play yet, I am hoping he will be in the starting lineup this weekend. I can have a good look at what he brings to the team.
  11. Michael Doyle has a role to play within the Notts squad. Someone younger needs to be the creativity and advanced player, I would rather see Doyle be used as a sitting player who connects the defence to the midfield. I cringe when I see him going forward.
  12. I don't think Neal Ardley is under any pressure, I don't see the owners firing him any time soon. I just think he's getting absorbed with his own pressure and trying to by time from the fans.
  13. I'm sad to see him go, I felt he was a good player. Good enough for Notts at this level and his attitude was fine, always great around the fans.
  14. Welcome from me also @Mark159
  15. He will be a loss but there is cover, I just hope Oxlade-Chamberlain doesn't get to start in the position. I felt he was awful!
  16. Welcome @Mick90, I am fairly new here myself.
  17. I don't think you will be able to buy one, it might be best to see if a t-shirt printing shop can replicate the design or something. Welcome to PON.
  18. I think the consistency levels of performances have been quite high, a few bad performances and sometimes this effects the team overall but nothing alarming. Players who need to improve. Mitch Rose: A great player who can spread the ball well, I feel in the last month he hasn't played to the level that we are used to seeing and he needs to find that form again. Wes Thomas: I don't question his effort or application, more his ability to take perfect goal scoring chances which fall to his feet. He's been quite underwhelming with his finishing, missing sitters you would expect a striker to score and scoring ones you would suspect him to miss. Can I say Neal Ardley? He has a large squad now, with players who have done well when they've started but for some reason he decides to favour changes which does reflect on performance levels. His tactics seems to be improving but during games there is more that could influence the game in a positive way. Allowing attacking minded players to help finish games off for starters. Players who have done well. Dion Kelly-Evans: His pace and overlapping on the right hand side is a joy to watch, he looked a little small against Eastleigh who seemed to target this but overall I think he's been outstanding. Sam Slocombe: Steady hands, yes mistakes have been made but overall his presence helps the club. Nathan Tyson: Before he picked up his knock, I felt he was one of the standout player for his attitude and way he has committed to games.
  19. I might be in a small minority with actually being able to see what Neal Ardley is trying to do. His tactics are standard for the lower tiers, most managers know you have to fight for points and wins will come from that attitude. Ardley seems to be trying to get the fighting spirit up, along with expectations from the players like Enzio who has that difference in quality. It's a pressure which can send overall performances backwards, but look it's not been that bad. I think if Ardley came out and addressed Toots, it would create some slack and instead of asking for patience or expressing discontent with the pressure he has got. I would just rather see him get on with it, and focus 100% of the club. Focus on the games as they come and just expect more from the players until they give it as their standard rather than any sort of expectation.
  20. If you look at the whole picture, Notts aren't doing much wrong and those things that could be better. Given chance should improve, I think the football at times has been much better than it has been for years. I would accept a mediocre season if it came at the price of actual stability for the
  21. OoooooTommy


    My names Luke, I have supported Notts since the late 80's. The 90's gave me and our club some fond memories, such as the playoff trips to Wembley. My favourite all time player is Tommy Johnson where my nickname originates from. I thought I would say hello since this is my first time on the site.

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