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  1. Considering the coldness and television presence, both teams made it a good game. Dagenham caused a lot of issues early on, but defensively they did not cope as much with Notts. I think we lead the game quite luckily, as we did not seem clinical enough on goal. Their equaliser, I feel was well deserved and it was superbly taken. In the second half, Notts upped the ante and got their rewards when the winner went in.
  2. I think its like the transfers, the club wants to keep it their business because opening up about new deals can lead to further competition.
  3. Ardley might send them out looking to sneak a win, but other than being hard to break down I don't think they will throw the kitchen sink at us. Notts needs to play to the time we have and just do neat passes. We'll draw them out and create chances, they just need tucking away. I have a feeling Solihull could get hammered.
  4. JIMBO

    New wallpapers

    @Chris is there a Jim O'Brien done in the new design?
  5. I think Jim playing deeper would bring the best of both worlds, as he can win the ball back and make good use of it going forward.
  6. All look fine, the shirts don't give much away to the eye. I can't say I like the colour of the away shirt.
  7. I have breakfast before leaving, then I'll have something again once home. Only thing I buy around the ground is drinks.
  8. Positive thing he knows what is needed, just getting the most out of the budget I available is the tricky issue.
  9. Decent from what I have seen of him, I hope he plays a more attacking role for us.
  10. Both would be good signings if the club could pull them off.
  11. On his way up! Good luck to Jorge Grant in the Championship.
  12. He needs to establish himself in one position and fight to retain it, his pace as a striker would be explosive if played to his strengths.
  13. No way, should Alan Judge being playing in League Two with them!
  14. Looking stronger, Cal! It will be good to have him back in the side and starting regularly.
  15. Massive loss to the beautiful game, his demons took hold of him at a point a footballer is most vulnerable. RIP Diego.

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