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  1. I hope within 3 years, that Notts are back in the Football League. The owners need to make sure the proper investments are made to the recruitment and youth system, this is two areas that have been neglected in recent years with all the cutting and constant changes. If Notts want to move forward, we need to have a good level of depth in the reserves/youth players. No point relying on signings and selling the odd player for a small fee. Things are going well, the Danish brothers have done excellent but getting this side right would bring a lot of excitement to the club.
  2. It's a good chance for Kristian Dennis to showcase more of what he can do when he starts, but will this force Neal Ardley's hands with regards to bring back Nathan Tyson or looking elsewhere? He has spoken about looking in the loan market.
  3. I think the back four should be settled, at this stage of the season I wouldn't mess with the formation or partnerships that have formed.
  4. Sunderland might be prepared to pay for the loans, it would have to be trailed and agreed that they send players ready to play professional football. No point sending out just anyone.
  5. The referee sounds like he's being targeted by the Yeovil players, he seems to have handled this type of situation well but is issuing way too many cards. No control of the game. It looks like Yeovil are taking the game far too serioulsly. Notts needs to be careful.
  6. Welcome to PON @Richard Bull.
  7. The PON forum is good, always enjoy reading what fans have to say. Welcome from me @hissingdwarf.
  8. Thank you for all the welcomes.
  9. How many current squad players do you look up-to or like? Who's your favourite player purely based on their personality? Is the same player, the one you rate the most based on their football ability?
  10. 2-1, O'Brien and Wootton. It will be a tough game, the cameras might add some further pressure. If Notts works hard the points will remain at Meadow Lane.
  11. Hello @chipmunx, are you enjoying your stay? Good luck to Barrow.
  12. Silver Surfer is my fav super hero, Marvel is miles better than DC too IMO.
  13. A lot of conditioning work needs to be done with Jim, he's the answer but it's a risk if they rush him and the worst does happen again.
  14. It's a good move for Nathan Tyson, it prolongs his career a bit longer.

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