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  1. Jesus Christ Superstar (original with Ian Gillan) The Wall - Pink Floyd Machine Head or Deep Purple in Rock - Deep Purple
  2. Hard to say but I can assume that this is Celtic.
  3. I read a lot of bad reviews about Kenilworth Road (Luton Town).
  4. Then Portsmouth as less interesting club from the list.
  5. @Chris Basford United I didn’t even hear this name before
  6. @CliftonMagpie Exeter? Too far to south @KB1862 I have never been to Liverpool, but visited two Everton games in Europe Leage. I haven’t watched Rangers game live. But I have I dream to visit Ibrox one day.
  7. @KB1862 You know what is interesting about Liverpool fans from post-USSR countries? I know many of them who can say: I support Liverpool FC because The Beatles and I didn’t know that there are two teams in the city. If I knew that I would choose Everton for sure, but now is too late.
  8. So, here is my five: Barcelona Real Madrid Everton Bayern Munich Glasgow Rangers
  9. I would never understand Notts fan who went to watch Liverpool game. Is that right?
  10. Yes, I am trying to watch, to read, to listen the news, but it looks like there aren’t anymore news: coronavirus, pandemic, new cases and new deaths and nothing more. It was interesting in the first, maybe two weeks, but now it’s absolutely boring and makes me nervous.
  11. I wonna be honest but I heard never about him before, however it’s always sad when good people die. Rest in peace
  12. Unfortunately when I was 18 or even 25 years old I was sure that an education is waste of time. I changed my mind in my late thirties. Self education is great but in my opinion formal education is much better not least because you can find and meet interesting people with same mind. Now I am 40 but I don’t think it’s too late. And this is what I would like to change in my life
  13. Not really much unusual things. Our province is not under total quarantine and my millwork shop works as before. As well as my wife works regular schedule. Also there are not a lot of changes in our farm (after work) life. We have lambing time now and it’s very stressful. This winter is unbelievable long, yesterday we had -27C, right now it’s -21C (while normal temperature for this season in our area is +5+10C). We already lost many lambs and chickens because cold. The only things that has changed are that we can’t use a library (closed) and cancelled our trip to Edmonton.
  14. I would give more time to education, and probably tried to go to Oxford or Cambridge. Or at least to Durham.
  15. Thanks guys for your kind words!

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