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  1. You wouldn't have been out of place with the veterans,Super.
  2. Great pictures of Jake with the players.
  3. It sounds like it was a very good game.Well done Notts
  4. Hello and welcome to the site,kirk.Glad you've decided to join in.Look forward to your posts.
  5. Hello Saigon and welcome.I hope you become a regular visitor/poster.
  6. HelloCounty81, I hope you enjoy your visits to our site and soon join in the fun.
  7. Hello David,I hope you enjoy our friendly site.Welcome
  8. tonyhateley Hmmm, I'm trying to think when your birthday is.......no, you'll have to give us a clue. Your birthday should be April 1st
  9. Good Signing.Everyone seems pleased about this.
  10. Great news for J and J.Getting there. Sad news about Barbara Clough.My thoughts are with Nigel and the rest of her family and friends
  11. Knowing Super,He'd be sneaking you out to the pub.
  12. Quite a mix for me.- Isaac Newton Humphrey Bogart Kenny Everett Annie Lennox Alistair Cooke and...... Jesus Christ
  13. Yes,You wont want to miss any matches.I'll lend you my wheelchair if necessary and Super can push you-a pair of old crocks together.
  14. Another good result.Glad everyone enjoyed it.Super and Joe certainly did.
  15. Glad you appear to be on the mend,Tony.I always know when Super's reading one of your posts,he either bursts out laughing or mutters "Cheeky bugger"
  16. Hurry up and get better,Tony.I bet you're like Super and still try to manage by yourself.If Mrs Hateley thinks you should see a doctor ,do as she says and don't argue.I know what you men are like!
  17. Well done everyone.Congratulations to Joe.Thanks for organising,Weymouth.Thanks to Tony for making Super laugh so much. I'm really looking forward to the real prediction league and of course the 'real' football.
  18. I quite like them, they're not at all bad.
  19. It really does show what life is like nowadays when people are taken in by what Tony wrote,Sadly outbreaks of violence and anti-social behaviour seem to be getting more common.
  20. You HAD to start him off ,didn't you ,Weymouth!
  21. Yes,it is a bit worrying injury wise but fingers crossed he'll come god for Notts.Welcome to Notts, David
  22. Barnet 0 - 2 Ipswich Brentford 1 - 1 Celtic Hartlepool United 1 - 2 Middlesbrough Rotherham United 1 - 1 Huddersfield Town Suthport 1 - 1 Chesterfield Wycombe Wanderers 0 - 1 Aston Villa

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