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  1. Does CK now get praise and backing or is it the Players?
  2. Glad to have you with us ,Eyepie.Please tell us a bit about yourself.Enjoy the site!
  3. Welcome,@ Smiffypie.I enjoyed your intro.Hope you enjoy your time here with us.
  4. Tony,think yourself lucky that Super_pie or Ellie didn't have any toxic waste sweets with them.They WOULD have shared them!
  5. It's nice to read a report about a win.Thanks Joe.
  6. Yes and Super_ram said he thought he'd lost most of his broad Derbyshire accent to which we all replied in unison 'Oh no you haven't'
  7. Glad you both had a nice holiday.Super and me used to do a lot of walking but now Super pushes me everywhere and if we happen to see a pub it gives him an excuse for a rest.
  8. GrannyPie

    Why isn't it working?

    If we don't win on Saturday,with a much improved performance,then it will be time for action.
  9. Super did enjoy the pubs(though he had a moan about the quality of beer a couple of times) but he was still walking in a straight line,so he wasn't too merry.
  10. Very depressing,when will we get something to cheer about?
  11. Blackburn Rovers 2 - 1 Huddersfield Town Blackpool 2 - 2 Leicester City Peterborough United 2 - 0 MK Dons Walsall 0 - 0 Rotherham United AFC Wimbledon 1 - 0 Burton Albion Torquay United 0 - 0 Cheltenham Town Come on Mr. Hateley,catch me if you can. Goodluck everyone.
  12. I'm pleased to welcome 4 more new members,Chinola,Mapperley Magpie,magpie77 and Heropie1862.Please feel free to join in on any forum topic.
  13. Welcome to our site,Patsman1.Please join in with the discussions and friendly banter.
  14. Don't work too hard Liam,we need you on here but I understand if you're busy.
  15. Tony's on the Isle of Wight and returns tomorrow.I'm afraid our holiday meant the site was neglected,especially as there were no Notts or Derby matches after the first Sarurday.Things should get back to normal now .Just hope Notts get back to winning ways.
  16. Thanks,Liam.It was a very nice break .The grandkids kept us busy and the weather was very nice the first week.
  17. Another 2 radio night, with Super dashing backwards and forwards from the kitchen.Come on Notts give us a win and a good performance-please.
  18. We should be back to full strength by the weekend but where are you,Liam
  19. I hope the weather is better where you are.Enjoy the rest of your holiday then hurry back.I miss the banter between you and Super.
  20. Belated birthday wishes to George from me too.Super still goes on about how much he liked the photo of George in Spain.Sign him on quickly.

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