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  1. I do think Patterson is worth keeping, its good to have a backup. I am not sure a different loan would work out better and it avoids the club signing someone who will only be released at the end of the season.
  2. I don't think DKE has played that badly to warrant negative comments, its like how the mainstream papers build someone up in order to tear them down. You get the same in football, it doesn't change.
  3. I like my fruit baked, so mixed berries and apple crumble/pie.
  4. I agree that someone along side Kyle Wootton would help, he can't do it all by himself. If Mitchell can adapt into a more central role, he might do but I am not convinced by him at this stage. I do hope Notts clicks sooner rather than later, as you say it could be to late to really contend for promotion. I don't want to watch Notts fight again for a playoff space, if we end there fine but the club should be chasing 1st to 3rd.
  5. Go with the attention to win, don't send out a weaker team as this could come back into league games. There's nothing as good as winning games back to back, or even starting off a good run in the cup. 3-0 Notts is my prediction, Wootton, Roberts and Cameron.
  6. Nottingham has lost some grand pubs over the years, big plots turned into small apartments and in the city turned into even more shops. It makes no sense at times.
  7. Bless you, I am sending my wishes to @GrannyPie and @super_ram. I hope you both are keeping okay, do let us know how Granny Pie and yourself are doing.
  8. Delighted that Notts got the win, it sounded like it could've been a Barnet type game with how poor Yeovil played. I'm not bothered that the game ended 2-0, I would've been content with just the single goal. The clean sheet is an added bonus, I hope Ian Burchnall can keep Ruben Rodrigues in form because we are a different type of team with him on fire, as is Cal Roberts and co.
  9. Will Ian Burchnall drop the "pretty football", in favour of a more gritty approach to get the job done. Yeovil could be the turning point to get back to winning ways, or they could ruin another weekend. I think both teams are like that, as a neutral it could be a good game.
  10. A win should ease things, if Michael Doyle does start that could inject a bit more fight. It might also make other players realise that their place in the starting lineup is guaranteed.
  11. Tamworth is a good draw, it will be a good game and a welcomed distraction from the league. If Notts loses here, then I would worry.
  12. Typical Notts with feeling like things might be improving, to slump but I do think winning ways will return soon. Its disappointing that we lead 2-0, in a game it sounds like a lot of luck came our way. I don't think unlucky comes into losing, it was just poor.
  13. Losing that amount of money isn't good for any football club, instead of voting in confidence they should be trying to obtain the club themselves.
  14. The old saying back to basics comes to mind. Set the team up from the back to front, Patterson needs better protection and cover. The defending needs to be for 90 minutes. I can see it being a another disappointing game I hate to say it.
  15. There does appear to be something with Ruben Rodrugues , I agree with that. It could be mostly a lack of form, but he does seem to pant a lot and avoid running at least in the last two home games. His attacking play has slowed down to almost walking with a slight burst of pace. Whatever is going on, Ian Burchnall eyes and staff will need to identify it.
  16. The quality is there, but its down to form and focus if Notts can push for the title or settle for playoffs. We are good enough to at least to expect a playoff finish, something terribly wrong would have to happen for this to be failed to achieve. Like a string of defeats at a crucial point, but at the same time a winning streak could really turn the season around.
  17. Done deal, it makes sense to bring in someone so that Brooks can gain more experience himself.
  18. Josh Kelly played excellently in the first 35 minutes, all their threats came through him and he played a direct game. Other Maidenhead players came into, but I thought he wasn't half bad. I would gamble on him if I was a manager looking to find big.
  19. What are your thoughts and feelings on this situation @super_ram? Its awful for any club but Derby should be able to turn the corner, if the right admin people are appointed it should ease a sale when it happens.
  20. All are very nice photographs, the ones of Meadow Lane and Wollaton Park are my favourites.
  21. Good to have the cover in quick and early, means he can get to training. Good move Notts.
  22. He needs to cut it out, otherwise the next time it might be red. Roberts is a big part of our creativity, we need him fit and not suspended.
  23. Putting aside the display against Maidenhead, Notts have been good so far and part of this is down to having the squad settled. I wouldn't change anything, other than what has been forced. Ciaran Brennan will come in for Kyle Cameron who I think will be a big loss. I would still give Cal Roberts the start, but I do think Notts needs to rely less on his ability to make things happen at times. Allowing him some freedom could help, especially with Ruben Rodrigues not quite playing to his standard.
  24. The win is the main thing, Wealdstone made it difficult for Notts but at 3-1 it never looked likely to end any other way than a Notts win.

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