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  1. However, at a lot of European airports, the queue for the 'Non EU' is generally shorter than the one for the 'EU'.
  2. If you combine the gut feelings of Ardley/Cox (plus any scouting network we may or may not have) and then back them up by stats and analysis, this can only be a good thing. To have more than one perspective is definitely an advantage that other teams may not possess. Signings such as the young lad Roberts do make you feel that there is more consideration when we sign players.
  3. Every opposition fan in this league repeats the same idea that Notts fans thought 'we would walk this league', despite nobody saying it, ever, and fans predicting we'd struggle. It doesn't seem to matter what your fan base actually says, if you're a 'big club' for this level (i.e over 2000 fans), then you will be told that you thought you'd walk the league.
  4. I have it. No geo-blocking on BBCRNS means that it's not really worthwhile.
  5. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2020/february/mcdonnell-signs-fitzsimons-departs-030220/?fbclid=IwAR2dGgVKWDuZNz4i_Tsh9IUnAG6bFgcxeV8KpJQCLwVodIr7VTjmYD03VyU Slocombe out 'for the foreseeable future' is vague one. If Fitz was here, surely he'd be pencilled in for that number 1 slot, like he was on Saturday. Maybe the manager really doesn't rate him and rates this new lad higher? Who knows.
  6. Only real problem with the Navi is that the waiting times pre and post match are horrendous. Although I appreciate that they can't employ too many staff for an hour or so before and after the match, they could at least train/instruct the staff to pay attention to who is to be served next on the part of the bar they are responsible for. It's a lottery going up there when it's rammed, you can come away in 5 minutes or it could be 30, depending on who the bar people deem is next.
  7. I think if we'd signed him on a free, most would say he'd been a decent signing, or undecided at least. The fact that we overpaid for him (thanks Hardy), continue to do so in the form of wages (thanks again Hardy) and he was over-hyped when signing (hat-trick Hardy), means that we expected a superstar but actually got an average winger who occasionally produces moments of magic.
  8. He seems to hope so: https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport...-kevin-3301374
  9. Just can't stay away from giving himself a little pat on the back and some nice publicity.
  10. Away. Didn't like the look of the home top and it's even worse in person.
  11. If anyone wants a laugh, take a look at Scoop's ratings: https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/zoumana-bakayogo-stand-out-notts-3170226??Ss He's got Ox-Chamberlain as our 2nd best player.
  12. Slocombe 7 - Couple of good saves, commanded his box, distribution good. Kelly-Evans 6 - Worked hard trying to get forward and did his job in defence. One lung-busting run to track back was exactly what is needed. Oxlade-Chamberlain 2 - As dodgy as he was in last season's appearance. 50p head, bad decision making, dodgy distribution. McCrory 6 - Did well clearing up the scraps and distribution generally very good. Bird 6 - Nervous in the first half and sometimes hesitant and slowing play down a little bit. However when we started doing well, it was Bird releasing Bakayogo a couple of times down the left. Bakayogo 7 - Looks a handful. Some neat touches, direct and can whip a ball in. Promising. Doyle 0 - Would have had a 6 from me before the red card. Split up their play quite well and read a lot of stuff excellently. Sending-off by all accounts was deserved and therefore he gets absolutely 0. Ref couldn't spot a foul all game yet Doyle somehow manages to swing an arm in full view. Rose 5 - Quite quiet. O'Brien 3- Distribution too slow, often trying elaborate passes when the simple pass was on. Shooting off, set-pieces improved but couldn't have gotten any worse. Boldewijn 1 - Complete passenger at this level, as he was last year. We should get rid. Tyson 5 - Lacked service, but looked dangerous in parts. Subs Hemmings 4 - Wants to walk the ball into the net. SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Turner 6 - Aerial threat. Exactly what we need. Tootle 5 - More direct Toots, and shoooooooooooooooooot.

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