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  1. This game will show us exactly where the squad is at, I expect.
  2. There was another name I'd like to add that I came across when looking for strikers that may be suitable. I didn't include him originally because he's not exactly what we're looking for; he's more of a Ruben/Cal like for like, but should one leave, or both (heaven forbid), this boy certainly looks a player (at least by trial over youtube): Daniel Mandroiu - 22 y/o Irish/Romanian attacking midfield/striker at Shamrock Rovers. - Fantastic dribbling ability and can put some great balls through - Good long range shot - Can also run beyond strikers and occupy wide areas. - Contracted for another year and could be beyond our reach.
  3. Luke Charman - 23 y/o striker at Darlington in the NLN. - 7 in 8 this season. - Scored a few for Newcastle U23s/PL2 - Played with Cal Roberts and I imagine Kyle Cameron in that Newcastle youth/reserve side. - Can drop off a main striker like Wootton or run in behind. - Looks to finish as main priority. - Signed a contract until 2022 but would imagine any fee wouldn't be outlandish.
  4. I think it fairly obvious that we are still lacking a striker who will run in behind and is a bit more clinical than what we currently have. Georgie Kelly - 24 y/o Irish striker playing for Donegal in the LOI Premier League. - 23 in 35 for this season. Scored a few in the league below too but not as prolific in the premier league in previous seasons. - Maintains a central position and on the shoulder of the defenders. - Looks to finish first time. - Tall and looks decent in the air, but might not be the quickest. - Contract ends at the end of December, but might be beyond our reach?
  5. Hate is perhaps a bit strong as I haven't personally seen/heard anything like that. DKE is a much-loved player and a lot of people have a sweet spot for DKE. Because of that, people often overlook some pretty big flaws in his game. His height is a major disadvantage, no matter how high he can jump. Having a defender that small certainly puts you at risk from things like set pieces. There's a good reason why Torquay played Cameron at left wing.... because DKE was on the right. There's limitations going forward, he can't beat a player and his crossing is hit and miss. Defensively he's been found out more recently, you can have all the tenacity in the world but if you're simply not strong or big enough, it only compensates so much.
  6. Listened on the radio. Think it's quite obvious that we still haven't replaced Dennis/Thomas. Too many times are we cutting it back to nobody and taking too many touches in the box. You have Rodrigues and Roberts that both try and do the same thing - pick up the ball in front of the opposition defensive line. It's easy to defend against when they don't have to worry about anybody running beyond them, they rush out in numbers and close down those players on the 18 yard box knowing full well that nobody will run behind them. Wootton is a good player and gets you goals, but clinical finisher he is not. Mitchell, well I'm not quite sure what he is. Oh for a Tshimanga. I know we say we aren't looking at the 'obvious' more expensive options, but clinical strikers that score goals will always demand good money.
  7. Me neither. However there's no point in Sam tracking back if he is gonna float around like that. Close them down! It's the last minute of the game, you're fresh off the bench and trying to prove a point, where's the intensity, passion, desire? Just gives a half-arsed attempt and walks back to the half-way line. Muppet.
  8. Just watched the highlights. 1st goal: DKE doesn't close down effectively and the keeper should be saving that. 2nd goal: Chicksen dashes out when he doesn't need to. DKE does himself no favours getting caught under the ball. 3rd goal: Elisha Sam should never play for Notts again. There, I said it. You can have all the ability in the world (which he doesn't), but when there's nothing between the ears, you're useless.... and he is.
  9. Cameron - Rawlinson - Lacey has got to be our fit starting 3 CBs, surely? Brindley WB one side and Taylor or Chicksen the other.
  10. Listed on the radio and it's not good enough. There's no will or ability to shut up shop and close a game out. Bringing in more youngsters on loan probably hasn't helped us. Why change your defence at 2-0 up? DKE becoming an increasing liability.
  11. This will be a tough game. Woking will be direct and physical and we only have a young CB who isn't all that strong, plus 2 full-backs.
  12. Sam Slocombe has a few weeks out every season through injury, bit of a shame it's coincided with 2 or 3 others!
  13. Slocombe - 7.5 - Very good saves, one close up. Came for everything else and distribution was good. Cameron - 6.5 - Very good assist/goal (?), but had a couple of lapses defensively. Might just be me, but seems to switch off/make daft decisions defensively. Lacey - 8 - Rolls royce. Seems to glide through the game. Good goal (?). Brindley - 8 - Made a lot of vital tackles / interceptions that would could have been unnoticed. Taylor - 6 - Doesn't back himself 1 on 1 when the ball is a bit static. Often should cross first time and doesn't and works himself into a bit of a hole. Improved second half and good run/shot that almost sneaked in. Francis - 6 - Does some good stuff, very good balls at times. Would like him to rat around more than he does in that defensive position. Sometimes plays sloppy passes/ looks like he'll give the ball away easily. Palmer - 6.5 - Not overly influential, but very neat and tidy when involved. Roberts - 5 - Not his game. Beat his man a few times but finishing well off today. Should neatly side-foot the 1 on 1 but attempts top bins - didn't need to. Rodrigues - 6 - Sometimes tries to do much in and around the box. Put your foot through it! Should have had an assist for Roberts after some good work. Wootton - 7 - Does a lot of the hard yards and toiled well. Even dropped into CB when we lost Cameron and Lacey had to go off for a shirt change / Terry Butcher job. Mitchell - 6.5 - Did well, near post shot saved. Chicksen - 7 - Slotted in seamlessly. Comfortable on the ball. JOB - 6.5 - Injected pace. DKE - N/A.
  14. Agree with Lovett. Looked confident and played well. Robert's penalty could have been better, but it's a very good save.
  15. Watched the extended highlights, and just some points I noted that I didn't get from the commentary: - Some of Ed Francis' long balls were sublime. He's got a decent shot on him too. - The elbow is on purpose and a straight red every day of the week. - Rodrigues was 'off' but still did a lot of good link up play. - It's Lacey and Brindley that get in a mess for their 2nd. Lacey steps out and doesn't win the ball and I think Brindley is trying to catch them offside (unsuccessfully). - I think its Wootton that loses his man for their first. - Matty Palmer should be scoring that chance. If he doesn't touch it, Wootton sweeps home his 2nd of the night.
  16. Listened on the radio and it's nail biting stuff. All well and good doing this against Wealdstone, but the better teams in this league won't let us score 3. Still, play badly/OK and picked up 3 points.
  17. Slocombe 6.5 No mistake, produced some very good reflex saves. Cameron 6.5 Pushed for their goal, but not necessary to get so close as the last man. Great header for the goal. Lacey 7 Lovely to see him back. Elegant CB. Brindley 6 Was OK. DKE 6 Sometimes gets caught out of position. Taylor 6 JOB 6 Tried a lot but didn't really come off, passing a bit wayward. Palmer 6 Some passes a bit off at times. Ruben 6.5 Always a danger. Wootton 6.5 Goal. Roberts 6.5 Flattered to deceive until 2nd half.
  18. Can't believe how direct Wrexham are. It really is just an aerial bombardment from start to finish. It'll work at this level, no doubt, but you expect a team of Hollywood signings to be..... well a little more Hollywood. Thought we defended well in areas you'd expect us to be weak.... long throw-ins, corners. Tozer and those bloody long throws are so tedious. Gets boring watching after a while.
  19. We were too predictable at times. Right to left is all well and good, but we all knew what was going on and who the next pass was to. Sometimes, you have to put the ball in the mixer to keep them guessing and we never tried that, until Chicksen did it and we scored. Strangely, we never tried again. Very frustrating game in the end. Torquay are a one-dimensional side (lump it to Wright and hope for the knock-ons), who time wasted but ran themselves into the ground. Ref should have punished them for the antics but bottled it because of the red already given. I see yesterday they were thumped 4-0... probably as a direct consequence of the effort they put into defending against us, or the cramp - if you are to believe it.
  20. Slocombe - 3 - Oh dear. Howler a game at the minute. DKE - 6 - Looked like a dear in the headlights first 20. Settled after. Rawlinson - 7 - Handled the aerial bombardment well. Cameron - 8.5 - As per Rawlinson, but with a fantastic assist. Brindley - 7.5 - Looks so at home in that role. Defended well. Taylor - 7 - Put in a lot of running up and down that left wing. A lot better defensively than I was expecting, with a couple of minor lapses in concentration. Francis - 6 - Game seemed to frantic for him, but got up to speed eventually. Palmer - 7.5 - Class act again. Even under pressure, just seems to make the right choice, repeatedly. JOB - 6.5 - Worked tirelessly as always. Wootton - 8 - What a header. Makes that look so easy when it's anything but. Mitchell - 7 - Was actually impressed with his touch and running the lines. Rodrigues - 6.5 - Never really affected the game a deal. Roberts - 6 - No real impact. Chicksen - 7 - Defended well and we didn't suffer from the lack of height.
  21. Slocombe 3 - Glue on his boots? He has to come for that. Brindley 7 - Looks fantastic stepping out - so comfortable on the ball. Rawlinson 5.5 Felt Wright got the better of him. Needs to improve understanding with Slocombe. Cameron 6 - He was decent but again struggled with Wright. D-KE - 5 - Positionally naiive at times and offered nothing going forwards. Chicksen 6 - Not a winger and therefore can't beat his man as often as this game would've warranted. Good crosses though. Francis 5.5 - Too slow passing, ball needed to be moved quicker and with greater purpose. Palmer 7.5 - What a player. Looks at ease, never panicked. Roberts 6 - Double marked, looked to do too much often. Rodrigues 7.5 - Everything we did that looked dangerous came through him. Unpredictable. Wootton 8 - That goal looks easy, but it isn't. I didn't even see him coming so no wonder the CB didn't either. Subs. Nemane - 6 - Struggled a bit 1 on 1 and when he did beat his man, crossing was wayward. J'OB - 6- Injected the pace needed. Mitchell N/A
  22. bit late. Perhaps the automation is a bit out of time synch?
  23. Here's a few of our comments on Hewitt playing RB: I actually looked at the highlights on youtube - Hewitt's positioning at RB hasn't changed one bit. Exactly the same as before, doesn't close anybody down and lets people dribble past him as if he's not there. Cost them 1, maybe all 3 points.
  24. He was decent in central midfield with Yates. Predictably fell off after that after Hardy replaced Yates with his Liverpool signing where he cried. Was OK-ish as a stand-in CB.

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