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  1. I had a good laugh at those comments on the official FB face that this guy is quality. How many of them have seen him play? He looks like a solid enough player and should do a job for us. Bottom of League One/Top of League 2 seems to be his standard. Given our limited resources, I'll take that.
  2. The ring of Kerry is well worth a visit. Ireland is great, but it's expensive. I never holiday at home. I always go abroad. I get much better value.
  3. He has to take the chance SD is giving him. We can't afford to let players walk away. A tuned in Haynes will score goals. He has to play up front I reckon.
  4. I live in Cork. Largest county in Ireland. We have 2 finals coming up. One next week in Gaelic Football. Playing our biggest rival, Kerry.
  5. GAA season over here in Ireland. Keeps me out of trouble. World Cup on top of that. Great craic.
  6. They make Crewe's kit I think. Cheap is the word most associated with them. Quality is a bit hit and miss.
  7. Looking at what our rivals are doing, this looks like another season of struggle. Mullins is what you need in a situation like that. We need to strengthen the squad.
  8. @GrannyPie has raced into the lead after correctly predicting Greece to beat Ivory Coast. Here's the latest table: http://www.predicttheworldcup.com/minileague/standings/1282
  9. I hear Lincoln have an opening.....maybe they should move back there......
  10. Don't forget it's 4 games from tomorrow. Group finales kick off at the same time.
  11. @Canadian has raced into the lead. Dana Shoup and William are close behind.
  12. Belated birthday wishes. May I suggest some clown fish and some black and white ones.
  13. You can't fault a player for accepting the better deal. 1 year deals are a waste of time in the modern game. I understand it is all we can afford and that's the reality we face.
  14. Dana Shoup has gone top of the table. He should thank a certain Mr Suarez....
  15. Alan Sheehan has signed for Bradford. Bradford have signed 2 of our best players from last year. We must replace Sheehan with someone of equal ability. We have lost 3 quality players in JCR, Sheehan and Liddle. Very disappointing.
  16. PNE away is a test of any teams promotion aspirations. I doubt we get anything out of this game. I reckon we'll get 7 points of 15 in August and that would be a successful start.
  17. Here is the table after last night's games. William is in the lead. Super_ram has raced up the table. I have posted a link to the table. http://www.predicttheworldcup.com/minileague/standings/1282
  18. Wednesday could field a reserve side. Hopefully. We have a chance.
  19. I log in using Facebook so it uses my real name. Not doing as well as I hoped......
  20. England's group just got more interesting. Great win for Costa Rica. No way they beat England or Italy though. Uruguay are a different team when Suarez plays. They could easily get 6 points.
  21. Chile got their expected 3 points but the Aussies pushed them all the way. Chile are shocking at the back. Spain will beat them but goal difference could decide the group which isn't good for Spain.
  22. Mexico take a well deserved lead. Conditions are horrible. Heavy rain.
  23. Penalty to Mexico? Nope. Daylight robbery.
  24. Oh dear. 2 good goals ruled out for offside for Mexico. Same linesman. Officials ruining the tournament already.

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