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  1. I'm joint first in the Official game. Number 1 in the world.....took a screenshot and all. ....
  2. In fairness to Dan, he did have a 1-1 draw and only for a dodgy ref, he would be top of the table now
  3. 3 games today: Mexico vs Cameroon - Even enough contest, Mexico should shade it. Whoever loses may as well pack their bags. Spain vs Netherlands - A repeat of the 2010 final, except this time the Dutch won't boot Spain up and down the pitch. The Dutch are looking toward the 2018 WC and not much is expected of them, but they have some fine players and will cause Spain problems. Chile vs Australia - Vidal is injured for Chile and he's hugely important to them. They still have Sanchez so should stroll past the Aussies. This is the weakest Aussie times in years.
  4. Make sure you click save. Then logout and log back in to make sure it saved. Goal Difference decides the winner if there is a tie.
  5. Penalty my arse. Awful decision. Croatia deserved a draw. Neymar and Oscar were superb. Modric as well. If Jo is fit, he should start up front against Mexico.
  6. Fascinating game so far. Croatia started brilliantly. Then they wilted in the heat. Oscar did brilliantly for the goal. Hulk and Fred have been awful. I'd move Hulk up front and bring on Willian. Brazil should win it. The conditions are as good as a goal to them.
  7. So it begins...... Huge pressure on Brazil tonight. Anything less than a win and the pressure will increase. They should top the group. Tonight is by far their toughest game on paper.
  8. We could do with a few more in our mini league. One last push to get a few more interested......
  9. I loved him in Blackadder. Way over the top and massively entertaining. R.I.P.
  10. Cover I reckon. We need cover in that position regardless of whether Sheehan stays or not.
  11. Could this be posted on FB? May get a few new members out of it. The more, the merrier
  12. Yep, CB is his position. Smith will get injured at some stage, so I'd rather we sign another CM and leave Hayden at the back. We will need to replace Sheehan if he does leave. So I'd like us to sign 1 x CB, 1 x CM, 1 x winger, 1 x LB and 2 x CF. I doubt we will sign all those players though......
  13. Please note that you don't have to do them all at once if you don't want to. Just make sure you get them done before kick off. Don't forget to hit save when you are done or the predictions won't be registered.
  14. The FIFA one is pants. This site is about the best one I can find: http://www.predicttheworldcup.com/ League Code is 43049.
  15. OK, I'll set up a league in the FIFA one when it opens. Will post the league code here.
  16. FIFA will be running a prediction competition. They will do all the work for us.It would mean logging in every day. I'll be signing up anyway so I can create a league.
  17. We signed Liam Noble. He'll do a job but is a downgrade on Gary LIddle IMO. We will struggle again this season I reckon. It will take some decent signings to change my mind....
  18. @Dan is on holidays in France at the moment. I hear he's been arrested for urinating on the Eiffel Tower......would take a Stags fan wouldn't it......
  19. I have a spreadsheet with all the fixtures. Do you want to fill it out in case we do go down the all the fixtures together route?
  20. Howdy. Squads are finalized on June 5th. I guess we should see if there is enough interest and the format. I play one league where you predict all the games before the tournament begins. I play another where you predict each day. Each day is a lot of work, we could use the playoff league format. Let the discussion begin....
  21. One of those days for Notts I believe. They had comfortably beaten Everton in the league. Arsenal are not the team they were but had way too much for Everton.
  22. Interesting. At least we'd get a transfer fee. Speiss would be number 1 which I can live with. Scott Loach would be a handy backup, nothing more.
  23. Maybe he hasn't rejected it but the deadline has passed? Who knows what goes on....
  24. This says more about the club than the players. Liddle served us well. Sheehan and JCR too. I'd question the ambition of RT. Seems like he's just happy to have a team in the league as that's a requirement for the ladies team. Plenty of evidence to back up this claim. Prove me wrong Mr Trew.
  25. Smith is injury prone. Need to replace Liddle which won't be as easy as people think. SD has a big job ahead of him, I hope he's given the resources.

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