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  1. Congrats to @jurgenpie. His 6 points today sees him win by an impressive 5 points. jurgenpie 17 points super ram 12 points dripsey3 12 points Dana Shoup 10 points weymouthpie 10 points Canadian 9 points Northantspie 8 points william1984 8 points tonyhateley 7 points harrys mummy 7 points grannypie 7 points hissing dwarf 6 points Dan 5 points magpiejue 5 points liampie 4 points notts Joe 4 points
  2. Just a quick update. Jurgenpie is the only one in with a chance of the bonus 3 points. He's only 1 point off first. Super Ram still leads. Final table after the game today.
  3. I'm in London this weekend. I'll update the prediction league when I return. Should be some time on Monday.
  4. I feel a little uneasy about having 2 relatively inexperienced players up front. Can they repeat their heroics from last season or will they suffer a slump? I'm sure SD will bring in cover in case they do go off the boil. We need 4 strikers IMO.
  5. I'll be supporting Leyton O. as well. Farewell to their awful away section hopefully. I don't think they'd last in the Championship but it goes to show how a small well run club like Leyton Orient or indeed Yeovil can get promoted without spending vast sums of money.
  6. I wouldn't sign a contract until I'm sure I couldn't do better elsewhere. Middlesboro are looking at Liddle it seems. That would be a great move for him. They will do well next season.
  7. This is official now. Player/Coach. Doubt he'll play much. Injury prone.Will be a good coach I reckon.
  8. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully things will change.......
  9. Fleetwood 2-0 Burton Leyton Orient 2-1 Rotherham Derby 2-1 QPR
  10. I've been following the women's game for a few years. The standard is improving year on year. My team Lincoln Ladies are no more and it's a weird feeling, I guess Wimbledon fans must have felt the same when their club moved away.
  11. SD is a manager with passion and ambition. In the right circumstances, he could turn this club around from struggling at the bottom to one that is consistently challenging at the top. Does he have the resources he needs? I don't think he does. He wanted to keep JCR and he's gone. I trust SD and he must have been happy to have JCR around. OK, you might say there are limited resources, OK, but why split those between 2 teams? It follows that if the ladies team weren't around, there would be more money for the men's team. I understand where RT is coming from, there's more chance of glory with the ladies team so naturally they will get the financial support they need. I'm tired of having our hopes built up, only to be let down time and time again.
  12. Just a gentle reminder.......deadline is Friday......if you ain't in, you can't win.......
  13. 11:38 î˜A double deal for Sheffield United as Nigel Clough starts putting his plans in place for next season. Sheffield United @SUFC_tweets The Blades have signed Marc McNulty from Livingston for an undisclosed fee and Jamal Campbell-Ryce on a free transfer. #sufc #twitterblades May 19, 2014 Reply Retweet Favorite Sheffield Utd are a bigger club. Plus they have ambition. Not seeing much ambition from Notts at the moment. I'd leave as well if I were in his shoes.
  14. Jonathan Forte released by Southampton. Would score goals at this level. Already proved that while on loan with us.
  15. Fleetwood vs Burton Rotherham vs Leyton Orient QPR vs Derby Predictions need to be in by next Friday. Remember you get a 3 point bonus if you get all 3 winners correct. If you are going for a draw after 120 mins, please make sure you enter the team or teams who you think will win the penalty shootout.
  16. Latest update: super ram 12 points dripsey3 11 points jurgenpie 10 points weymouthpie 10 points canadian 9 points william1984 8 points dana shoup 7 points northants pie 7 points tony hateley 7 points harrys mummy 7 points grannypie 6 points hissingpie 6 points dan 5 points magpiejue 5 points notts joe 4 points liampie 4 points
  17. Latest update: super ram 12 points dripsey3 11 points weymouthpie 10 points jurgenpie 9 points canadian 9 points dana shoup 7 points northants pie 7 points tony hateley 7 points william1984 7 points harrys mummy 7 points hissingdwarf 6 points granny pie 6 points magpiejue 5 points Dan 5 points liampie 4 points notts joe 4 points
  18. I'd rather have Izzy McLeod who has been released by MK Dons. I doubt we could afford both? McLeod will score goals, not sure Tyson would.
  19. Izzy McLeod has been released by MK Dons. He'd push for a first team place and would be a decent back up to Spencer and Murray.
  20. James Wesolowski hasnt signed a new contract for Oldham yet. He'd be a nice addition to our squad. He had a great season. Player Of The Year.
  21. Latest update: Super Ram 12 points Dripsey3 11 points Jurgenpie 9 points Weymouthpie 9 points Canadian 8 points Dana Shoup 7 points Northants Pie 7 points Tony Hateley 7 points William1984 7 points Harrys Mummy 7 points Grannypie 6 points Magpiejue 5 points Hissingdwarf 5 points Dan 5 points Notts Joe 4 points Liampie 4 points
  22. They released quite a few players. I'd imagine it's money related. They put a lot of money in this season to try and get promoted back to the Championship. The gamble didn't pay off. I doubt they have the resources to do the same this season.
  23. Tommy Rowe has been released by Peterborough. He made 43 appearances and scored 9 goals. He was their captain. He's 25 years old. I'd like to see him in a Notts shirt.

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