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  1. All the very best for tonight.

    Absolutely gutted for you guys. Royally shafted by the officials in both ties. Keep the faith & go even harder next season.
  2. To all Pies fans from all Millers fans. Join us for a Bank Holiday Wembley weekend.
  3. Match Discussion: Game 31 - The Alex (H)

    Excited for this one. Notts should win but they should have won on my last visit v FGR & look how that turned out.
  4. Merry Xmas from a Millers fan

    All the best to all Pies fans & hope to see you all at NYS in L1 in 2018/19. Hoping to get to ML again before the end of the season.
  5. Match Discussion: Game 21 - The Hatters (A)

    Luton are my tip for L2 Champions. If Notts were to avoid defeat in this one it would be a very very good result.
  6. Most annoying actors/actresses

    Julia Roberts. Everyone says she's beautiful but to me she's got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, same with Sarah Jessica Parker, ugly old trout.
  7. How exactly is Oxford in the NL NORTH? However if it's on the Saturday I'm there. Probably televised though (Friday night?)
  8. Match Discussion: FA Cup - The Pirates (H)

    Massive congrats on a brilliant win over a L1 side Pies. I just hope we don't suffer the same fate tomorrow at Crewe.
  9. Kevin Nolan launches tirade against Notts County online community

    Nolan is way off the mark with his comments. Fans pay the manager & players salaries so therefore deserve to have an opinion, good or bad.
  10. Match Discussion: Game 13 - The Bees (H)

    Notts to get back on track...3-1
  11. Notts would have lost if it wasnt for Collins three top class saves
  12. Match Discussion: Game 12 - Green Devils (H)

    Coming down for the game. Really looking forward to seeing the pies take another step towards League 1 (& hopefully another trip to NYS next season).
  13. Match Discussion: Game 9 - The Imps (H)

    This game will be Notts toughest test yet. Lincoln are strong, direct & also possess the team spirit which got them promoted last season. However they are certainly not unbeatable as we proved in the League Cup. Looking forward to seeing some of you guys at the FGR game in October.......COYP!!
  14. Match Discussion: EFL - The Blues (H)

    We're playing Man City's U23 team on the same night. I'm hoping for a sub 1000 attendance in all games to tell the EFL & Greed league where to shove its toxic competition which only exists to get the big clubs academies into the pyramid through the back door. #Bteamboycott

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