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  1. Dan Mooney was their number 7, a young attacking midfielder and with 11 goals for them this season will he be on the 'radar'? I've noticed his name pop up in the NL team of the week a few times too.
  2. I also didn't think too much of it when the news first came out but as of now he's the favourite with the bookies! Interesting that nothing was asked in the post match interview, is this because it's a complete non-story or were they told they can't?
  3. Yeah, I mean if Stockport lose to Torquay than I think they'll have blown it. I think they'll be feeling more pressure now than they thought they would, they really should have been able to wrap up the title given the initial gap they created. Wrexham just seem to be on a roll at the moment, and given they just turned Stockport over, I'd hate to go there away.
  4. 50K will be little consolation to the 10 years of Vanarama they are likely to serve! That is interesting though, Scunthorpe have been so bad all season that I wasn't surprised when I first saw the result. Apparently Northampton have made a complaint so maybe it will be looked into but I can't see anything happening.
  5. Aldershot away has done us in again. We just can't seem to get a run going this season and it feels like a case of one step forwards and two steps back (again!) Teams will be battling like that in the play-offs and I just don't trust us to be able to match them at the minute, especially away from home and that's a big worry for me. And I get the ref obviously wasn't great but we've still got to defend much better, hopefully Cameron and Brindley coming back can give us a boost. The only bonus for us is that Chesterfield are getting worse and Grimsby couldn't beat Barent so somehow we stay 5th!
  6. I'm amazed he managed to get another league club after getting sacked from Chesterfield when he was doing his best to put them into the NL North. The good news is that he is staying there (good for us, not Oldham)!
  7. Wrexham will keep pushing until it's mathematically possible they can't win the title, I don't think Stockport will throw away a 7 point lead this late on but in football you just never know. Unfortunately for us 3rd is very unlikely, but win that game in hand and we'll be 5th and within 2 points of 4th. I think we'll be battling it out with Grimsby and Solihull for the home quarter-final places, it's in our hands which is a bonus. And right now based on form and fixtures it looks like Chesterfield will be battling it out with Dagenham for the final play-off spot. The only thing with the placings is who would you want for that play-off semi-final away game? Wrexham is the harder away game but you'll probably have to beat them at some point if you want to go up and I'd rather play Halifax in the final...
  8. Seen a lot of people suggest he would be a decent replacement for Woots (if he goes). He was decent but I’m not sure I’d base my opinion on one game. ( Christian Oxlade-Chamberlain alarm!) That was only his 6th goal and I know Kings Lynn won't create a ton of chances for him but Mitchell scored more and he wasn’t even there for a whole a season...
  9. So odd how we need a goal to get us going sometimes, although we didn't start to badly we just seem to have these lapses where we switch off. I think the early goal for Kings Lynn probably didn't help they just tried to hold on to it and by half-time looked a bit defeated. Pleased for Nemane thought he was the best player on the pitch, another player who's not had much game time but I think he can be a big player for us.
  10. Yeah it is a strange situation. So he was ill/injured, 50-50 for Chesterfield but played 90 for England C... Then deemed not needed/recovering from England for Southend and then just left out at the weekend for Torquay. I’ve got no inside knowledge but it does make me think something has happened. I get why Roberts wouldn’t start in a 3-5-2 but I agree it’s odd you wouldn’t have him on the bench. But both IB and Cal himself have played down all the drama (mainly caused by social media as things always get blown way out of proportion on there). So if something has happened then it would suggest to me it’s not a massive issue/been dealt with. For me, given the result against Torquay and how he played against Kings Lynn last time out I’ll be very surprised if he’s not in the matchday 16. And then hopefully we can all forget move on from it. (*Cue my view being completely wrong and a massive meltdown when he’s not in the squad again this Friday)
  11. Dreadful. But that awful first-half set the tone. Hearing that we couldn’t even win the 4th ball in our own penalty area sums it up. Then suddenly you think we’re going to get something when it gets 2-1 but we just implode. It’s been the tale of our season, just when you think we’re about to string a run of wins together we drop an absolute clanger. And when you lose like that it feels as if all the good work from the last 4 games has come undone. If we’d lost 2-1 we’d have bemoaned the poor first half cos second half (up until about 70 mins) we had some chances. But to just get done like that, I thought we were over that kind of performance. We’re lucky Grimsby drew and Boreham Wood’s shocking run just continues, but in terms of the bigger picture of promotion, after today you can’t help but think it’s a big ask.
  12. Great result, and I'm liking this defensive grit we seem to have gained recently. Winning headers in our box, putting bodies on the line, it all bodes well for a strong finish to the season if we can keep it up. Maybe we're getting a bit of luck too as if that pen had gone in 2-1 makes it a very different game. But credit to Jaros for reading the pen and making the save. A home semi-final doesn't seem out of reach now especially with teams in the top 7 still having to play each other, it's got to be the aim. And that also puts Ruben level on league goals with Woots now, both have 15. I think he might finish as our top scorer too.
  13. Big dilemma for me is do we stick with the 3-5-2 which is probably better overall or switch to a 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 which is better for getting all our attacking talent in the side. Last season we clicked under the 3-5-2 and nearly got to the Play-off final and that was down to playing a formation that allowed us to fit our better players into their most effective roles. Ruben, Miller and Ellis are prime examples. Now it's slightly different, and I feel Southend's defenders will be made to work a lot harder with the likes of Sam and Roberts on the pitch. Southend were on a fantastic run recently, but like Dripsey says they've tailed off recently. Dagenham were 3-0 up at half-time last time they played a home game. I'm hoping for a similar outcome.
  14. Yeah it wasn't great to watch from a NL perspective. Thought the Welsh No.11 put himself around and got two good goals, was it just a case of turning up for the cameras though or is he that good week after week... Lot's of people on twitter saying the Welsh Prem should get a bit more credit, it definitely has after last night.
  15. For those who are interested in watching on Wednesday Evening... Come on Lloegr! It’s also just dawned on me that Connell Rawlinson is Welsh, I’m surprised he wasn’t selected for Wales C.
  16. For a so called derby game I thought the first 20 minutes were quite tame, Chesterfield just let us have the ball and when they did get it we didn't want to tackle them! That goal was bad and Whittle was just able to stroll into the box completely unmarked. Then for the equaliser watching in real time I thought it was a nailed on pen. Having seen the replays it's soft, he retracts his leg but his momentum takes him into Ruben. When you dive in the penalty area you're asking for trouble though. We had some nearly moments but the first half was a bit meh... Second half was better the tempo was quicker but weirdly for us I thought we lacked numbers in our attacks sometimes and we took another touch when we could've had a shot. How Woots missed the header I don't know. Should we have got some fresh legs on upfront for the last 15? Nemane and Sam combo, would that have worked? Who knows. Still had a few ffs moments when we dallied on the ball a few times and nearly gave Chesterfield a goal. Asante's miss was almost as bad as Woots, luckily he was not on it for a lot of that game. 7 points from 9, I'll take that, so called big games out the way (until the play-offs at least) can we finish the season unbeaten now though
  17. Chesterfield have injuries and Kellerman is suspended for them so not a bad time to play them. I think we'll stick with the 3-5-2, it's working at the moment, so same team that won against Boreham wood for me. Hopefully Lacey is okay and D-KE deserves to play LWB but I can see him coming off after about 60 mins, cos I'm almost certain he'll be on yellow and last warning by then! Really tough on Sam though (and Roberts if he's fit again). But a 3-5-2 just doesn't play to their strengths. And I even think Nemane's been very unfortunate to not get more game time, I like him. I'm never confident when it comes to predicting a win, but given the recent results and introduction of Arter I am a lot more more hopeful!
  18. With Brindley being out for around 6 weeks we've bought in some defensive cover and it's a familiar face in Sam Graham, but I do wonder if he was second choice According to reports we’ve been unsuccessful in our attempts to sign Geraldo Bajrami from Kidderminster, a young centre back and former Birmingham City U23 captain who's played international football for Albania's U21s.
  19. So today was NL Transfer Deadline Day, you can no longer sign anyone (well get them registered) until the summer... I can’t believe Sky Sports haven’t been all over this and gone OTT like they do with the Prem. Anyway… Stockport have loaned in Courtney Duffus, he’s scored goals at this level before. Not bad when you think they’ve already got Paddy Madden, Scott Quigley & Alex Reid! And added a midfielder Andy Cannon from Hull City. He got a move from L1 Portsmouth into the Championship last summer! Wrexham have added former Forest Keeper Lee Camp, their first keeper is currently injured. Southend have loaned in Kenny Clarke from Dagenham and Weymouth have loaned in Ben Greenwood a young defender from Bournemouth.
  20. We've got some players back for this game! Some still ill but from the video Notts released of training O'Brien, Sam and Brinds all back so no emergency CB role for Wootton now! I couldn't see Lacey in the vid so I'd guess it'll be Rawlo and Brinds in at CB. Got to get Sam back in too so that for me means going 4-2-3-1. And do you just chuck Arter Straight in too? Not played for ages and only had a few training sessions... I want to see what he can do! We need to get something out this game, Dagenham back in a good spell but they are even more inconsistent than us! It won't be easy but a win would be massive.
  21. If I were him I'd have definitely been claiming to be one of the really ill players; "My head was spinning and I could see two goals!" Score at Dagenham and it'll all be forgotten
  22. Hopefully he can get his mojo back, if he can he should be absolutely quality in this league and a box-box midfielder who can put his foot in will really help us. He’ll give the players a boost too, especially as we’ve got a young squad. They will have seen him play on the TV in the Prem and now they get to play with him. Is this a little glimmer of hope for our season?
  23. Mitchell and Jaros will miss the Boreham Wood and Chesterfield games to play for their respective countries. Also Jim O’Brien messaged and rightly so called out some so called fans that used the news to have a dig at these players. Commenting like that right under the post just isn’t on. Brindley and Cal have been called up for the England C team with Woots and Palmer on standby too. They play Wales C on Wed 30th March, no idea if they’ll miss any games but that’s in between the Chesterfield and Southend game… We are struggling with illness and injuries at the moment, great news for the players but it's not come at an ideal time for us!
  24. A bizarre one then, it leaves me with more questions than answers. Could we have actually postponed that game? I don’t think you can do it for Covid now... But if 50% of that matchday squad were ill, then why even bother playing them. We were never going to get anything from the game if we had players trying to play when they were clearly in no physical condition to do so. And then does that mean we had fit players on the bench? Lacey and Rawlo were highlighted as particularly struggling. I’d have played only non-ill players and just taken the hit. Just explain to us that you can't postpone the game but some players were just too ill. If that meant Woots and Chicks as a center back pairing and Doyle and D-KE as the CM pairing, so be it. Chances are the result would’ve been the same anyway. Also sadly for what is our season defining month, it’s not going well. I still think we have a good chance of finishing in the play-offs we’ve got an easy run in (on paper) but I just think if we have to play a team in the play-offs away from home (very likely), right now I just can’t see us progressing.
  25. Top spot is a big ask, just feels like we've been eight for an eternity now, luckily our game in hand is against Dover... Yeah, I hate this whole thing with referees that once they’ve sent someone off they all of sudden become very lenient with that team. The one thing you could’ve guaranteed if one of those penalty shouts had been at our end Halifax would’ve got one. I’d like to know the stats regarding us (or just the teams in the NL) and red cards, is it really a big advantage anymore? We usually do okay whenever we go down to 10! I remember the first game against Halifax in this league, Doyle got sent off but we scored and got a 1-0 win. Last night Solihull went down to 10 and they won. Woking also went down to 10, they went 1-0 down but got a goal back and drew...

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