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  1. I'm not allowed to drive anymore, some bl**dy surgeon stole a piece of my brain one night when I was asleep, and thinking I wouldn't notice, filled up the space with a chunk of epilepsy. The last car I owned was an ' 87 toyota p'up, loved it, you couldn'tt kill the motor, even with a full bed, I managed to get 110 mph out of it one time coming home from Flagstaff.
  2. Not sure if it's true or not, someone told me he did it 'cos he can't sing
  3. I missed all of his tenure, I was living in a far off, foreign, fajita eating, almost football free land. Where the only football I could get was Mexican league stuff.
  4. I'm with you Joe, my beloved team's shirt sponsored by a singer whom I've got a lot of time for, that's a no brainer. Our kid's getting himself a sponsor free shirt. Our taste in music does differ somewhat.
  5. Next time I'm down the lane, (before the first home game) I'm gonna get me a shirt with the Jake Bugg logo on it. Jake's a damn good singer, and hopefully Notts will be a damn good team this season.
  6. I must be a bit depressed cos I'm listening to the clash, the cure, and the smiths. On a lighter note, summer is threatening so I've been listening to Leon Redbone.
  7. I'm with Virgin, and guess what?, they're threatening to put the price up again. If they do decide to put up the price before my current agreement runs out then they can fornicate off. If I cancel my deal with Virgin I'll look for another supplier but I wont break my neck searching, and it wont break my heart if my search is unsuccessful.
  8. I lived in Scottsdale for about a year. I got the impression that Scottsdale was to Phoenix just like West Bridgford is to Nottingham, full of rich buggers. A lot of talented artists live and work in Tucson, then sell their artwork in Scottsdale. Has your winter rain started yet? It's the right month innit. I gotta go dude I'm getting kinda homesick writing this. One last thing, how do you spot an Arizonan in California? They're the ones sitting on Venice beach in August shivering with cold.
  9. Thanx to that bugger Cameron's bloody bedroom tax I got banished to a bungalow in the backend of the bowels of bleedin Basford
  10. Guess where I used to live? It is said by many locals that the only people who like Tucson were not born there. I get homesick for Tucson sometimes cos it's in the middle of a desert, 300 days of sunshine a year.
  11. Hi I thought you was happy living in Scottsdale, you know the desert and all that. I lived in Arizona once and wouldn't swap it for any other American state. Betcha you don't like wintertime up in Kansas.
  12. I gotta fess up, 9 times outta 10 I just lurk around not saying much if anything. I also rarely, if ever remember to check out the blog section. I guess I'm tryin' to say I'd check it out more if it didn't change.
  13. I've never bet against Notts, I aint ever bet with Notts either. Maybe one day I'll place a bet with Notts I don't know or really care, I'll never bet against Notts. One very important thing tho' in my mind if anyone does place a bet against Notts it in my opinion does not make make them any less of a supporter full stop. Just as important I've never booed Notts off the field after a bad performance and God knows I've seen a few. If after a poor game you want to boo Notts off the pitch don't expect any grief off me.
  14. I've been a huge, loyal Redskins fan for around 30 years. I'm also a big,big fan of the peanuts cartoon strip by the late Charles Schultz. When channel 4 first started showing American football the Redskins had a wide receiver called Charlie Brown, my heart was taken. When the Cardinals first came to town they called themselves the Phoenix Cardinals, much to the disgust of the rest of the state of Arizona. Eventually they changed the name to Arizona Cardinals, but by then the damage was done. I, like the majority of Tucson residents to this day remain indifferent to the charms of the Cardinals.

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