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  1. before you ask... I have resigned as a moderator for pride of nottingham.

    1. Chris


      I still don't remotely understand this, yet as a request - I have to honour what you asked. I just wished I could comprehend your decision to resign.

    2. Northants Pie

      Northants Pie

      personal reasons or something happened on here?

    3. liampie


      i dont think you should have posted this, it should be private between you and the reason behind it.

      its pretty sad to see you step down tho.

  2. Indeed.... but, business will almost always do this.... cash flow reasons... The only way to protect yourself is to do it yourself... if the individual doesnt.. then they should take a certain amount of responsibility.
  3. Not just MP... take responsibility for your own finances, when a policy or subscription ends... cancel the instruction with your bank. If not... when you moan, do it while looking in the mirror... the individual is just as culpable as the company concerned.
  4. well done lads... and Magpie64 is getting the beers in
  5. Can I have an ounce of whatever @Dripsey3 has been on? I suspect we are going to have a repeat performance.
  6. Nope never... ha ha ha... but then again hissy... look closer to home also
  7. They did get promoted
  8. Then hopefully he wins! You best ask George!
  9. You can organise... you cannot give ability.. It is organisation that is lacking.
  10. Nope... POKING FUN is what I am doing... I want him to win!
  11. Yes please... then we can look forward to a few decades of peace n quiet
  12. All women shortlisting... The Rooney rule equivalent... you shouldnt need to exclude men... if the woman is good enough she will prevail... Equality means equal on both sides... there is such a thing as discrimination against men! Doesnt seem fair to exclude men from this process does it...
  13. And for the record! I care very much about abuse suffered by females, no matter which society they are in! The situation in India is one for India and the international community to get sorted, and quickly the whole thing is abhorrent.
  14. Labour... the party of women's rights... The right to walk 5 paces behind.... The right to specialise in housework and childcare... The right to "special" transport arrangements... The right to do as instructed by their husbands Why don't they go the whole hog and remove the woman's right to vote, and also the woman's right to speak for herself... Back to the days when they were known as W/O (wife of) .... not even a proper person in their own right... Yay... Vote Labour!!!!
  15. @hissingdwarf some of us know how to treat ladies properly lol.... not stick them in separate carriages, buses, will we get back to the days of women only allowed in lounges.... not permitted at the bar.... Vote Jezza for full on Victoriana
  16. I cannot find myself agreeing with being ill-equipped for the league! We were certainly well beaten in the end, but and it is a big BUT... had it been us that went 2-1 up, the score line could well have been even more one sided the other way round... we only concede the last two as a consequence of pushing for an equaliser. I would much rather us continue to try to get something out of a game, and lose an extra goal in the process.... Defensively we need organising, but that definitely doesn't equate to being ill-equipped. The personnel are there. Humiliated is also a strong word! It wasn't a 4-1 game...
  17. The referee gave a FK against Amevor for shirt pulling in the opponents box, just a shame he didn't give anything against Shaun Beeley all game... Apologies to Mr Beeley for my mistaken Identity... the culprit was in fact Adam Dugdale.
  18. If you don't concede you cant lose... and worryingly at the moment... Only Carlisle have shipped more goals than us ....12 We are joint second with Newport and Dog and Duck ...10 Get the defence sorted, and we will start to climb! There are worse sides in the league, but current stats show not many worse defensive units
  19. see more thoughts/comments on the match thread ... I have paid for our holiday in January, and printed off the documentation... yay.... Fuerteventura here we come.... Today we have an Art exhibition which I will be going round, who knows may find something nice for Mrs PTID...
  20. more thoughts: On a different day, we could have been out of site by half time. The defending needs sorting out, it is unbelievable how vulnerable we are, and there isn't one leader there... they all seem to be telling each other what to do, and end up with none of them doing anything... Most guilty of this.. Sprockel, Hollis and Amevor... I haven't included Audel, IMO he had a good game. I think we paid the price for the suspensions, and with our record this will haunt us even more as the season progresses... in particular today Amevor and McLeod both needless, one for a silly petulant trip, the other for back-chatting and giving the referee grief... Campbell's yellow was very harsh IMO albeit with 3/4 of the pitch between us... How on earth the referee didn't convert the systematic manhandling of Stead into a spot kick is baffling, every time the ball was played up to him, he had the defenders arm around the neck shoulder and across his chest... A very frustrating day, although it wasn't a display to warrant the boos, "what a load of rubbish" "not fit to wear the shirt" ... They tried, for me the defensive frailties can and should be put down to organisation, familiarity and langua ge.... this is a coaching problem, not just a playing problem. The backroom need to sort that out, once done, we look pretty close to having a blooming good side
  21. potentially good, if they use the time to coach and organize the back line, there need to be some recriminations after yesterday, and the longer we have to iron those out the better, Mansfield in the tin pot trophy will give us another lesson IMO
  22. The lads "dominos" has just arrived so will leave them to it
  23. Just speaking to Mike Edwards.. They are frustrated.. the score doesnt tell the story... Chances created... on another day notts might have been out of site by half time.

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