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  1. Just thought you should all know that we have released the following kids, Max Culverwell, Tyreece Kennedy-Williams, Owen Betts, Coden Duncan & Oscar Ramirez. Expect to see Max Culverwell at another league club very soon.
  2. Do you take the same drugs as clifton? Obviously our defenders should be keeping a top 6 championship clubs multi million pound strike force out the game as if we were playing Long Eaton United.
  3. You obviously know more than Mark Crossley then
  4. Being in the positions to take / miss them is just as important as setting them up
  5. The point of my question is your remark previously : A better keeper would have reacted better to all three goals, the thirds his fault because it was almost straight at him : By your own screenshots the Cambridge player is no more than three yards away, go and practice that in your own garden and see how many times you save it, or even go and watch thousands of games and tell me how may times any keeper saves them. As for the second goal where do you want / expect his positioning to be? As for the first goal he was caught in no mans land, day dreaming, his fault 100%. As for how he should have reacted better, you're having a giraffe mate
  6. Without trying to sound funny, have you ever played the game?
  7. A manager, don't have the time for all this nonsense nowadays, if someone has done wrong they need to be told, not congratulated on making a positive mess
  8. Fairly big but not even fairly good though. Glad for Ricardo that he has got a decent win but Feyenoord are a shadow of their former selves right now
  9. It's hosted by thay annoying little ferret Colin Murray and as per its a complete waste of time, could only bare watching that bellend for two minutes before I switched off last week and I certainly won't be watching it again
  10. Not me mate I was on way back from Netherlands holiday
  11. Sheffield Wednesday 2 v 2 Hull City Stoke City 1 v 1 Brentford Bradford City 1 v 2 Barnsley Luton Town 1 v 1 Sunderland Joker Forest Green Rovers 0 v 1 Oldham Athletic Lincoln City 2 v 1 Swindon Town
  12. None, happy with the squad as it is
  13. That was his staple look when faced with the players in front of him
  14. That my dear friends is Gary Liddle
  15. Best thing to do for your first game is 1, go by the official coach & 2, most importantly choose an away game where they will be no trouble at all. That way you can see for yourself the change in atmosphere. Cambridge away would be a good one to start with.
  16. No not interested, watched the Women's World Cup Hockey final instead.
  17. What I don't get is why people expected us to just turn up and hammer teams? We have mainly new players in all of the attacking positions which will take time to understand each other, ffs just chill and enjoy the ride ahead.
  18. Never mind particular words, why is the use of manners an old fashioned idea? Especially off of older people who should be setting an example?
  19. They have a known issue for android devices and their customer service is the worst I have ever known, due to how the wankers have treated me i will never be subscribing to this even though it is a good idea for the long haul away games.
  20. We will be some team in 7/8 games time, we were a little disjointed at times, we are still obviously tired from pre-season. There were mistakes from every department but the odd times we put some play together we made a very good team look ordinary. By point of reference they would have beaten us this time last season without a doubt, we matched them up physically which was good given the size of their team, Ross had a 5 minute spell where he was less than convincing but it was probably more nerves tbh, much like Enzio & Nathan Thomas. All in all a good game to watch and like I said before the season started, they will be in the top three no doubt. And as for the referee, absolute w4nk but thne what else have we come to expect.
  21. Its always going to be difficult playing kids when you've gone out and spent so much pre-season, they are different ethos' so to speak. As for which ones will make it, well I've been banging on about Remaye Campbell for a long time, he is the pick of the bunch by a long way for me, the others that should make it this season are Max Culverwell, Alex Howes and Dongda He. I think we should loan out all of them on immediate recall to conference teams so that they could hopefully get valuable experience.

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