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  1. We are ALIVE!!! and that for me is everything, one step at a time folk's, one step at a time.
  2. I think a change of name for the OP would not go amiss, how about DanishSausage
  3. Now we have signed Doyle hopefully we won't see that waster Vaughan in a Notts shirt again, praise the lord.
  4. Well it gave me a chance to catch up on some semi pro football, so me and my partner went to see Basford United v Stalybridge at Mill Lane, and what a good game it was with United winning 5 - 2 (att 415), did you know former Notts player Greg Tempest plays for them.
  5. Some great call outs guys, but for me it has to be the return of Rob Milsom, just look at the influence he has had on Elliott Hewitt's game.
  6. No not excited, i think the key words here are "moving in the right direction"
  7. Think Kewell's had his work cut out sorting the midfield out which Nolan left him, and he's done a fine job bringing Milsom back and putting some bite back there. Now for me i would put an arm round Nathan Thomas's shoulder and ask him to do a job for us at CM while Milsom serves his ban, you would hope KH would try to sort this out in the training sessions?
  8. I did say in July that the balance of Nolan's team was not right. Look just stop and think who was in the team last year, Shola Ameobi 6 foot 3, Ryan Yates 6 foot 3, both those player plus Jon Stead 6 foot 3 would go and help in the back 4 at corners and set pieces. Then what does Nolan do in the summer let Michael O'Connor 6 foot, Rob Milsom and Liam Noble go, then replace them with 1 midget Vaughan, for the life of me what was KN thinking, it just makes me mad. But thank god we look like we are coming out of it at last, and have you noticed the upturn since Mr Vaughan as not played?
  9. Well we must start by dropping one of the big weaknesses in the team Vaughan, then play Milsom and Hewitt in front of the defence, plus Stead must be on if only for corners and set pieces, this is surely a minimum we must do while we wait for some big freebies to come in and save us, imo By the way i did say back in July that we was a powder puff team, Nolan lost 4 of our midfield battlers and replaced them with a midget.
  10. Why don't he just put the club up for sale then? job done.
  11. I am not a big fan of interviews, like @upthepies said he talked the talk now let's see him walk the walk.
  12. Don't think he suffers fools gladly, can remember the rant he did last season against the Crawley players early in the season.
  13. Not too old as central defenders go, just depends on whether he's looked after himself, hopefully get a look at him at Grimsby tomorrow.
  14. It could be worse they could play chopin's funeral march

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