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  1. Official Statement Inevitable really. The more goals we conceded today the more likely it was going to be soon. I tried to give him a chance after he first joined, but the results speak for themselves
  2. It's certainly not the kind of appointment to fill me with joy to drive the 50 miles each way to watch a home game. We'll have to see, as even proven managers can sometimes not "gel" with a new club, so there is no guaranteed winning formula (otherwise everyone would do the same thing, and not everyone can get promoted).
  3. I hope he is back, certainly one of the stand out players for us this season! He is also valued highly in the mobile version of Football Manager that I got last night
  4. I play 5-a-side regularly, so to me it's just an investment in one of my hobbies, and I can proudly display my Notts shirts in all their glory! While I agree they are expensive, and change every year, that's just the nature of football now. Wages have ballooned and the club needs to try and fund this expenditure somehow.
  5. The minimum specs are very low, as per the link http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri?itemId=12361 As a reference point, the graphics card listed as the minimum requirement was released in 2003 (technology and graphics cards move very quickly) Any laptop should run the game, and I believe the bit that would slow down on a slower laptop would be the calculation of the other results/fixtures.
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/app/221380/
  7. If you do get it, add me on Origin. My username is "C0bby" (that is with the numerical zero rather than an "O")
  8. Do you want the honest answer or the least offensive answer :lol: :angel:
  9. At least the culture hasn't started using my favorite brand, Fred Perry! While it has had a number of sub-cultures over the years, I'd rather Hooliganism is kept well away from it .
  10. To be honest, I didn't play the Demo on PC as I had the demo on consoles. All I can say is it feels like the console version, but smoother (as I have a decent PC) but with more connection issues (I've had 5-6 disconnects when I was winning that were not my fault that have counted as losses for me :hmm: ). It's worth a shout though as you can buy it for around £25 online if you know where to look.
  11. I have it on PS4 and PC, but I'm waiting for it to be free on EA access next year, as I don't want to have to buy it 3 times!
  12. I was under the impression it's what the lads in the "firms" use to differentiate themselves from the main set of supporters. There was a documentary on the BBC recently which was interesting.
  13. When you think about it, we do have a strong link with a lot of sports that other cities don't have. It's good that this has been recognised!
  14. The police in Australia have been reporting that some strange events have been happening, but their hoverboard squad are on the case: http://mypolice.qld.gov.au/mountisa/2015/10/21/traffic-crash-mount-isa-cbd/
  15. It's not great for if I go out for lunch while at work or breakfast on the way in to work. It's not like my usual shop where I'm taking the car so can just stick some in the boot of my car. Then again, I guess it is only 5p, and if it makes me think twice then why not. I didn't realise we had someone else from the West Midlands. What area do you live in? I'm pretty much Birmingham city centre.
  16. You can on the PS4 this year! I agree with Notts26 though, PES is better in terms of game play, but FIFA has more bells and whistles, which means I'll probably end up playing both of them a fair bit.
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/34380186 Even happier now?!?
  18. Ohhh, so you were the Yorkshire guy that was sitting next to me and talking to me throughout the whole game. Makes sense now :lol: :lol:
  19. Prior to the League Two fixture between Notts County and York City and Meadow Lane, Pride of Nottingham members Cobby and Notts Joe did their usual thing of speaking to fans and getting their thoughts on how the game would pan out. What would the score be? How would Alan Sheehan perform? Can Meadow Lane become a fortress? These and many more questions were put to our faithful fans. Over to you folks [sharedmedia=videos:videos:57]
  20. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/sepp-blatter/11891462/Sepp-Blatter-under-criminal-investigation-at-Fifa-live.html Is it Christmas come early?
  21. What questions would you like to be asked in tomorrow's Meet the Fans? Let me know, and we can see if we can get them in the video for you
  22. I guess I have 5 hours or so on Xbox One of the EA Access trial left then :lol: Usually around March-April, they release it free on EA Access, rather than just the trial
  23. I'll have to wait till FIFA 16 comes out on EA Access then next year to play you :lol:
  24. Anyone getting this or PES 2016 on. PS4?

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