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  1. Unfortunately true... A good point. When you look at the stuff stacked against us last night...their first home game (which makes last weekends point a poor one!) with fans in, TV cameras, hollywood owners in attendance for first time, bucket loads of cash thrown at players and lots of them on display... Mistakes will happen, just depends on the threat from it. Eg. JoB was a bit messy last night and gave a few silly passes away and occasionally put us in danger. Slocombe on the other hand, he should be better than the two mistakes in two games which have led to goals. If it had been a young up and coming player, then fair nuff. He is supposed to be the mainstay keeper. And as mentioned above, no commanding of his area unfortunately.
  2. Slocombe 3. Poor. Unfortunately we won’t get rid, but so far, a serious liability. DKE. 6 Do wish he’d learn to stop the cross better. Stands off too much. Taylor. 6.5 Good work rate and grew into the game. Brindley. 7 Solid Rawlinson. 7.5 You can see how he prefers the aerial bombardment stuff. Much more his cup of tea. Cameron. 8.5 Night and day performance from Saturday. Class. Ran the defence and helped in the middle as well. Francis. 5.5 Still not convinced. Palmer. 6.5 He seems a better fit for our midfield. JoB. 6.5 A few sloppy mistakes unfortunately, which lowers his score. Can’t fault his enthusiasm and energy though. Mitchell. 7. Looks to have a good first touch on him. Needs to make his decisions quicker though. Got caught pondering a couple of times. Wootten. 8. The goal makes his score. Premiership level header. R and R. Both off the pace and had no impact on the game. Hope they both rest up so they do come back Saturday full of creativity and running. Chicksen. 7.5 His revival still amazes me. Class player.
  3. Well worth the point tonight imo. Resolute defending as a team. Cameron steadied the ship superbly. Massive improvement from Saturday. Hopefully now the Torquay game has gone, he’ll produce like he did tonight. Plus the insightful running into the middle helped beef up in the centre of the park…which is the weakest point I think. Francis isn’t convincing me so far, but prepared to give the benefit of the doubt. R and R had no impact at all. Hope they rest up and are rearing to go by Saturday. Chicksen came in and did well. Again. Great header by Woots. That goal was Premiership worthy. He’ll be attracting attention sooner rather than later. Slocombe. Poor again. I said pre season he was a weak link and the mistakes so far reinforces the point. We won’t change the keeper, but I do hope he settles and becomes a bit more dominant in his box. And as a parting thought…ban towels on the touch line. So much time wasted (which I know probably worked in our favour in the end!) and it’s not a good look waiting for him to grab his towel every throw in. We dealt well with the long throw ins, but I suspect other teams may give goals away because of it. It’s a weapon so I suspect that was the reason he was signed for them!
  4. Spot on imo. I’d also give JoB a 7 for injecting much needed enthusiasm. Didn’t do much else, but did seem to ‘captain’ the team when he came on. Namene also 6.5. Needs match fitness, but will be a massive asset going forwards. Obviously has pace, needs to get game time now.
  5. Not the best tbh. First half we were dire. No pace, no intent etc…almost like watching an Ardley side again. The two subs at half time helped. Both bought energy to the team, which was badly needed. Thought the defence were rubbish. Rawlinson still looking shaky and Cameron not much better today. Sloppy passing… And their goal. Oh dear. Shouldn’t bounce/head over a centre half like that and Slocombe out of position. Not the same team that won convincingly last week. Hope the rocket that IB gave them works in time for Wrexham. The one good thing for me…IB sees it like a fan does. Ardley used to stand there. IB is waving his hands at poor passes, shouting in frustration with the lack of tempo. His intentions are clear. Attack. We’ll be ok with him in charge.
  6. Ally McCoist is probably one of the best ‘colour’ commentators out there imo. Such passion, matched with experience and insight. I’d disagree regards his work in the Euros. Really enjoyed the Scotland games, primarily down to Ally.
  7. Barnsley v Birmingham City 0-1 Fulham v Stoke City 1-1 Charlton Athletic v Crewe Alexandra 1-0 Oxford United v Lincoln City 0-2 Joker Barrow v Bristol Rovers 1-1 Hartlepool United v Carlisle United 1-2 Boreham Wood v Aldershot 0-0 Dagenham & Redbridge v Bromley 1-1
  8. I think the next two games will be a better barometer for the first part of the season. Both Torquay and Wrexham will be looking up rather than middle men. If we can overcome them or even two attacking draws, we’ll be on the way.
  9. A great way to lay down a marker for the season. Not every match can be 5-0, but it’s definitely going to be an interesting season. The end result of promotion relies on the fitness of Rubes and Cal imo. Keep them on the field for the whole season and my pre season prediction of automatic will come to fruition. Even better when Mansfailed and Florest are struggling when we’re on the up.
  10. I see this close season as testament as to what could happen. First real radar close season IMO. Brexit stunting the pool so to speak, but as a club, the structures and framework in the background are now all in place. Hopefully the players can make good on all the resources the club has at its disposal. I see us as a long term bigger project. Not rose tinted glasses etc…just believe that the stepping stones put in place now will enable us long term to move through the leagues as soon as we get out of this one! I’d say Championship level as well tbf. Regards ticket prices, season ticket prices and stadium capacity… These are shrewd owners with faith in Turner as CEO. I’m sure every option has been discussed and I think we trust in their decision. Notts have always suffered in the shadow of Florest community wise. As a teacher from the Meadows, it was sickening to see the 7 year olds being given free Florest shirts each year. Notts FITC does great work, but really should be in-house now imo. Education is the starting point. Get a setup where schools are bussed into the Lane for days out. Get classrooms setup and full time staff to run an educational program. (And yes I’ve voiced this before to Ray Trew, who agreed in principle, but wasn’t prepared to put money into it) get coaches in to all schools in Nottinghamshire regularly. So regularly, they’re seen as first choice above Florest. Communities normally follow where the children are welcomed. Start there and whole swathes of communities will follow.
  11. Coventry City v Reading 2-1 Stoke City v Nottingham Florist 2-0 Joker Fleetwood Town v Cheltenham Town 1-1 Shrewsbury Town v Plymouth Argyle 0-1 Hartlepool United v Walsall 1-0 Scunthorpe United v Sutton United 1-1 Halifax Town v Maidenhead United 2-0 King's Lynn v Southend United 0-3
  12. Millwall v Fulham 1-1 Peterborough United v Cardiff City 0-0 AFC Wimbledon v Gillingham 2-1 Oxford United v Crewe Alexandra 1-2 Wigan Athletic v Wycombe Wanderers 2-0 Bristol Rovers v Oldham Athletic 0-0 Port Vale v Carlisle United 0-1 Walsall v Scunthorpe United 1-0 joker
  13. Barnsley v Coventry City 1-1 Hull City v QPR 3-1 Lincoln City v Fleetwood Town 2-0 Morecambe v Shrewsbury Town 1-1 Sheffield Wednesday v Doncaster Rovers 2-2 Bradford City v Oldham Athletic 1-0 Mansfield Town v Newport County 2-1 Joker Rochdale v Scunthorpe United 1-0
  14. Might want to revise my 1st place prediction due to Chesterfield signing Tshimanga tonight. Massive signing for them.

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