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  1. I think most can see Booty was skilled, but a serious injury worry going forwards. With cash tight, a player with “no end in sight for his back injury” you can understand why they’ve released him. Maybe he gets himself sorted six months down the line then comes on trial? Either way, understandable decision. Crawford. A better approach this year, but let’s not forget the past few years of obvious lack of application, open accusations of laziness and not training at acceptable level, been referred to as the quietest of all the players. Maybe Ardley thinks we need a hard trainer with a gob, that does have creative talent. Unlike Doyle, who obviously trains superbly, is vocal, but is on his way out.
  2. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news...d-list-040820/ Really surprised that Crawford has been released. Last season, I would have understood it. He came on so much as a player this season though. Rose released so no surprise to me there. Hope Doyle and JoB are there as experienced heads occasionally when needed (more so Doyle tbf.)
  3. I don’t think we need to meltdown. Losing is always difficult, even more so at Wembley after this season, but strangely, I’m upset, but ok with it. I suppose not being there today makes it even more surreal. I do think fresh blood and younger blood is now needed though. As you said above, Crawford in the middle with a workhorse maybe? Turner was all over the place, but we have Rawlinson. I’m not a fan of Brindley and today did nothing to help that opinion.. I think Doyle and Rose as a pairing are finished now. I expect Wes Thomas to be done too. but... I see all of that as an opportunity for us to build securely. The lads have done superbly and credit goes to the owners and Ardley for throwing a squad together as short notice this time last year. Now we need to implement more of the sensible plans such as the Cal Roberts signing etc...Ardley knows what he’s doing and I’ve got faith in him bringing us back stronger.
  4. You mean the one still in the garage unused? lol. tbf though, I've had an ear infection for nearly two weeks so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Plus it only covers the bike if we win!
  5. Received a reminder of this, this morning. Had totally forgotten about it to be fair and, for a millisecond, considered cashing in now, but no. Hope springs eternal.
  6. It’s a really weird one for me. I’ve been lucky enough to attend all the Wembley games before and loved the build up as well as the day itself. This time seems a little downbeat? As Chris said above, I was quite nervous going into the Barnet game and it was always there approaching on the calendar. The final is just sort of upon us imo. Hope we play to the best of our ability and get out of the blocks quickly. Vital to have a go at them and let them know we mean business. Difficult team selection though. Most would have Enzio any day of the week at a Wembley game, but after last week and JoBs performance? Tough call for Neil. Hopefully writing this will get me more excited about it. Such a shame that the first trip to Wembley for donkeys years has been snatched away from all the younger supporters, but the situation is as it is. Football is just a game. Covid-19 is a life changer for some families.
  7. Real shame they didn't do a third season. With Rodwell as Chief Exec and Branston as head of recruitment, would have been a barrel of laughs! lol
  8. Slocombe 7.5 Can’t ask anymore than a great save and a clean sheet Brindley 7 I’m not his biggest fan, but he came out of the game fine today Lacey 7.5 Still one of Ardley’s best signings. Get him signed up for next year! Turner 7. Nice to see Turner back and understand (and expected) change, but harsh on Rawlinson. Bagan 8. Close to MoM for me. Played superbly. Kept the left locked down and looked good going forwards. Roberts 8.5 MoM. Great skill and trickery. Need to keep hold of him! Brought the spark when needed. Rose 6.5 still a weak link. Too many wayward passes or tackles. Doyle 7 Did his job. Kept the shape, spread the ball nicely. O'Brien 8 Excellent from JoB. Surprised me how well he played on the left. Wootton - 7 Tried his best. Just not his game. Dennis 7.5 Always running. Never stops trying and instinctively knows how to position in the box. Enzio 6.5 Good decision to leave him out. May well get more of a run in better conditions at Wembley. Thomas 6.5 Not enough time to rate any more than average to be fair to him. Ardley. 8.5 Superb tactics. The players looked fit, well drilled and kept their shape superbly throughout. Knows his players and seems to genuinely enjoy being here.
  9. I wish mate. Unfortunately not. I’ve loved foxes for many a year. This beauty is a melanistic Fox. Ridiculously rare now days. Hardly ever seen. A lucky photographer got a few shots of one. Beautiful. lovely eyes. Not an issue mate. Just made sense to tie up all my online names into one wrapped up package. Easier that way! http://www.successlifelounge.com/mozilla-firefox-found-photographer-captures-pics-of-a-majestic-cross-fox-that-is-partly-orange-partly-black/
  10. Well, Hissing Dwarf has been well and truly retired! Long live the Feral Fox!. Hissing D had been around a long time, but I was ready for a change! And when I saw this beauty, I knew he was fit to be my new avatar!
  11. My thoughts on Saturday. I think it will be an edgy first half. We're either always at it for the first 45 or not. Not many in betweens. I can't see the lineup changing much from the last few games tbh. Obviously fitness is the issue and only the coaching staff know who is ready for the game and who isn't. It would be a great shame to change the back pairing, as Chris says, but it's the most likeliest of changes. Get Dennis up front and crack on lads. COYP!
  12. Head, nail, hit. it is incredibly selfish. The scenes on Saturday make a total mockery of all the weeks we’ve spent in isolation. Totally inept handling of the whole thing. Then to turn in the news to hear Johnson blaming care homes for not following the rules and it’s their fault for all the deaths. Disgusting.
  13. The whole thing has been a farce from beginning to end!
  14. I wouldn’t expect too many off that list to leave tbh. I suppose it depends on which league we finish on. To be fair to the players on the list, to judge them on the next two games would be harsh, win or lose. It’s got to be quite surreal for them stopping for so long then coming back for two vital games. Full backs might need looking at and the centre of midfield possibly.

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