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  1. Racist comment and no room for it in modern society, never mind football. Admittedly not as bad as what I was expecting before the details were released, but doesn’t take away from the throwaway racism in the comment.
  2. Excellent win and hopefully some of the fans will now give IB the chance he deserves. Also glad his first comments were one of annoyance even though we won 4-1. That intensity is what we need. This season May still go wrong, but it bodes well that, when given enough time to coach the players, IB has stepped up to the plate and the players have responded in kind. So good to see Ruben, Chicksen, Miller etc…doing so well. Just goes to show it was never about recruitment and all about player management and belief. So glad to see the back of Ardley and looking forward to next season wh
  3. What an absolute dismal, disgusting performance. Looked as though none of them cared. If anyone on the player ratings gives above a 0, then you need to have a word because that probably sits as one of the worst I’ve seen for many a year. Roll on the end of the season so we can clear out most of these players and start again. Feels distinctly like the relegation season for me. No one caring and the quick 10 minutes of occasional forward play at the end is supposed to pacify the fans. Notts really ought to be refunding the streaming money to fans after today.
  4. Social media is pretty horrific when it comes to Notts. It brings together all the idiots who can’t even manage to have a conversation on a message board forum like MAD, which in itself, isn’t the nicest of places! Not sure why people need to make such outrageous comments as what they do on the Notts social media pages. Beyond belief sometimes. Do we suffer from daft fans? Probably no more than other clubs, but fb and Twitter make it even easier for them to express (and I use the word sparingly) opinions. IB has worked out what we can only assume Ardley was beginning to c
  5. Pretty much this. I’d probably drop Griffiths to a 5 over the match. Higher in the first half and lower in the second. Don’t believe I’m going to write this..,when is Doyle fit again? Really impressed with Chicksen and hope he keeps it up. If he does, then I’d be looking at him staying next year (and I can’t say that for a lot of the players on the books.) Might be he’s just looking good against the rest, but credit to the guy for grabbing the chance and showing improvement each game imo. The mentality of the players is bang out. IB had us set up perfectly today imo. Star
  6. Superb result today and really enjoyed watching it. Thought first half we were careless and not penetrating enough. Came out to win second half and win it we did. Excellent substitutions by IB. Ones that Ardley wouldn’t have made imo and good to see them get a run at the game rather than waiting until last ten minutes. Focus is the biggest thing going forwards. We seem to have broken the confidence thing with two wins on the bounce and hopefully this gives IB a starting point now to get the players to buy into what he wants. Impressed overall and really think IB will be an
  7. It’s become pretty obvious Ardley signed loanees just for the fun of it. Ini sent back. Good decision. Richardson (think that was his name?) sent back good decision. Wolfe back due to injury. Not fit so won’t play. Cancel loan. Good decision. Ellis, Knowles worth pursuing long term imo. I’d send back golden as well. No need for him to be here at all. Griffiths is the new lad. Not seen enough to judge yet.
  8. Unless I’m missing something, not sure who else he can put up front? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Sam in the sense that I feel he is far too inconsistent. Knowles is as well, but he seems more hungry when he’s on and has a natural eye for goal and manages his game better when coming off the wing. I don’t expect Knight is ready for 90 at all yet so it can only be Knowles and Sam...unless he totally screws with the formations and Enzio goes up front?
  9. I won’t repeat what’s been said above. Main thing for today was the determination in the tackle for me. You see the confidence returning as the minutes ticked by. Desperately needed as well. Hope we can back it up with another 3 points on Monday. And only fair to specifically mention Chicksen. Thought he played excellently today. Dealt with nearly everything. Occasionally let a player go past him to cross, but that comes with understanding of the defensive unit playing together.
  10. Effiong going back is poor timing in the sense that KW is now having an enforced rest break. I’d expect Sam and Knowles to lead the line with Knight on as sub. It’s a shame as he came with a credible report and I expected him to add a bit of steel to the front when KW was having an off day. Unfortunately his first (and second) touch let him down regularly when he had game time and being honest, the squad didn’t benefit from him being here so I’d say, send him, Wolfe and the other loanees at RB back to their parent clubs. Save the wages and let IB go for another player if ne
  11. If you're looking for a comparison in International Football with Notts, I'd say Ireland any time of the week. We're (Eire) swapping players and systems, no piercing type play at all and couldn't score in a brothel. In fact, I'd go as far as to suggest Stephen Kenny may well find himself out of a job soon. If it wasn't for Covid etc...he'd probably be gone by now. The realisation from fans is we need a bit of metal and directness, when done well, can compete with other teams. Kenny is trying to impose the 20 passes at the back routine like Ardley did...and it's not working. A
  12. I'll be on the stream as usual. Hoping with Doyles injury, we have a more positive outlook tonight. Might be a blessing in disguise...
  13. Again and again, we lost the game through sloppy passing, lacking concentration and a piss poor midfield. Reeves, Doyle and JoB all together in the midfield again at the end. Not good enough and hope IB has seen enough already to see that trio can’t and won’t work. Thought Reeves was appalling today.
  14. This. Although I’ll happily say my Ardley out was more vocal as in my opinion, and now obviously the owners as well, sort it now rather than wasting time. The elongated season means there will be no rest period between this season and the next so plans for next season, regardless of division, need to be underway now. Total respect for Ardley as a person. (Not so much Abbott as I think he didn’t bring anything apart from Steve Thompson esque jokes to the table.) but for me, we’d hit a brick wall. Neils obviously flat attitude was being passed to the players and the whole square pegs for round h
  15. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in last 24 hours chatting to my mate from Sweden. IB and Mo Ross come with a massive amount of respect over there. The fans there are more ‘sensible’ about understanding the club and its issues as a whole rather than just the results. Ian has overseen some serious success, especially following on from Potter when half the team was sold out from under him to keep them afloat financially. IB earned his stripes out there and they respect that. He also said the public issues the clubs had whilst he was managing were well known and he came out, not just with
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