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  1. hissingdwarf


    We used to have those blue plastic carry boxes to put at the end of the drive, but fortunately they’ve been done away with for a slim wheelie bin. Much easier for all involved.
  2. hissingdwarf

    Change of fortunes = Paul Hart?

    I think it my have done that. I'm sure the other weekend I heard Thommo talking about the fact that Notts have moved to Zonal marking since PH arrived and he has always coached that. Seems he does have an influence...
  3. hissingdwarf


    Yep. Ashfield has had a major push on recycling under the local Labour Ashfield District Council in the past few years. Although slightly unpopular at first, the vast majority now recycle alot more than they used to. We have a smaller general waste bin, two 'green' bins for paper and plastics, a glass blue bin and a garden bin. We have a recycle kitchen bin and the normal one in the kitchen at home and all of us, kids included, sue them both correctly. When you ignore all the rubbish peddled by the opposition around here, recycling has been a great success and now sits near the top of most recycling charts.
  4. hissingdwarf

    Prediction League Round 13

    Gillingham 2 - 0 Southend United Oxford United 2 - 0 Plymouth Argyle Scunthorpe United 3 - 1 Peterborough United Colchester United 1 - 2 Crawley Town Joker Crewe Alexandra 3 - 1 Bury Newport County 2 - 0 Stevenage
  5. hissingdwarf

    Daily thread - Monday 8th October

    You doing some baking today then @Fan of Big Tone? @samwatto2008 definitely hold off until Black Friday. All the shops will reduce prices on most electrical so you will pick up what you want somewhere.
  6. hissingdwarf

    Man of the Match: Macclesfield Town 0-1 Notts County

    Glad to see Enzio getting the credit he deserves. Class player that will save our season imo. Without him...Oh dear...
  7. It was always a confidence thing this season. We were shocking at the start and so was he. Think back to last year (before the moment of madness) he was a solid keeper who played with confidence, which is what he is now doing. By all means HK looked for a different keeper, didn’t get one, so we are where we are. Let’s be greatly he’s come through the rough patch and is still smiling.
  8. hissingdwarf

    Match Discussion: Game 12 - The Silkmen (A)

    Overall, we can’t moan too much. We needed to play ugly and hard to win for a while, so can’t really complain when we do just that. Pleased by Enzio and Stead and Fritz looking solid. It seems, for the moment, we have a good formula. The test, which Nolan failed imo, is the ability to change it up when needed because we don’t want to become reliant on the ugly wins. We want to win convincingly. At the moment HK is playing it safe. Hence the Brisley game. By all accounts he wasted the shirt so will Kate HK think more seriously about how we change it up.
  9. hissingdwarf

    Would you change the defence when everyone is fit.?

    Agree totally. We finally seem tighter and a unit as a back 5 so changing it for the sake of it is daft. No team can avoid injuries etc...but keep it together. Let the rest use games like Tuesdays for a run out and then see.
  10. hissingdwarf

    Rhubarb cider has arrived

    Get a pint of Guinness down you lad!
  11. hissingdwarf

    Goose Fair

    We would have gone this year, but with me and the wife having rough colds this week, that’s a no. We go away to Skegness for the October half term and normally save the money from not going to Goose Fair for the hols and the kids get more for their money at the coast!
  12. hissingdwarf

    Is it time Jose went.?

    Agree fully with the sentiment, especially because he’s an Irishman! But this ones to all clubs, including our own. We can all see there were serious issues going off behind the scenes at Notts for Nolan to be sacked, but he players need to question their effort as well. Regards Man U, still say get rid of him now ASAP and bring Rafa in!
  13. hissingdwarf

    Prediction League Round 12

    Millwall 0-2 Aston Villa Joker Preston North End 2-0 Wigan Athletic Bradford City 1-2 Sunderland Peterborough United 1-3 Barnsley Forest Green Rovers 2-2 Newport County Yeovil Town 1-0 Exeter City
  14. hissingdwarf

    Daily chat thread - Thursday 4th October

    Last two years I've had the jab and last two years I've had dodgy flu straight after. Vowed never again. This current bout is just a bad cold passed onto to me by @Fan of Big Tone over the Internet!
  15. hissingdwarf

    Is it time Jose went.?

    It hasn’t worked and with the squad they’ve assembled there, it’s time to pull the trigger I think. I know ZZ is the name people keep saying. I would say that’s a good choice, but I would also offer another. Get Rafa in from Newcastle. Great manager with class and style. Would love to see him with that squad!

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