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  1. hissingdwarf

    too much pressure on notts to do well?

    It could be this or we could just be missing the basics. Solid CB and an old fashioned ball winner or the middle. we all know Tootle and Jones aren’t the best, but should be ok for this league. The biggest concern is the way the midfield lacks bite and the cbs seem totally lost most games. Loan market needs using pronto and cash spending. I don’t say that lightly but, without the offer of good wages, we’ll miss the boat and the money already spent will be wasted. Pressure on Nolan will mount now I’d expect. If we don’t crack it soon, with all the players in, I’d be expecting a serious issue with manager.
  2. hissingdwarf

    How do you like your steak.?

    It’s got to be rare! Needs to be rare enough it’s ready to get up and walk away thinking it’s still in with a shout of being in a field! Ahree with @Fan of Big Tone though, so many people and places don’t rest the meat enough. I seriously like it rare, but don’t won’t it oozing with blood.
  3. hissingdwarf

    Magic magpie needs some help

    @Magic magpie I’m happy to lend a hand. Business planning and management is what I do now so happy to sit down and go through your costing and predictions and to look at your business plan, taxes etc... give me a shout when I’m back from the Emerald Isle and I’ll see if I can help out at all.
  4. hissingdwarf

    Daily Chat Thread - Friday 17th August

    Raining here in Ireland today so going to have a lazy day. Let’s the kids watch videos and go shopping later on for food etc... wallet is fully prepped for the cost! Now I’ve found the one spot in the house where I can get a signal, I’ll pop on tonight to find out the score. Had a great day yesterday. We did the ring of hook drive. Took in Tintern Abbey and then down to the Hook lighthouse. The oldest, still functioning lighthouse in the World. Fantastic views and a great day!
  5. hissingdwarf

    Prediction League Round 3

    Bristol City 0 - 2 Middlesbrough Leeds United 2 - 1 Rotherham United(Joker) Peterborough United 2 - 1 Luton Town Shrewsbury Town 2 - 2 Blackpool Oldham Athletic 0 - 1 Macclesfield Town  Swindon Town 2 - 2 Tranmere Rovers
  6. hissingdwarf

    Off on my holidays

    It's a four bedroom @Fan of Big Tone it they do like to spread the houses out. Loads of room for us to settle into for a few weeks. Visit to the local beach today!
  7. hissingdwarf

    Off on my holidays

    Well the signal isn’t as bad as expected. It wanders in and out so I can occasionally get online. Ferry trip from Fishguard to Rosslare was fine, if not a little boring! Of course when we arrived it was raining. Don’t think I’ve ever been back to Ireland and on the day I arrive it’s not been raining! We have a lovely property near Ballyhealy near Kilmore Quay, about 20 mins from Wexford, on the southern coast hook. Weather now has improved and sun is shining! Went to Wexford for the day and as usual, was amazed at the high cost of food for shopping for essentials. Thank god for Aldi! Tesco prices were seriously expensive compared to uk. Lovely walk along the Harbour and most of the shops open from 9-9 on a Sunday! Today is chill out and enjoy the garden and then to the beach this afternoon which is walking distance just down the road from us. One thing that always strikes me when I come over. The design of the houses are fantastic. Such lovely architecture, even when you look at modern estates built in the towns. Land is normally around four times as much size wise as it is in England so you get so much more room to play with!
  8. hissingdwarf

    Off on my holidays

    Right boys and girls, I’m currently on the ferry crossing to Ireland so likely wont have a good connection WiFi wise after today so I hope all goes well with Notts and the site and everyone has a good couple of weeks.
  9. hissingdwarf

    What type of T.V do you watch the most?

    For me, mostly streamed. We have sky, b it that is for football and American Football only. I use Netflix and then torrent what I want and then stream across the house using PLEX media server. Never watch UK tv. Mostly American drama, with some international stuff from across the globe thrown in. Recently finished 3% that was good. Just finished El Chapo season 3 as well. I like my drug dealer stories!!!
  10. hissingdwarf

    Ricardo's AS Trencin thump Feyenoord 4-0

    It was all about the league as well. If we had been league one or above in the situation we were in, might have worked. In league two it was great attacking, but we were often out muscled by tactically inferior teams who like hoof ball. Were we harsh at the time? Probably. Would he do well now? Yes. Was his replacement a good move? Christ, Fullerton was the worst move ever and I’ve seen a few silly ones over the years! Jocky Scott and Larry Lloyd anyone!!!
  11. hissingdwarf

    Ricardo's AS Trencin thump Feyenoord 4-0

    We had many a debate on this one at the time! As a manager, he was exciting and played great attacking football. The structure of the club at the time meant it was doomed to failure. If he was appointed under the current regime, would things turn out differently? I’d say yes. A good manager is only as good as the team he is working with. On the field and, in Notts case, off it too.
  12. hissingdwarf

    Prediction League Round 2

    Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 Hull City Stoke City 2-2 Brentford Bradford City 1-2 Barnsley Luton Town 0-1 Sunderland Joker Forest Green Rovers 2-1 Oldham Athletic Lincoln City 3-1 Swindon Town
  13. hissingdwarf

    Do you still wear a watch?

    I wear a watch. Samsung Gear 2 classic. Does all the above @Chris and alot more. Ridiculous price when I bought it on a whim, but wouldn't be without it now. Great for accurately measuring stats, but also for quick communicating eg liking posts etc...all from the watch. Easier than getting the phone out all the time!
  14. hissingdwarf

    Guess the magpie

    Liddle, but @Northants Pie beat me to it!
  15. hissingdwarf

    Home shirts in high demand

    Same here mate. Walked in. Bumped into @Chriswho was sweating buckets, thought do I really want to be that hot for the beginning of the game and walked straight back out! Credit to the staff for working in such horrible conditions. Air Con needed!

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