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  1. I'm not the mans personal secretary! I also (contrary to main stream media) don't think he is the new Messiah. What I do think is, he has totally upended the way the LP works and for me, that can only be a good thing. Mass membership was always the bedrock of the party and it is again now. Thanks to JC!
  2. I would agree totally with the three you’ve said there mate. I’m pretty sure this is the shortlist. Has to be Hurst from those three though for me? Better record, better win ratio by far and, we’ll, just better! Happy enough with Ardley because he has earns his stripes at Wimbledon, but the worrying thing there, is the siege mentality was already inbred to the club. Here our defence parts like the bloody Red Sea for Moses! Heckingbottom...Uninspiring...and generally not enough experience imo. Which probably means of the theee we’ll end up with him!!! Apparently back in the running now according to the rumour mill...
  3. Nothing knee jerk about it. We were a complete shambles. Pub teams play with more commitment than that.
  4. Looks like I’m not the only one to think it was pure rubbish! https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/damning-ratings-show-just-how-2231601
  5. The players didn’t respond from minute one. So disorganised and disinterested. Absolute shambles. Rubbish from first to last minute. I agree with all the booing, and its not often I'll say that. The fans had every right to show this displeasure. And the clapping at times was funny as it was aimed at the Cheltenham players ironically!
  6. It was a very familiar Paul Hart managerial performance. As a technical coach with the younger players, he has a successful track record. When he’s involved in tactics etc...Oh dear. To be fair though, today wasn’t the manager (even though the question needs asking, what the bloody hell have they been doing all week to look so disorganised and either unfit or just lazy?) but the formation didn’t help. Players should shoulder most of the blame there.
  7. Didn’t even know they could do that! I thought it was based on people through the actual gates. Quite frankly though, people should be demanding a refund after that pile of shite!
  8. At this point, after today’s performance...anyone apart from someone such as Martin Allen has got to be a massive risk. We need someone to rip the players apart and rebuild. Christ almighty the rubbish out there today. Motivation needed or what!!!
  9. Just got back from what I would class as the worst performance I’ve seen in many years. Had relegation written all over the team. No one gets any credit from the day. Possibly Turley who at least had the bottle to put a few tackles in, Enzio with his occasional spark and Fitz for doing what he is paid to do. The rest looked like lost little boys. Their number six ran the match. He was into everything and bossed it. Stupid formation which failed miserably and the players really didn’t care. Duffy and Jones with their usual inability to defend was embarrassing. Ashamed to be a Notts fan after that, and I’ve sat through Colin Murphy, Steve Thompson etc... #NoideasNoclue. Disgusting. Plus there is no way there was over six thousand there today! Hardy doing a little Pavis fiddle with the numbers is he? I’d have said four and a half on a good day!!!
  10. I’d have Martin Allen back in a flash, but on a short term deal. He’s at his best getting in amongst it at the wrong end of a table. It goes pear shaped for him after he’s done that. He came close to keeping Chesterfield up, but as usual, it’s going now. Get him in, keep us up, get a long term replacement then. Really expect someone different though. Hurst I’d expect.
  11. Email just in... Dear HD!!!!!!! The government is falling apart before our eyes. Their half-baked deal has unravelled, the Prime Minister has lost all authority and is clearly incapable of delivering a Brexit deal that commands even the support of her Cabinet - let alone Parliament and the people of our country. Our Party Conference agreed that this deal would be judged against our six tests, and if it failed to meet them we would vote against it. After two years of bungled negotiations, the government has produced a botched deal that breaches the Prime Minister's own red lines, does not meet our six tests and will leave the country in an indefinite halfway house without a real say. As I said in Parliament earlier today, people around the country will be feeling anxious about the industries they work in, the jobs they hold and the stability of this country. We do not accept that the choice is between the government's deal and 'no deal'. We will work across Parliament to stop a 'no deal' outcome. Labour has set out our alternative plan for a sensible Brexit that would work for all of our nations and regions, bring Parliament and the country together, support jobs and our economy and guarantee rights, standards and protections. If Parliament votes down this shambolic Tory deal — as seems likely — this will represent a loss of confidence in the government. In those circumstances the best outcome for the country is an immediate General Election that can sweep the Tories from power and deliver the Labour government this country desperately needs. If we cannot get a General Election, in line with our conference policy, we will support all options remaining on the table, including campaigning for a public vote. We are ready to lead, ready to deliver a sensible deal that works for all our regions and nations and ready to build a Britain that works for the many, not the few. Jeremy Corbyn Leader of the Labour Party
  12. Accrington Stanley 1 - 3 Barnsley Peterborough United 2 - 1 Bradford City Southend United 2 - 2 Blackpool Crewe Alexandra 1 - 3 Tranmere Rovers (Joker) Newport County 0 - 2 Colchester United Oldham Athletic 2 - 0 Cambridge United
  13. @Piethagoram I thought you’d be tagging people like crazy this morning! Deal on the table (well more like in the bin me thinks) and the Tories are doing as I suggested, going into civil war mode. At the time of typing 3 resigned so far and I’d expect more as the day progresses. Labour, quite rightly, saying the deal is pretty crap and will vote against it. Next stop, the civil war moves to the main playing field and they aim for the PM and then we end up back with a new referendum, general election or jumping off the edge of the cliff. Now is the time to hold the nerve and see where it takes us then pounce...
  14. Kevin Nolan is now in at 3/1. Where is the money coming from? Strange to see a manager that was only sacked 14 games ago in at 3/1!!! Seriously? Kevin flipping Nolan again!!!
  15. I think Charlie has gotten too comfy, too quick. He focused more on the game at the beginning and now seems to feel he can drift out a lot whenever he feels like it. I prefer Uncle Colin, but times change and I acknowledge that by the end of his commentary run, Colin wasn’t helping fans see the game any more.

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