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  1. Head, nail, hit. it is incredibly selfish. The scenes on Saturday make a total mockery of all the weeks we’ve spent in isolation. Totally inept handling of the whole thing. Then to turn in the news to hear Johnson blaming care homes for not following the rules and it’s their fault for all the deaths. Disgusting.
  2. The whole thing has been a farce from beginning to end!
  3. I wouldn’t expect too many off that list to leave tbh. I suppose it depends on which league we finish on. To be fair to the players on the list, to judge them on the next two games would be harsh, win or lose. It’s got to be quite surreal for them stopping for so long then coming back for two vital games. Full backs might need looking at and the centre of midfield possibly.
  4. Genuinely think it is going too fast. The 1m+ mitigation idea. Ok if you then enforce masks or face coverings to be worn, but again he missed an opportunity to keep people safer. I understand the need to reopen places such as businesses and schools, but at least put appropriate, easier mitigating factors in place. Shocking when you go round the local supermarket and nobody has masks on. Missed opportunity to reduce transmission there me thinks.
  5. Thought never entered my mind. I find the money each year to renew, so will do the same this time. The club is lucky the owners have been so behind the club. They deserve the break and, whilst I understand the financial need for some to claim a refund, I would hope most can leave the money in the club.
  6. Which is exactly why academies need to be put into reverse and scrapped entirely. Primary schools paying heads 100k+ because it’s an academy rather than an lea school is totally wrong. That money needs to be spent on the children. Academies are the blight of the education system.
  7. I really hope we get through these games and go up. Just to get out of this tin pot league. Nothing more than a total farce! couldn't organise a pee up in a brewery. Took such a long time to come to logical conclusions. Barnet have got lucky though. Being rewarded for games being called off! Stockport must be cross!
  8. Without knowing the squad status of the other two clubs, I can’t see it being anything but a disadvantage. We have done well to retain 24 players who we could move forward with next season with only a little tinkering around the edges (or the centre of the park to be more accurate!) Not sure how Yeovil or Barnet have done with player retention. I know a lot of clubs had to let players go, but you’d hope a team in with a chance could retain their best squad? We desperately need a few friendlies before we go into this match. Crucial imo.
  9. From our point of view...In a normal season, it would be good for us. I actually feel being in the semi now automatically gives us a disadvantage. Yeovil or Barnet would have had one more competitive game to get rid of the ring rustiness. Also think North and South are likely to rebel. I would be up in arms if I was a York fan (although I'm hearing they've tabled an immediate amendment.)
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52705124 Looks like Play offs for NL will be needed and confirmed tomorrow. So there is a real possibility we may get something from this season! They'd better call the players in for full training as quick as now! Hope they've got streaming sorted for the games!
  11. National Education Union Press release 9 June 2020 Primary Schools Commenting on the Government’s decision not to press ahead with plans to bring all primary pupils back to school this term, Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said: “It has taken the government some time to recognise what was obvious to most. The government’s social distancing rules made it impossible for primary schools to admit all pupils before the summer holidays. Primary schools and secondary schools will not re-open to all pupils until September at the earliest. But even that date cannot, as Matt Hancock has recognised, be taken for granted. “The consequences of Covid-19 are going to be felt in our education system for months to come. What is needed, now, is a national plan for education, along the lines being developed by the Scottish government. This should cover all possible scenarios and focus on blended learning, at home and at school; greatly increased support for disadvantaged children, including free internet access so that they can access online teaching and learning, and the requisitioning of local public spaces, such as community centres and libraries, so that pressure on school space is lessened and more children are able to return to school in safe environments. “The government must also plan for a second spike. “Pupils in years 10 and 12 are facing an uncertain future. They have lost a considerable amount of teaching time in school. The government must work with Ofqual to redesign GCSE and A level qualifications so that they are fair for all pupils – including those without access to computers at home. “The scale of the challenge is immense. We need a national recovery plan for education along the lines of the job recovery plan.”
  12. Agree with @DangerousSausage. Nice to hear from the club. Nothing major to say, but gives a good feeling that we are professionally ran for a change. Turner continues to impress and seems to be a good match for the current board, who obviously have the interests of the club at heart, but see it through normal vision rather than the usual rose tinted glasses of the past few owners!
  13. No problem. I probably read into it and with me sitting in on the formulation session, probably went on the defensive! The NUT as was, has had, and under its new guise, continues to have, many hard working members and reps who willingly have put themselves on the front line of public service. After working in the Meadows for most of my teaching career and seeing members I represented being physically and verbally assaulted on a regular basis, to ask them to put their own lives and that of their loved ones at this critical juncture is a bad call by the government. Any teacher will see the advantage of having the kids back, but the cost of that ( Not financial) needs to be factored in, rather than, as you say, shelved due to the economic need of the current government. Schools should remain closed to general teaching until it is safe to do so. Then again, I think most things should. I genuinely fear a second wave is on the way, and it’ll be down to two factors. Firstly, Cummings and the gen pop thinking sod it then due to his actions and secondly, the Tory driven need to see the cash registers rolling ASAP.
  14. Anyone on here play Euro Truck Simulator 2? It's superb and very relaxing, but hugely addictive! @Chris do you play it? I think you would enjoy it. (hoping you do as I know you're a whizz with the graphics and I'm looking to put a new 'skin' on my truck and need someone with the flair for it! If there is anyone who plays...which VTC are you with? I am in one, but thinking of starting one from scratch. Designing the website, Instagram, discord, putting staff in place etc...
  15. Regards the NEUs line...I was fortunate enough to 'virtually sit in' on the executive board meeting the day after Johnson announced it. I know Both Mary B and Kev C well from my headship years, NUT rep years and political meetings, so when Kevin Courtney asked me to sit in, I jumped at the chance. The decisions made by the unions are sound. The 'tests' that need meeting are secure and sensible to protect the children and all the staff involved from cleaners to teachers. Strike action was discussed, which I cautioned against. Public opinion is volatile at the best of times, but now..... The current education system in England struggles due to the Academisation issue. Take Nottingham City for example. City Council have agreed with the NEU line and refused to open for more than key workers or vulnerable children. (Which is correct imo.) The issue occurs with multi-trust academies making their own decisions so one school may be closed and the next one along only a few hundred yards away may be looking to open for all year groups asap. Ludicrous.

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