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  1. Re-signing lost/former PON members

    I think with a concerted effort, PoN can return to its glory days so to speak. By that I don't refer to members as such, more the fact that people engaged on a regular basis. This is what any forum strives for and @Chris deserves all our support in getting back to that. This board isn't MAD and is far more friendly and polite. People can converse in a safe way and know they'll be treated respectfully. The tendency to wards FB is to be expected, but as @Fan of Big Tone said the bullying aspect and 'keyboard warriors' make me feel a place like this is not only better, but needed. The off season is normally quiet, as to be expected, but if people make an effort to not just look, but start new topics as well, then PoN will be fine. Onwards and upwards!
  2. Where does every one sit on match day.

    We've had a season where we've moved four times over the course of the whole season. There is always one and they always seem to be within close proximity to me! lol
  3. Where does every one sit on match day.

    ST Lower Pavis B. Might swap to other side of dugout next season though. Have to wait and see!
  4. Tyrant

    Adam Rayner would be the recognisable Yank, but most of the rest of the cast of natural Middle Eastern Actors/actresses. If you like Middle Eastern politics then its a good comparison to Syria and it’s troubles. It did loose its way by the third series in my opinion though. Tried too hard to be American, when it’s clear success was the wrangling of Islam Vs capitalism Vs a despot who was ‘born’ to rule.
  5. The retained list...

    I would gave ditched Duffy as well personally. Hawkridge and Alessandro would be for the chop as well imo. Neither good enough for a promotion pushing team on the wing, which is where they were signed for. We do need some good reinforcements now though! Collin was a liability and apart from his stupid incident Fitz looked the better of the two, especially distribution wise. Hopefully he has learnt his lesson and will become our first choice now.
  6. The retained list...

    Got to say glad Collin has gone. Not sure releasing Forte is a good move, but gives wages scope I suppose as long as they have capable replacements lined up.
  7. The retained list...

    Well here it is folks... https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/retainedlist Under contract Lewis Alessandra Shaun Brisley Terry Hawkridge Elliott Hewitt Noor Husin Liam Noble Jon Stead Matt Tootle Out of contract, offered new contract Pierce Bird Richard Duffy Ross Fitzsimons Dan Jones Michael O'Connor Branislav Pindroch Out of contract, released Shola Ameobi Adam Collin Carl Dickinson Mike Edwards Jonathan Forte Elliot Hodge Nicky Hunt Rob Milsom Callum Saunders Alan Smith Curtis Thompson Loans expired Mason Bennett Jorge Grant Ben Hall Matty Virtue Apprentices offered development contracts Harry Bugg Remaye Campbell Declan Dunn Alex Howes Sam Osborne Apprentices released Dominic Brown-Hill Peter Dearle Ryan Ebanks Curtis Hall Jordon Richards Joe Searson-Smithard Edwin Towers
  8. Stability under Kevin Nolan

    All makes sense and totally agree. Lots to come from KN, but some things ai hope to see the back of next season.
  9. What we need this summer

    Quite a few changes needed imho. First of all though is the tactical rethink. We can not continue to play hoof ball all the time. We always look most effective when we zip he ball around and taking Friday night as the example, by far the only period we dominated was when we strung a few passes together after half time. Keeper is a weakness imo, but Collins isn't a massive issue. In a 'champ man' scenario yes you would replace him, but in real terms him or Fitz will be ok for keeper with other areas needing more work. Fullbacks. Jones is good at what he does - as has been said above the back up is the polar opposite. Dicko is not and never will be a flying full back and we need consistency of approach. Same on the other side with Hunt. He really needs to depart! Notts have struggled with CB for a few years now. Brisley seems to be solid most of the time and would benefit from a consistent partner with height and confidence to impose themselves on players. Duffs doesn't do that at all. New CB. Wings. Wow. Weak at the minute. Don't rate Alessandro or Hawkridge. Both need to leave and we need depth here. Young, hungry and pacey tricky wingers are what we need. Balls in and good line huggers who can beat a man. 2 wingrs for first team needed with backups. I'd release Hawks and Aless. Centre. I think we have too many options here tbh. Liam Noble has been good one game then very poor the next. We can't carry passengers next season so It would be a close call keeping him on imo. Especially with O'C returning to finess to partner Hewitt. Also not that impressed that Milsom hasn't been given a fair crack this season. Understood when Yates was here as he was superb, but since Xmas I would have given him a fair run. Hewitt needs to keep progressing and add killer passes to his game now. He is a defensive middle man, but he could look up occasionally! Up front. We all know this is our biggest weakness next year. Without two or three new strikers we are knackered. Jon F has been great when he's had a run, but he's not getting any younger either. We need to move the age of the team down massively by releasing Shola and (yes I know he triggered his extension) Stead IMO. We wll never break the hoof tendency with those still here. May all seem harsh, but I think for us to genuinely keep up at the top and, importantly, stay up hen we go up, I think we need young hungry players with PACE. I have enjoyed this season, but I do think we have been 'found out' now and, decisions aside, Cov were far better than us. That quick pass and breaking into the final third and moving up as a unit is where we need to be and for that we need positive tactics so I hope KN sees that and moves us in that direction.
  10. Ratings Notts v Coventry

    The team for last night . 5 is generous. Horrible performance apart from ten minutes after the break where the ball actually saw some grass rather than snow. We very ineffectual and poor for the most of the game. Men Vs Boys last night unfortunately. To be fair to OC he at least showed some composure so would give him a 6.
  11. Time to reflect.

    We are all gutted. We are all fed up, but now is not the time to rant. save that for tomorrow!
  12. Right chaps and chapesses, safe journey to and from the ground. We’re setting off now so will see you all in the heaving crowds.
  13. Spent the day so far with Benjamin, my disabled son, at QMC for his eye checks and consultation. now need to waste four hours until ready to drive to the Lane.
  14. Happy Birthday Gaffer

    Happy birthday mate.
  15. Hewitt for me. Massive change from last season. Credit to him and KN.

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