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  1. Some good choices there. The last couple of weeks I've upped my interest in Middle Eastern tv and shows based around middle eastern issues. Just rewatched House of Saddam. Superb drama. Finished Sleeper Cell before that. Next one lined up is prisoner of war hatufim. Made by Gideon Raff. Excellent writer, director and producer. It was the original programme where Homeland was taken from. Very deep, but superb drama. Trying my best to avoid tiger king!
  2. I’d second that. I know Kenilworth Rd is mentioned as well and that is bad, but Grimsby really is terrible. Horrible facilities, no control over the home fans, when you’re leaving you have that constant 1980s feeling that the Grimsby mob are going to come round that next corner to do you over, whilst all you’re trying to do is get back to the sodding McDs on the main road! The away urinal is basically a wall and you just hope you don’t get splashed by the guy next to you. Terrible.
  3. Second season is more interesting regards the running of the club. As I say, shades of Hardy on occasion, but to be fair to them, they did what they said they would do. Get the club breaking even, kept them in with a shout of promotion and put it up for sale when the fans turned (which they have in the last three months by all accounts. The deadline day episode is a classic! I think they originally did it because Ellis Short wanted out and he thought it would bring in buyers. Any publicity is god publicity!
  4. Totally agree. I've not watched it for sympathy for them. It's an excellent way to get your fix. Even if you start out disliking the club, you can't help it as a footy fan, cheering when they score and the lows of going down to league one in the first season. With it focusing on real people, it's easy to associate with them. Second season, the new owners do sort out the financial mess. To their credit too. Like Notts, it was a massive financial task, but they sorted it and got the club making money again. No mean feat for any club.
  5. I would highly recommend this to footy fans. I’m no fan of Sunderland, but going through the ups and downs and seeing the insides of the club made for a really interesting watch. It was really good to feel the highs (and unfortunately for them) the lows again of the passion of a footy match. I’m just half way through the second season now and it’s just completed the January transfer window. Unmissable viewing for any footy fan to see the phone calls on the actual day. It did get me thinking of big Al again when they started with a 1 million bid, stated no more than 1.25 mill and ended up signing a player for 3 million plus another mill in add ons! The owner got himself wrapped up in the emotion and was playing his own game of footy manager with his own money!
  6. You are correct. Any country would suffer loss of life in a pandemic. I would also take a guess that you would agree with me that if the NHS had been fully funded over the last ten years and people’s actual worth recognised rather than diminished, this country would have a better chance of dealing with the pandemic. Not going into the Johnson thing seeming as the guy is in hospital himself. It would take a particularly callous bastard to be debating the rights or wrongs of a decision made by a person in ICU. I can’t stand the bloke, his politics or his choices. But I hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. Unfortunately this virus is getting to the point of touching most people’s lives seriously one way or another now. This morning I lost a political sparring partner due to CV who was chair of our council. We often disagreed, but we also recognised when the times were there to work together for the good of our communities. RIP Tony Brewer.
  7. Not sure why, but decided on Sunderland ‘til I die season one today. half way through the season now. Filmed during 17/18 season. Interesting to see the behind closed doors stuff going on. Especially the Rodwell contract saga. (He says sarcastically) don’t tell me what happens!
  8. With the season being up in the air, it'll be difficult to see who will be in contract next season! Dennis would be a good one. Cheers
  9. Just being honest mate. The graphics were and are superb. And cheers a flashy deep orange one would be good again!
  10. Loved the bit “ Trust me, I’ve researched this!” Taking one for the team! Really interesting. I would happily try some of them at a match. In fact, happily right now! Just because I know I can’t get one, I’d happily down a McDs at the moment too!
  11. Reading back, last night I forgot another bigger one. Lets not forget that the Tory Government started out dealing with this crisis in the UK by going with... herd immunity. For Christ sake. For anyone that doesn’t understand this, basically it means hoping that millions upon millions get the virus quickly and eventually it will burn itself out due to the fact it has no need target’ to jump to. But by doing that you have to be prepared to accept a fair few million deaths to the virus. With Johnson and Cummings happy to see the strain on the pension system solved by having a couple of million OAPs die in a few days into the virus, says a lot about them. This isn’t political scare mongering. This was from one of his own press conferences So cut him some slack @eighteensixtytwo? I don’t really think so mate.
  12. I’ve just rejoined in an attempt to put a little money into the club whilst we’re closed. I cancelled my subs when Hardy messed it up, but now is a good time to rejoin if you’re not a member. Do we have any big winners in the PoN community? I’ve been doing it for years and I think I recall £50 many years ago and that’s it. Hopefully this time around I’ll hit the jackpot!
  13. @Chris, you’ve always had a flair for the graphics mate. Keep it up. I remember way back when PoN started up and you were designing signatures for all the members. They were superb! ( btw where has mine gone lol! Used to love the orange one!)
  14. Without getting political... I think the politics comes into the lead up. Both short term and long term lead in. The NHS has been systematically run down and dismantled over the past few years and sadly, it has and will continue to do so, cause a loss of life, especially in such turbulent times. Getting political... Seems strange how the country choose the Tories in December at the election and demonised Corbyn for his socialism ideals and now when the crap has hit the fan...we see the Tories suddenly turning the country into a socialist nirvana! Wages paid by the government. Companies being nationalised left right and centre. NHS centre of attention. Even a few days ago Johnson saying broadband was a national utility that everyone should have, no matter what! Christ, the outrage when Corbyn said that in the run up to the election! The Daily Fail couldn’t stop laughing at such a suggestion, but now we see the country taking a different approach. Three months ago low skilled workers were worth nothing to the elite who run the country. Now they are vital and key workers who keep the country going! Oh how the tables have turned! As most NHS workers said last week...clapping is lovely, but they’d rather people remember why they’ve been treated so badly before they go into the ballot booth to cast their vote. Even Trump is slowly realising the bluff and bluster can’t get him through this crisis.

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