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  1. lambleypie

    Match Discussion: Game 21 - Stags (A)

    Team news It looks like Jamie Turley is at right back, I would have rather seen him play at centre back.
  2. He wouldn't be the right man for the role if he couldn't work with the current players, I hope he does this well and I feel he's the right person. I think as a last resort the club may dip into the market. Anything before that would have to a be quality signing but I think the chances are slim.
  3. lambleypie

    Can we welcome a new member.

    @Colin Lindley welcome to PON, I hope you settle in and join in sharing your thoughts.
  4. He says all the right things, as a manager he ticks the boxes and he seems prepared. If Notts can settle him in sooner rather than later it would make a difference.
  5. lambleypie

    Enzio .. out for three months with knee injury

    A loss but Notts can improve if they choose to select the right cover and by which point Boldewijn returns. He will be able to impact the games more than he would have if he continued playing.
  6. lambleypie

    ardley and coxs first tasks in charge

    @BromPie speaking to the experienced players and club captain would be a good decision. It's new territory for Ardley!
  7. lambleypie

    how likely do you feel notts could go down?

    I think Notts look like a lost cause but Ardley may install some fight, it's really hard to say but it's not looking good at the minute.
  8. lambleypie

    Ticket price rise

    The issue is with Ticketmaster not Notts, I doubt they will abandon the small fee.
  9. lambleypie

    will you get behind the next manager?

    Opinions at the end of the day can help things stay on course, it's denying facts like lead to issues but I am sure most fans will give the new manager a fresh start. Some of the players can consider themselves lucky with this.
  10. lambleypie

    how likely do you feel notts could go down?

    I hate to say it but with how good the squad is on paper, it looks like the clubs destined to do a Chesterfield.
  11. lambleypie

    Hurst ruled out

    Who are the main runners now? I have no idea who half of the managers linked are but I was hoping someone like Paul Hurst would take on the managerial position.
  12. lambleypie

    Notts best player this season (Poll)

    Jamie Turley and I think he will take this come the end of the season!
  13. lambleypie

    Exclusive Pride of Nottingham Prints!!

    I wish you all the very best @Chris and I will be looking at the prints that PON has to offer thinking of making a purchase at some point. Good luck.
  14. lambleypie

    Ticket price rise

    I have seen all the complaints on social media, the club and media department seems to be trying to resolve things. Give it time, it might not be ideal but if it improves thats all we want. A small fee is not the end of the world.
  15. lambleypie

    Welcome to PON Kermit

    Hello, welcome to the community here @Kermit.

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