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  1. I always felt Notts needed to be more prompt and outright with sorting out contracts, allowing a contract to reach a year is the point an extension should start to be discussed.
  2. I noticed on the news that Derby have a preferred buyer now, American if I recall right? I hope it sorts out the mess. Best wishes to you and Derby @super_ram
  3. The upcoming games against Boreham Wood and Chesterfield will say much more about where the season is heading, Eastleigh, Dagenham & Redbridge, Southend Unuted and Kings Lynn should all be routine if we play our cards right.
  4. Good player, as others have said before me I understand the recall. They should try to find a League Two team, he might learn more from that and push on with Wednesday.
  5. I would pay to watch it, even if it didn't include the 09/10 squad.
  6. Wonderful to see, Notts are finally improving not just on the pitch but off it.
  7. The brothers have taken to being owners of a football club very well, keep clear of the fans who expect and trip you up. Stay off social media, leave the staff to run the club.
  8. Goals don't show the whole picture and I know very little about either players, if Notts aims to recruit them I will be happy. If not, I trust their judgement towards bringing in the right players.
  9. In my day, teams would make do with small squads and little changes. A signing is a bonus at the end of the day, if the recruitment does its job to bring in the right players, worries will naturally fade.
  10. DKE is a good player, I think he will improve more next season now that IB has set his expectations. It's not a difficult change to adapt to.
  11. Looks to be the real deal, strong and pacey. I like the sound of the signing.
  12. Well done to the Motherwell fans, its a grand gesture.
  13. Sam's goal for me just about beats some of the others named, very good finish.
  14. There's a long way to go despite the good news regarding the vaccine. I still think it will be around for another year or more.
  15. I hope to see more of this from Elisha Sam, he just needs time.
  16. Many thanks for sharing @Super_Danny_Allsopp. We have to hope Ardley and the recruitment team are looking at players who would bring quality with a loan spell. I would also hope it was a short term deal.
  17. A loan option wouldn't be the worst thing, but this won't be from a league club? Or can you sign players outside their own window?
  18. Hello @Dave Dornan, welcome to PON.
  19. It's 1992 all over again, money talks and the Premier League can afford to buy whatever they want. Those big 7 teams might one day regret it.
  20. The first game of any season is always a true test for a side wanting to push on from losing in the playoffs. I don't think the players should be disheartened by losing, the focus should be amending it and being that extra bit stronger. As to what will happen to tomorrow, it depends on the tactics and which Notts County team turns up. I am hoping for a 2-0 win, but I feel it might closer than that.
  21. @SteGee it's nice to see that you have found your way to PON, welcome to the site.
  22. How many can take this research seriously? I wonder.
  23. All support Notts in my family or aren’t interested in football.
  24. I think those examples are nice, but I have to say I don't think the badge needs to be changed. It's perfectly fine as it is.

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