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  1. A section on racial abuse in football. Jonno talking about it outside ground. Recording it as Hull v Brighton on itv4
  2. A tip for anyone buying, casual wear I purchased 1 polo shirt and 1 shiny shirt. I'm normaly a large, after trying them at home they were tight so had to go back for XL, which was fine. So bear this in mind.
  3. Did you hear about the 2 gay ghosts, they keep putting the willies up each other. Paddy apply for a job, and the interviewer tells him he has to pass a simple test, ok says paddy no problem, Interviewer says "name 2 days of the week beginning with T" he thinks for a minute an says Today and Tomorrow. Chap goes into opticians, and says Can I have an eye test as I can't see very far. Course you can and optician takes him outside and says "what's that in the sky" chap looks up and says It's the sun. Optician says P*** off how far do you want to see. Woman goes for eye test, optician tells her to go behind screen and take her top and bra off. She protests but eventually does it. Optician comes in and lifts up left breast and asks if she can see a hole in her nipple, no she says he lifts up other breast and asks same question, no she says. Right so he gets his Todger out and says Can you see a hole in that. Yes she says as plain as day. He says to her Right eye is over, and my conclusion is that you are cockeyed.
  4. They aren't going to come and let us roll them over, they will get all their players defending when we have the ball, and Notts don't seem to be able to break teams down who employ this tactic. (not in the past anyway), I can see it being a scrappy game. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a draw to be honest.The fans will be expecting a good easy win, but us and Shrewsbury are where we are for a reason. I wonder which team will turn up the Team v Coventry or team vs Wolves. Obviously hoping for 3 points however gained, but they aren't going come easy.
  5. Crawley v Tranmere------H/D Orient v Stevenage------H Coventry v Carlisle-----H Hoping for these results, but football's a funny old game.
  6. Don't mind me asking, but who are we voting for?, players, fans, or anybody.
  7. So how can the same team perform differently in 2 games, is it tactics,attitude,class of opposition, or are we just not good enough.
  8. Because it seems to be 1 step forward and 2 steps back. We are gradually running out of games, we can't keep expecting other teams to slip up, can you honestly see us putting a long unbeaten run going. Which is what is needed. Forever hopeful tho.
  9. Looks like I will be ok to go back Vs Tranmere. Can't wait, not the same listening to the radio.
  10. Will watch it on my Laptop, thanks to TykesTv
  11. Well I like to think so.
  12. What swayed it for you, please say why you voted for your M.O.M. For me it's between Spencer or Freeman.
  13. 4everapie

    The Match Officials

    Didn't have a good 1st half, not protecting Grealish after some rash tackles on him, and a bad challenge on Freeman going unpunished.
  14. Dagenham & Redbridge v Hartlepool. Something to do with it being racism day. Wonder how much they've lost on this. Well done anyway.
  15. Sounds like John Spencer is having a good debut, and putting himself about, can't wait to see his goal tonight.
  16. With us having smallish strikers, hope we change our play accordingly, and not keep punting high balls into the box thinking Enoch is in there.
  17. 4everapie

    Alf West

    Can only find playing career.
  18. Wanted to go to game Saturday. But I have been advised not to by dr. If I get a cold it could start the virus I'm getting over. So it's the DAB radio for me. GGGGRRRRRRR😠😠ðŸ˜
  19. Didnt think he had that sort of dosh, perhaps he wants investors to stump up the cash, while he runs it and gets all the attension.
  20. It was Huddersfield won 2-1. Danny Allsopp got the first, and low drive by Kevin Nicholson. What a great day.
  21. Whisky Way would have been a more appropriate name.
  22. Thoughts are with his Family at this sad time.

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