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  1. It seems that the South African outfit have been in London today according to the evening post having crunch talks about the sale of Notts if successful. Notts County are looking to bring in former QPR assistant manager Marc Bircham to help county identify new players for next season. https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/former-qpr-assistant-manager-marc-2893432
  2. Welcome to pon @RoadSmith great to have you on board mate.
  3. We all have that one player possibly manager or even someone behind the scenes that epitomises’s Notts County football club that face or person when ever someone says Notts county they instantly comes to Mind. Who is that person that name for you folks that dose that.?
  4. If you could just pick one player/manger even commentator past or present to go in to pon hall of fame who would it be.?
  5. So with the new owners from South Africa arriving in the uk From yesterday to first to dot i’s and cross the T’s at the golf course and make the sale official. But they to me seemingly wouldn’t be very hands on. If this is the case and they will be appointing a chairman to take care of the day to day running of the club who do think would make the ideal chairman for Notts County.?
  6. Welcome to pon community mate hope you enjoy your time with us. It’s great to have you with us.
  7. Guys can you help me welcome @OwlInPeace to the pon community.
  8. Room would you rather play or watch sport
  9. Passionate and dedicated players who will play the county way and play for the club and fans not devise the squad like some players do
  10. If he resigns it’s cause Ardley will stay that can’t happen cause Ardley needs to use youth players sometimes he’s not prepared to do so O’Brien saying that isn’t fair and it binds Notts In to a corner in terms of needing experience and youth.
  11. This week or early next it’s being signed at the golf course.
  12. All of them for me was good cause they all show the sort of player he is passionate and cares about Notts.
  13. I’ve been bold by my cousin it will be this week or early next week
  14. For me I think the following will leave cause they don’t want to play none league and Notts can’t afford to turn money away. Enzo,Doyle,Dennis,Hemings, and Mitch Rose as they are the most valuable players and will attract interest from others teams.
  15. Quilt would you rather watch walking dead or game of thrones
  16. Happy birthday @Chris hope you have a great day
  17. When he first came to Notts on loan I was happy he played well did his bit but as the season went on he just wasn’t worth keeping.. so I’m pleased he’s gone cause it shown he didn’t want to be there.
  18. Now we have the list of team for next season the time for preparing and recruiting is now .. !! No more messing around the time to get our title out place back starts now ..!!!
  19. There’s a few players I’m disappointed to see leave I like Dan Jones and John stead and think they would have helped us next season. Same with Jim O’Brien always shown he wanted to be there.
  20. If it helps the team I’m all for it .. And if it’s not for self praise as well.
  21. Painting wall paper d.i.y dart board
  22. Cheese would you rather drink water or cola
  23. Welcome to pon @ExiledPie great to have you with us.

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