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  1. Assistant manager Neil cox has given a interview with Notts County website saying that “Hemmings and Tootle are both looking sharp” after they both returned to training after there respective injury’s. For the full interview click the link below where Neil talks about further injuries and transfers. https://www.nottscountyfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/cox-on-injuries-signings-240119/
  2. Magic magpie

    Notts v Exeter who’s going ?

    So Notts face Exeter in a must win game at meadow lane this Saturday. So who’s going to meadow lane to cheers the lads on.
  3. Notts County are going to wear special shirts to mark the 125th year 4-1 win against Bolton in the football association cup which took place on 31st March 1894
  4. So I’m sure by now everyone has had the email or heard that Alan Hardy has decided to freeze the season ticket renewal prices until the end of April for 19/20 season. This is despite the fact that we do not know what league we will play in next season. I’ve spoken to someone from meadow lane and even If we do get relegated the price I’m told is not going to be lowered and will remain the same.
  5. So the time has come come for the lads to start fighting because it maybe there jobs but it’s our passion our lane our magpies. Today is another example of things not clicking in to place. Yet again we conceive 3 goals and play awfull. With just over 10 games left they need some thing it would be a shame for this club to be none league. If nots go down it not only the players who will loose there jobs but what about the staff ticket office bar staff and the chefs and people who need the job to survive financially. Let’s not forget about loyal fans people who have been fans for 50 40 30 years and the volunteers who help Notts day to day for no wages but for the love of Notts. If they don’t find some thing they flush the history of notts down the toilet the work of jimmy and jack, Derick Pavis even players such as Tommy Johnson Mark Draper and steve cherry and other legends that help build this football club. So this squad have a lot riding on them to survive and remain a league team so lads please I beg you find the spark find that extra burst of energy find that passion do it for the history do it for fans for the legends but most importantly do it for your selfs lads Cause right now you are letting yourselfs And us as fans down to.
  6. Magic magpie

    You fancy a prawn sandwich?

    So yesterday at the game @Chris kept asking me if I wanted a prawn sandwich and then asked @super_pie. Me and @super_pie looked at each other and the penny dropped ..maybe the Morecambe badge is a pawn/shrimp. sandwich anyone ? A silly joke but made us laugh things like that that make match days funny and enjoyable
  7. Magic magpie

    Can we welcome mighty magpie to pon

    Guys Can you join me in welcoming @MightyMagpies To pon.
  8. In just one word describe January arrival Michael Doyle
  9. So using just one word describe January arrival Jim O’Brien.
  10. Magic magpie

    Match Discussion: Game 39 - The Grecians (H)

    Notts have to take three points from this game because right now Macclesfield are getting the points they need to survive and remain in league two. Notts have to be confident score first and make sure that every pass is short and to the point and no stray passes any set pieces need to be critical and need a positive out come. The out come needs to be positive and we need the three points.
  11. Magic magpie

    Happy birthday Ellie_Pie 10

    Happy birthday @Ellie_Pie10 hope you had a fantastic day.
  12. Magic magpie

    welcome to pon j1894s

    Welcome to pon @J1894S great to have you on board.
  13. Magic magpie

    The First Thoughts Game

    Alan Smith striker midfielder from yorkshire lee Hughes
  14. Magic magpie

    Would you rather?....

    Lee Hughes would you rather have Colin slater or Charlie slater
  15. Magic magpie

    You fancy a prawn sandwich?

    @Chris has come out with some good jokes
  16. Magic magpie

    You fancy a prawn sandwich?

    Exactly and @Chris is a dad .. so @Chris I exspect some more of them.
  17. Magic magpie

    It’s time for the lads to step up

    I agree if you take in to account on Saturday performance nothing like the Tuesday performance. That has to changed if we are to stay up in league football
  18. So earlier @DangerousSausage said something on his post that was very interesting about next season needing to be a reset year. I have to say I agree with him most definitely need to sort out the ownership situation and the players. Because we have some players who we need to get rid of cause they are a waste on wages and not pulling there wight. A new realistic plan needs to be put in place for county but only a years plan at a time. So much that needs resting next season no matter what league we are in.
  19. So Notts drew 0-0 with Morecambe yesterday at Meafow lane what did you think to the game can we take any positives from yesterday’s game.?
  20. I’ve got it on good authority that Neal Ardley isn’t interested in playing Notts county forward youngster Remaye Campbell. Despite him scoring in the reserves and under games and playing really well. But it seems that Harry Kewell wasn’t interested in him either the only person was Kevin Nolan. Apparently Kevin was a mentor to him and the youngsters but since his departure that mentor ship has since stopped. Now I know people may say it due to Kevin we are in this predicament and the new managers need to focus on survival but youth is the key for next season and if they are not getting the support or chance or mentor ship what can we do. So my question is Would you give Remaye Campbell a chance in the first team.?
  21. So tomorrow afternoon Notts welcome Morecambe to meadow lane after the 3-1 win on Tuesday night hopefully the lads can follow up on this. Who’s coming to meadow lane tomorrow to cheer the lads on. ?
  22. Magic magpie

    Would you rather?....

    What I need you rather watch emmerdale or corsnaion street
  23. Magic magpie

    The First Thoughts Game

    Where you wash pots the feeling you get silver tap
  24. Magic magpie

    Next season needs to be a reset year at meadow lane.

    @DangerousSausage you have definitely got it right my friend so much needs to be done the new ownership is something that needs to be sorted and then the rest can be put into place. You have definitely grasped it and I hope the new owners do as well mate cause we definitely need a reset season and things to happen.
  25. Magic magpie

    if notts wins on Saturday against morecambe

    We didn’t get the three points but we got a point and right now every point counts.

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