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  1. Happy that there's cover available, it's good that he has some experience within a first team.
  2. I think he was quite a decent player, he could've played the part that Sean Shields did last season but as a more impactful player.
  3. The struggles Dover are facing could bring their group together, so I don't think anyone can write them off. It does bode well with Notts and if the players can make the most of this, by putting on a good performance. The points may just return with them. It's a long way for us, so its got to be a good run out. My prediction would be 1-0 to Notts. A good game despite the flattering score line.
  4. I sit in the Pavis, I used to be nearer the balcony but I have moved to the left side as you look towards the pitch about half way down.
  5. Hello @SteGee, welcome to PON from a Paviser.
  6. I would rather see it left be, we are asking for something we don't like if a new one is designed. The munto badge was never Notts.
  7. I have my doubts but I hope the playoffs will happen.
  8. As a club who have had owners who have caused trouble, we can only wish Newcastle all the best and hope they get a few years of success from this takeover.
  9. It's a long way to go until this is resolved, I am doubtful about the vaccination because I am not sure how it will work properly without making those who have it ill.
  10. All who are into football support Notts, this is a generation thing.
  11. Garbage claims, no foundations to them at all. They've ignored the real facts and misinterpreted the past just to fit their agenda.
  12. @cheeky~k8 knowing Notts, if it happened last season it would haven't have been suspended until completed.

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