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  1. Spend time in your garden, that always helps me when I am not sure what to do.
  2. Hello @Greene, welcome to the site.
  3. Hello @Rio Doherty, welcome to the community here.
  4. I would welcome more content for the front end of the site, I enjoy reading the articles submitted.
  5. The squad look like they could beat anyone put before them, it's also good to see the amount of hard work gone into converting crosses. Notts should use the attacking options we have like this, all of the strikers know how to use their heads. Fantastic 4-0 win.
  6. @super_pie nice try young man.
  7. By far one of the best signings, if not the best. It's a significant importance that Notts got the deal across the line, if he had left due to other interest, I do feel it would have been like Yates leaving a few seasons back.
  8. I think it's a fair discussion to be had, Neal Ardley isn't perfect but he's trying. I appreciate that he stayed with the club when it owned him his money, he's been paid now she he didn't go unrewarded but he has the club moving forward I feel. Perfectly? No, but it is moving.
  9. He will be a good player to have back in the fold, the club has a good keeper in Sam Slocombe.
  10. Cover or not, he needs time I am personally glad the club has signed a striker, I would have found a way to let Nathan Tyson play myself but if this player can bag some goals. It will all prove to be worthwhile I think.
  11. Have a good birthday @super_ram. Enjoy a tipple on your special day.
  12. This could be like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  13. I believe Notts needs to work on breaking down teams as a unit, instead of certain players. There's too much reliance on Enzio and Roberts at the moment.
  14. Hello @joeheadland, welcome to PON.

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