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  1. One day, I hope he gets a chance to go properly into management. That could be one way to see Lee Hughes return to Meadow Lane, best of luck to him at his new club.
  2. Rest in Peace young man, my thoughts and wishes go out to his loved ones.
  3. I wished Neal Ardley would man-manage players like Enzio, he's clearly a good player who's form has disappeared. It's players like this managers tend to get the best out of, if they give a bit extra too.
  4. Welcome @chipmunx, best wishes to your club. If Barrow keep their progress up, it would show that the league can be won by an underdog.
  5. If Tyson is needed, he will be back no doubt. He's good for him to be playing, instead of being unhappy and it effecting others.
  6. Drinking, Keeping still, DIY. I'm getting on a bit but I can still drink, rest and do most household maintenance.
  7. Tragic news, 65 is nothing. It's such a shame. Rest in Peace Mick Vinter.
  8. I would say this is the last piece in the jigsaw, I wouldn't mind another young midfielder signing but someone completely different to Regan Booty as this way it would bring something different to the club.
  9. My heart broke reading this, its a distressing story that I hope is not about greed but mourning.
  10. I don't do all this social media malarkey either, its good to see the images of the game. I bet it costs a harm and a leg to afford all the gear needed to take pictures of football.
  11. I am pleased to see the young man sign, 22 years old should mean that Notts can get the best out of him.
  12. At my age, I only attend a handful of away games but this season has reminded me of what it was like supporting Notts all those years ago. Some of the grounds have a charming old school appeal to them. I don't think the club would have moved forward without promotion or relegation, the latter seems to have done the trick so far. I am hoping to make a few more games now we are in 2020. All the home games I have attended, I would agree the standard hasn't been that bad. A rough rough times but a lot more enjoyment is there. Teams appear to want to do well because of how tight this league can be.

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