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  1. Welcome @Michael, will keep a look out for your finished project. Where will it be published?
  2. Sam Slocombe he has made a massive difference in goal, once the defence settles he will prove to be more of a coup for the club.
  3. I am not in favour of sacking managers for the sake of it, in the short term Neal Ardley hasn't gotten the results the club has needed and if not in this transition I think the club may have parted company with him. At this stage of the season he should have an idea what his best squad is and how to get the best out of them. I actually feel he makes the Notts squad unsettled by forcing changes, whilst leaving good players perfectly out of the team. Sam Osborne played a blinder when he started and I think he's only made one brief starter since. This is frustrating because the lad is itching to get onto the field, he performed and contributes. However, he's overlooked by a player who can strike lucky but doesn't put a complete shift in. His standards of all the players needs to be equal, if a player struggles to defend then there are others things they can do. I can't help but feel Ardley chooses players based on how they respond to him.
  4. They seem to like young managers, bigger and better budget. He could do well given the opportunity.
  5. Think a slow season where the foundations are put in place would be worthwhile, remove the pressure and expectation. The squad Neal Ardley has built seems like a good squad that could get results, next season I think the recruitment would be easier with some of these establishing themselves as regular starters. This has been more than long due, it should have happened when the club got relegated to League
  6. Welcome to the community @Katie Sudlow
  7. Tonight will be most fans first real chance to see the new signing, I expect him to start.
  8. This was with the former owner, Chris Munroe the Basford chairman has connections with the club and Notts County Football in the Community. The facilities are very good too, if the new owners can they should try to strike up terms again.
  9. It will be a big ask to bounce back from the Yeovil game, with this in mind I think a 2-2 draw.
  10. It doesn't sound like a transfer by the way The Post has written it, get past some of the school boy mistakes in it. You would feel he's no replacement for Ross Fitzsimon but just the club doing him a favour. Would you prefer Liam O'Brien signing? https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/former-coventry-city-goalkeeper-training-3264775
  11. I would wait and see, the Post has suggested we are looking for a keeper. This will lead to people saying Ross Fitzsimons is causing trouble in the dressing room, nothing to do with the club seeking better.
  12. I don't listen to rumours, so we will have to wait and see. I am sure those spreading the nonsense have suggested Will Patching and Andy Kellett are in the trouble causers club, simple fact Neal Ardley might not know how to get the best out of them.
  13. Awful news to see Bury Expelled, Bolton will be next I fail to see how they can survive this.

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