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  1. Its not the wisest move I feel, I don't think many managers would make a move like this. I bet Stockport think they will win the league now.
  2. I think Mansfield won't go down, they have enough to stay up but I think Nigel Clough may need to be shown the door to ease the slump.
  3. The performance doesn't matter to me, to progress to the next round would is all that does. Notts needs to play with confidence and be clinical on goal.
  4. Good little player DKE, yes he has had a difficult time during those 3 defeats but so did every player.
  5. Many good pubs have been lost over the years in and around Nottingham.
  6. I haven't seen enough of the pair to judge, but I have faith Ian Burchnall will review and make the right choice for Notts when the time is right.
  7. This is exactly my thoughts on the formation, Lacey needs to be the squad when fit.
  8. It does look like a confidence issue impacted by the loss of 2 centre backs and the number 1 keeper. It's a shame that Notts made it harder for Patterson to settle in.
  9. Welcome nonetheless @steve61, your input will be warmly received.
  10. @TheSkipper I think the loan market is largely hit or miss, often a miss.
  11. @Pie since 89 It can get a bit messy like it did last season, a lot of the loans needn't happen. I think it depends how well a player can cover, otherwise I would agree with making do with what the club has.
  12. None are for me, but why does the white shirt look smaller?
  13. Get the right players and let them do the business on the pitch, that is the way to convince fans the signings are exciting.
  14. If he plays in the middle of the three, I am sure he will do a job for us. It's probably why Notts didn't sign Mark Ellis.
  15. I don't feel sorry for them at all, but I do think its a very poor appointment. I can't see how he can bring any team success but lets wait and see ah?

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