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  1. heraldmagpie

    Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Exiles (H)

    Newport County asserted the same pressure that Notts did against Mansfield, only difference is they pushed for a second goal and never gave up. We sat on the Mansfield lead and we thought going 1-1 we could grind out a draw.
  2. heraldmagpie

    Paul Mace resigned as a director 13Feb19 (sale update)

    I wish Paul Mace all the very best, good luck to him. I hope he'll still be involved and not put off, as I feel he's a loss to the club with him being a dedicated fan.
  3. heraldmagpie

    Notts v Mansfield CMS's strike

    One of the best strikes I have seen for awhile, such a stunning goal.
  4. We all saw what happened when he didn't start and the only difference was when he did come on as a sub, it changed the game but it was too late. Sign him up!
  5. heraldmagpie

    Would you rather?....

    Famous singer Would you rather listen to rock or country music?
  6. heraldmagpie

    Welcome djcombatspider

    Hello @djcombatspider, come by and say hello.
  7. heraldmagpie

    Another new member to PON

    Welcome to PON @zakmcj_67, keep adding your thoughts lad.
  8. heraldmagpie

    Welcome to Pon Barry Holland

    Welcome to PON @Barry Holland, come join in the fun!
  9. heraldmagpie

    Match Discussion: Game 32 - Green Devils (A)

    Fantastic to finally see the club win a game away from home, the performance was good and it's been the first entertaining game of the season. I didn't think Forest Green was bad at all, I just feel Notts played much better.
  10. heraldmagpie

    where are they now...Alan Gow #387 in a series of one

    Very good player on his day, however I think it was right that he left. He did well but I would have gone for younger legs and someone more upcoming.
  11. heraldmagpie

    February 2019, PON Raffle Fundraiser

    I will look to purchase one or two tickets to support this. It's a good idea to pay for the sites costs, I can't imagine its easy to do.
  12. Think the players are improving, the squad has lacked character and voices quite clearly.
  13. heraldmagpie

    the best player at the club?

    Enzio Boldewijn is the best player for me, he just turns attacks into chances and is a very smart passing winger.
  14. heraldmagpie

    FGR v Notts Sky match video

    Some great creative play, Neal Ardley has the squad playing quite well now. Much better than previously, let's hope it lasts!
  15. Suddenly there's more news coming out but nothing solid, I am hoping this fan backed team has enough money to move the deal forward.

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