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  1. its a sad time for notts, all the hard work undone by one s**t season
  2. so worried about league 2

    1. Chris


      Let's go to Gillingham worrying about League One now mate. Don't be a stranger!

  3. not posted in ages peeps, not much to shout about really. if we cant beat on holiday donny then league 2 is right level for us. imo we got wrong man in for a relegation fight. time will tell. coyp #believe
  4. i fear another loss!! but football is a funny old game. coyp!!
  5. #noparty

    1. Chris


      #HysonGreenPieNoParty? #NoPartyNotCool!

  6. tim sherwood should be given the job, win% at spurs was better than most (if not all) these world class managers. they find every season.lol
  7. if you like prirates, good story lines, and beautiful women (who aint shy of getting kit off) black sails is well worth a watch iv just watched series 1 (8 45 min episodes) probley for 16+ age range tho with the nudity and core ect.
  8. im happy with signings and new fans that come with them. lets just av a chance of play-offs come the last few games, il be happy with that. nothing as boring as 5 games to go with nothing to play for.
  9. neither team picking up results, draw written all over it. but lets hope new players bed-in and ****** the 3 points!!!
  10. That site is brilliant!! Perfect!! (Teag Sanchez my facebook name) I'm guna convert all the Aussies I can!!
  11. Any of you pies live down under? I'm goin in few months to live just wondering if there's many/any over there? And where can I have a notts flag made to take with me??
  12. We need points on the board, sooner we hit 50 points (safety) the better, then build on it. Not been on pon in a while but overall we are to easy to beat at the moment. I travelled to bristol on mr Perkins bus, and we got hammered all over pitch to easy. 3 points please notts!! Uuuu pies!! Ps: I'm melvin eagle on Twitter.
  13. Worth a watch, somethink new I guess.
  14. Mr nice, by howard marks. really good book on drug smugglers. true story aswel.
  15. I hope we can get the 3 points, I hope the injustice inspires the pies to thump the blades 3-0!!
  16. Gutted. Worse way to lose (**** ref, bottom of league) on to sheffied now. U pies!!
  17. Music is not dead if you look about imo. Jake bugg, mumford & sons, vampire weekend, royal blood, are just afew I'm listening to as a write this. I Stay away from kiss fm, heart, kemet fm capital fm really $h!t music most of the time imo.
  18. He could do a job for us, but iv also heard about a blackstock loan which would be better imo. Loads better player aswel.
  19. No game is easy in this league with so many factors in a game (refs, injuries, off days for players, rub of the green ect) but teams around us will be beating yeovil, so we have to aswel to stay in the mix for play-offs. And with two away games next 3points is a must IMO.
  20. Sooo angry right now!! only 3 points on saturday will make me feel better.
  21. Get in u pies!! Brilliant away win. Love it!!
  22. 18m!! Thats a thierry henry and a Robert pires!!
  23. Forte, afobe, joe garner, or tom pope for me.

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