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  1. Yes, tony p, is sorting the tickets for us. Will be good day out I'm sure.
  2. Derby wanted to win all costs, a fair few teams need to take a leaf out there book. Friendly or WC final.imo
  3. To what iv seen, took step back from last year (all down to losing best players) SD as got 3 weeks to fix it .....plenty of time. Derby looked ok in parts imo I wouldn't say PL material.... yet.
  4. Not sure why a derby fan is on this board?, but you seem ok for a sheep.lol enjoy the match all I want today is goals a nice 4-3 win to notts would be nice.
  5. Youth and vets are are good mix, theres going to afew more signings up derrys sleeve I'm sure. Was hoping for tudgay from the poo, but we'l see.
  6. I had a wheelbarrow the wheel fell off!!
  7. Not seen anything of the guy. But welcome anyway!! Uuu ppiieess!!
  8. Well done all. This is a brilliant idea aswel.
  9. I listened to it today on talksport, you get no BS with him, imo hes a class act. Hes guna bring in the right players who want win, and do well.
  10. I think it will be good for us I'm sure, I hope it happens!! Past his best but will help the youth for sure. Abit of eye candy for the gf aswel.lol
  11. Theres guna be afew players from the shite across the trent, some would do fantastic job here!! Tudgay, & moussi id like.
  12. Iv got faith in shawn in getting it right, some players we want to stay will leave, but I'm 100% sure new heroes will be watched next season. O/T I'm a little gutted bham stayed up, good away day. Coyp!!
  13. Dont believe any of it!! Steve will look to be adding PL quality not L1/championship.
  14. What a brilliant day in oldham, plenty of banter, plenty of drinks, and got job done. Uuuuuu pies!!
  15. PMT starting to kick in now.....bring on tomorrow!! #greatescape
  16. Welcome!! You a season ticket holder? Go to many away games?
  17. Welcome mave!! Get stuck in!! COYP!!
  18. 1-2 to notts!! 2-2 at worst!! 3200 notts going so we know where the noise is coming from!! COYP!!
  19. Thanks everyone!! I feel so welcome to the board. Hope you all have good time in Oldham!!
  20. Iv got my ticket, goin on 8:48 train lets hope we finish the job. Shame about mullins being re-called, but I feel we can still win:-)
  21. Im 26 from a small town near wrexham, moved to nottingham 6 years ago, im a big fan of supporting your local club. And seen theres only 1 propa club in area ;-). I'm very impressed with this forum, the layout is brill. I wasnt to sure on derry when he 1st came, but now im a big fan. SHAUN DERRYS BARMY ARMY!!
  22. Well done every1!!(my 1st ever post) uuu pies!!

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