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  1. cheeky~k8

    The First Thoughts Game

    eastenders, dead character & ear rings. Matt Le Blanc
  2. cheeky~k8

    Who Was In This Film/movie?

    Freddie Prinze Jr. - Scooby doo Sarah Silverman
  3. cheeky~k8

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    Raimond van der Gouw - Manchester united Harry Smith
  4. cheeky~k8

    Would you rather?....

    Invisible Would you rather sleep in a tent or caravan?
  5. cheeky~k8

    Roll call who making the trip this weekend to Bury.?

    I won't be going to this away day.
  6. cheeky~k8

    Daily chat thread - Monday 15th October

    Today i've been volunteering at school till 12 and then came home to go straight out to the bus to meet @super_ram to see how @GrannyPie was doing with him and @Chris She was looking a little better today although obviously still ill. We will be going back again this week and hoping for abit of an improvement.
  7. cheeky~k8

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 14th October

    Thats ok, i'll have to leave at 2pm to pick the girls up anyway.
  8. cheeky~k8

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 14th October

    Hopefully she'll be abit better tomorrow, we'll be visiting whilst the kids are at school.
  9. cheeky~k8

    New game ... who did/do I play for ?

    steve stone - Aston Villa Izzy Brown
  10. cheeky~k8

    Who Was In This Film/movie?

    Tom Cruise - Top gun Dwayne Johnson
  11. cheeky~k8

    Daily chat thread - Sunday 14th October

    As already mentioned, i,ve been finishing off the decorating in the living room.. just the last little bits to do now and its all done finally. All the tiling is finally done too so all i need to do now is grout them and touch up some of the paint above the top tiles. After i'd finished the painting with a little bit of help, i started to cook the stew we had for tea tonight.
  12. cheeky~k8

    Did Notts Proud On Holiday

    From those pics i can understand why weymouth pie lives there instead of Nottingham.
  13. cheeky~k8

    Change of fortunes = Paul Hart?

    I think there has been a change in gameplay which will have something to do with the players and manager combined.
  14. cheeky~k8

    Jamie Fullarton on Notts

    He didn't really say much of interest and was never a manager anyone wanted to keep.
  15. cheeky~k8

    Halifax vs Chesterfield

    Non league for Notts would be more than just going out of the english leagues.

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