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  1. Happy Birthday @super_ram I hope you have a great day Can you wish him a happy birthday.
  2. Happy Birthday to @GrannyPie Whilst we are all enjoying christmas, its also one of our members birthday. Can we all wish her a Happy Birthday!
  3. I read it was only one player, maybe i just imagined that. Hopefully they are better soon. Another gap for notts, hopefully they get some extra training.
  4. I don't really have a favourite at the moment. Ive been eating porridge, malt wheats, rice crispies, and wheetabix when i feel like it. I tend to avoid breakfast as i dont allocate the time for it in the morning and just like with any other food, if i can't be bothered i wont get anything. I will make everyone elses food though.
  5. My parents mainly liked pop punk and the odd ska punk band(there are some other genres they like but only the odd artist). I have followed on with liking pop punk and ska and the odd rock/metal band. I seem to have developed a hatred for any other genre of music like dance, rap, general pop. My favourite band ive seen live 6 or 7 times and still enjoy going everytime.
  6. Sacking Ardley at this point isnt a good idea, we all know notts havent won every game but they never will. We should all know by now Notts have their ups and downs, no manager is going to change that.
  7. In most of the cases in schools its the teachers that catch the virus or at least the ones that show signs of it and then classes have to close. Some kids need more help than others.. some get on fine doing it at home with parents if possible but some never get on well without face to face learning from a trained teacher so it really does depend. I volunteered in a primary school and you easily see the difference between those who can work independantly and those who can't. Some also don't get as much help at home than others so kids are generally better in school learning aslong as bette
  8. Welcome to the site @Joshbenzah! I hope join in our community.
  9. Personally i don't like schools being academies either but my daughters got forced into it and my sons head teacher changed it to an acedemy then left saying she'd acheived her goals(it was the last secondary school that was run by the council until then). They should all get the same wages as they are doing the same job.
  10. Nottingham city council dont control many schools now though, most have been forced and chosen to change to academy so its upto the academy not the council. To me it is a good decision to keep it to keyworkers children only at the moment though.
  11. My cousins support forest and my family dont like football, they like rugby so not much really. Mother in law(grannypie) supports notts and obviously so does chris & our kids.
  12. I try to keep busy doing other stuff other than watching tv.
  13. I think either the new one or the old one with the 2 magpies and a football.
  14. If were were in the position we were last yr we would be happy to say the season is null & void. But this year we are in the opposite situation.
  15. Right now we dont know how long its going to take.. i think completing this season when possible and having a short competition to help clubs and fans keep afloat until the season in 2021 can start.
  16. Everythings at a standstill at the moment, i just wished people who keep going out unnessisarily would listen so we can all go about our daily lives sooner than later and have less deaths.. its only putting more at risk.
  17. I'd have 4 if i could bring her back.
  18. It would be good to extend it but from how much they break down now, unless that changes, it won't be worth the cost or disruption
  19. Ive swapped school volunteer work to helping my kids with their work on school days(seen as now its at home). Ive done abit more tidying up & cooking more food than i'd like to. Being at home all day, especially on sunny days is starting to make me miss days out & picnics on warm sunny days. Im actually looking forward to going to a local shop for food . I usually hate it coz of my anxiety and other people but its so much easier when less people are out & they stay away when they are.
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