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  1. My favourite has been the 2002-2004 England away shirt, Its reversable. I had it for christmas in 2002, but it was too long for me so i never really wore it. Now Joey wears it instead.... and it doesn't look like i'll get it back, he likes it too much, lol. I prefer the red side myself.
  2. Mine and Joeys kids at the Notts vs Derby friendly 2009. My daughter Ellie at the match. My son Jake with me at the match. Jake and Ellie at the match.
  3. These are all nice..... I like the Ben Davies sig and Lee Hughes sig the most bacause the players stand out on the background the most. They are all good and well designed... I like the use of the exact pic of the stadium in all of the bigger sigs because it links them all together. Well done!
  4. Welcome to the site! I hope you manage to navigate your way around the site/forum better. Have fun and good luck for saturday. ~Kate
  5. cheeky~k8


    Hello, Welcome to the site/forum. I hope you enjoy it here and have fun posting. Like i said to another man u fan on ere..... lets just hope Notts don't play Man U, lol. Have fun!
  6. The former England centre-back joined the Midlands club after holding talks during the day, and is due to be presented to the media at Meadow Lane on Tuesday. Campbell has become the club’s highest profile signing since Sven-Goran Eriksson was appointed as director of football this summer. View Article When county actually announce this it will be very big for the club, couple more might follow before the deadline and lets hope he comes with his passion and not just his wallet.
  7. Closed to new thread, regarding the possible signing of sol campbell. (yet to be announced by county)
  8. I like the new one now it has the yellow/gold around the edges. I still prefer the old one to this one, but it makes the site look more up to date and modern.
  9. I like watching The simpsons, Futurama and Family guy. I like watching Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps when its not repeated over and over again. I also enjoy watching a few home improvement programs to give me ideas of our own house. There isn't really much more i watch because in the day the kids have their programs on and i'm not always watching tv, lol. ~Kate
  10. News about a new signing.... SVEN-Goran Eriksson has brought keeper Kasper Schmeichel to Notts County in what is almost certain to be a club-record deal from Manchester City. The 22-year-old today signed a five-year deal at Meadow Lane. Notts were refusing to reveal the fee involved, but it is understood to stretch into seven figures – which would eclipse the £640,000 the Magpies paid for Tony Agana in 1991. Read more on: News of the signing of Kasper Schmeichel It would be great to hear your views about the signing of a well known player. ~Kate.
  11. Unlucky....... We played quite well. There are other things more important to focus on winning though. Good luck for the league games i say!
  12. It wasn't the worst..... but we definitely could of done better and not been so unaware when it came to their goals. At least we drew and didn't lose concentration all together though.
  13. Hello, Welcome to the forum! I hope it will all pick up with members soon, so we can all show our own opinions and have fun. Its nice to have someone with different opinions to get another side of things..... lets just hope Notts county don't play against Man u. Hope to see you around here.... Have fun!
  14. cheeky~k8


    Welcome to the site! I hope you have fun posting on ere. As much info as possible about the club would become useful to those who don't know as much about them.... like myself. Have fun!
  15. Although i'm not really upto date with everything about notts county... I don't really like the new logo as it looks too modern...., It will probably be liked by the younger supporters, but not by me. I prefer the older one as the colours blend together better and creates a much more authentic look to the club.
  16. cheeky~k8


    Hello, My name is Kate. I am married to Joey and i am also 22 years old. I am a full time mum to 2 lovely kids together called Jake and Ellie. The first game i went to was not so long ago, although it was an interesting game and was fun to go to. I like to draw and design art online.... and i am also an admin for a few more sites......although i don't have much time for drawing anymore, lol. ~cheeky~kcje
  17. I would say welcome, but you started this forum, lol. Its nice to see more info about your fave team, than ever before. I hope it becomes and stays a nice friendly forum for visitors and members. ~Cheeky~kcje

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