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  1. Nottingham Forest, Bradford, Chelsea, Leeds, Chesterfield and Newcastle
  2. Nah the player William and me like is Pedersen (Norway) were both massive Ped fans
  3. Personally I cant stand him! And hope he doesn't get to play too often for Madrid, but at least I dont have to see him every week on Match of The Day now
  4. Hey welcome to the forum! Its good to have some new people on here! I look forward to hearing a non-pies footie fan's opinion of things
  5. Im not really into this competition myself...but there are the odd team I dont want to do well! Mainly Chelsea. But I do hope Torres and liverpool do well!
  6. Personally I dont like him at all, and never have!!! If he came to Notts for me it would not be a positive thing. As it is im sick of TV and Papers calling Notts, 'Svens Notts.' Nevermind it being 'Sols Notts' aswell
  7. Im a little disappointed that were out of the cup. But we played well and were unlucky! NEVERMIND
  8. Hey Welcome to the forum!
  9. im not 100% sure but in my opinion id say: 1 Liverpool 2 Man U 3 Man City 4 Arsenal 5 Hull 6 Everton 7 Chelsea 8 Stoke 9 Fulham 10 Portsmouth 11 Blackburn 12 Burnley 13 Wigan 14 Tottenham 15 Sunderland 16 Aston Villa 17 West Ham 18 Birmingham 19 Bolton 20 Wolverhampton
  10. Im more than happy to help. Im on a few different sites which the signatures etc could be used for advertisement! Im also not amazing with graphics but Im more than happy to have a try
  11. Im definately looking forward to the new season. Most leagues look to be good, and having a close run to promotion etc. From yesterdays games the changes in teams seem to be helping a variety of teams. I was very impressed with Notts win, obviously, but there were also others that seemed to shine. I'll be hoping for Liverpool to win the premiership, as Im a huge Torres fan (its a girl thing) As for the rest, well im hoping Notts, Burton and Derby County all do well. But all in all, I wish all teams in all leagues and non-leagues well for the season ahead...and roll on the rest of the season
  12. I hate these things, I never know what to say! I'm currently 21 (22 in a matter of weeks:) ) I live in nottingham with my fiance and his parents. We try to go to as many matches as physically possible, especcially while i get my student discount, lol. We're currently expecting our first child aswell...and were excieted to go to the Derby friendly, as it will technically have been baby's first county match. We already have a few notts county bits for buba. Were also having our wedding and reception at Meadow Lane in May 2010, which should be good. As county fans we felt that it would be a good way of celebrating our love of the club with the rest of our family! Vicky
  13. We didn't get to go to the match unfortunately, but it was brilliant from reports I have read and from coverage I saw. The team has vastely improved since last year...it shows that all alot of the squad needed was alittle new blood and a kick up the bum. Hopefully when we take our little one next year, we'll be looking at promotion
  14. I would say to keep upto date with the current notts county goings on then the new logo should be used somewhere on the site. I to think that the traditional logo should be used at the top of the page though. But as the board admin, if you dislike the new logo then it is your decision

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