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  1. im so pleased to see thee stats and see the site going from strength to strength. the massive improvement is fab and hopefully we will get more and more members this year
  2. this is definitely strange. But Davies is a bit of a strange one. I can not understand why a manager would go to the press begging for funds. Especially when the owners are supposed to be loaded and are wanting the team in the Premiership. Surely to do this you need to inject some funds...Durr
  3. I have just found that Danny has been put up for transfer. I personally am gutted. He is a very talented striker and we need him badly. I can't understand why he is up. A lot of fans on facebook are happy about this though. I can't understand why, as it will be history repeating itself, when he leaves for another club and starts scoring goals very match!
  4. im confident of a win....fingers crossed. still hoping on a few transfers etc soon
  5. some smashing videos....i love the videos on here it really helps when were discussing some things. As i miss the footie shows with having Harry. Great to see improvement though
  6. im not into trance music. i try to give all sorts of music a go but this one has never attracted me
  7. Do any one you have penpals? I have had them on and off since I was at school. I'm now trying to find new ones as a few of my older ones haven't written in a while and I need something fresh. I love snail mail and would never send emails etc as it looses some of its charm I feel. I do have my penpals on facebook, where we do chat and keep up with each other. But we always send each other letters. I was wondering if anyone else has any or had penpals when they were younger?
  8. that is so ugly. not in keeping with the Wollaton area at all...im suprised they got planning permission for this!
  9. @weymouthPIE you've got me wrong on the table. i should have 3 pts
  10. only 74 left to catch up on @tonyhateley
  11. Im obsessed with Disney Infinity. Me and Harry have only had it for just over a week and were on it all the time. It's really addicitve. I also play a lot of sims 3 on my laptop
  12. we were planning on going to the panto at the theater royal, with the hoff. but it was sold out when we tried to go until it ended
  13. I was wondering, other than football does anyone have any interests in any other sports? I personally keep up to date with snooker, F1 and cricket. But my main passions are WWE and motorcycle racing. I used to go to a lot of race meetings but they are so blooming expensive now, its ridiculous. We want to take Harry to one though before he's too old. He likes the crashes, its great when your a kid and don't understand the injury's that can be involved
  14. I've had an evening of catching up on television stuff....and managed to get a fair bit of stuff prepared ready to print for Harry's birthday party...So a successful evening for me
  15. well done. i always enjoy reading you and joe's goodies!
  16. so so sad. i loved him in the vicar of dibley
  17. A slow day here....Harry has nursery until late afternoon. Then it will be an evening of playing Disney Infinity, watching WWE raw from Monday, and planning Harry's birthday
  18. ewww Grandad, thanks for that image
  19. yeah i think its a great addition too. im loving the little subtle improvements
  20. Burnley 0 v 1 Sheffield Wednesday Millwall 1 v 0 Ipswich Town Gillingham 1 v 2 Swindon Town Walsall 1 v 2 Brentford Cheltenham Town 1 v 1 Accrington Stanley Southend United 1 v 2 Chesterfield

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