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  1. Moderately well known that cartoon, I have seen it floating around many times.
  2. It's good to have cover in, will judge the signing on how he performs.
  3. Just in the dying moment, lumping the ball forward does work sometimes!
  4. @Dave Dornan, welcome to the community here.
  5. Welcome to the community and PON @colin savage.
  6. All members of the league should have a say on matters, no elite club should be able to govern what may happen. How this could be possibly deemed as the best interest for Premier League, I don't know. Its more of a bribe to see past them gaining further hold of the league.
  7. It's hard to be disappointed when he never actually played a competitive match, but it does make sense to get rid before it becomes a problem.
  8. Being annoyed over pre-season games is a baffling thing, there is no reason to be concerned, give them 10 games and see what where the club stands.
  9. This could turn out to be a nightmare for Notts, IF it spreads. I do feel the club has a big enough squad with depth to managing any players that may fall ill, if any, it really is a big if. Neal Ardley must see this as a perfect chance to put 3 points onto the table, I am not worried about the wider areas, I am keen to see what creativity we have in the middle which is an area we have lacked for some time.
  10. I am keen to see the club offer a fair priced streaming service, the revenue from it would help ease things with the loss of live supporters.
  11. Good to have you here @CurtisNCFC, welcome to PON.
  12. Hello, welcome to the site and community @SteGee. PON is a very good site, but don't take my word for that just look around in your own time.
  13. I don't see him in the retained list, he must be going!!

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