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  1. themightymagpies

    Match Discussion: Game 30 - The Exiles (H)

    Newport should be an easier test than Lincoln and Mansfield, yet we cannot write them off still. Just play as we have, I am confident if this happens a good result will come.
  2. themightymagpies

    Notts v Mansfield CMS's strike

    Stunning goal from a Notts squad that is looking classy more and more each week.
  3. themightymagpies

    Another new member to PON

    Another warm welcome to PON's newest member @zakmcj_67.
  4. themightymagpies

    Welcome djcombatspider

    I would like to say a warm welcome to a new member, welcome to PON @djcombatspider.
  5. themightymagpies

    Man of the Match: Notts County 1-0 Mansfield Town

    All-round performance by Craig Mackail-Smith, he deserved it.
  6. themightymagpies

    Funny username suggestions?

    I thought that was his name.
  7. themightymagpies

    The First Thoughts Game

    Cheap toy, just a fad, better saving money instead of buying them Country road
  8. themightymagpies

    Mansfield boss wants Jorge grant to have more protection

    It's almost as daft as the main media guy at Notts trying to spin it in an effort to make himself look busy, he should clear off back to Forest and give us back the Notts lads.
  9. themightymagpies

    Scouting Dossier.... Forest Green Rovers away

    Virgil Gomis should have scored an hat-trick but let's not split hairs shall we? If we held everyone accountable over the odd mistake none of the players would have any confidence, I am sure he's beating himself up but more than ever determined to keep a clean sheet. That's the difference for me between Ross Fitzsimons and Ryan Schofield, one wants to improve and the other just bottles it up.
  10. themightymagpies

    Who would you rather have in goal for Notts?

    I'm going to put in the amount of effort as most of Ross Fitzsimons performances this season and just keep it simple, Ryan Schofield should be in goal.
  11. themightymagpies

    Match Discussion: Game 33 - The Stags (H)

    A win would be a miracle and sign of further confidence, I just hope for a good performance and a point.
  12. themightymagpies

    Scouting Dossier.... Forest Green Rovers away

    Both keepers played well last Saturday. I would also rather have Ryan Schofield in goal, not because I dislike Ross Fitzsimons but because he's been piss poor all season.
  13. themightymagpies

    where are they now...Gary Mills

    Dark days, would prefer to forget TBH.
  14. themightymagpies

    February 2019, PON Raffle Fundraiser

    Waiting for my payday and I will give this a go, would be happy to help PON. Good luck.
  15. themightymagpies

    the best player at the club?

    I would say the best player is Jon Stead, second to him Enzio Boldewijn.

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